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Quickons Sun – Ascendant: Actor’s Mask

Quickons brings many contradictions and paradoxical situations into the life of the native. A small aspect has an amazing combination of trine and opposition energies . The balance is tilted towards the positive, if at the beginning there are a lot of trines and sextiles and becomes the last straw in a series of problems for the owners of oppositions and squares. You can create balance only by the power of your will, understanding how this aspect affects life.

The Quickons Sun-Ascendant affects all areas of the native’s life more tangibly than others, since the 1st house is the basis of the foundations of the horoscope. This is the personality itself and the basic instincts, and in the case of the Ascendant, also the social image, role and style of interaction with the world. A person has a strong need for recognition, admiration and rewards. He really has the makings of a leader, only a difficult relationship with his father and any authoritative figure can become an obstacle to this goal.

Character and health in quinceon Sun-Ascendant

The key to the nature of the native lies through his internal contradictions. Very often there is a huge gap between his image and his real character. He carefully fashioned his social mask, based on the expectations of loved ones and the world around him. Sometimes it is even difficult to guess its solar and rising sign, especially if it belongs to the air element. Acting abilities help to easily transform into the desired image, and even alone with himself, the native continues to repeat himself.

At the heart of this is the trauma of shame from early childhood. Most often, it was provoked by the father, who reacted harshly to childhood mistakes or shortcomings. The feeling of humiliation and guilt sits in the depths of the Sun-Ascendant Quinceon creating tension of opposition, while the trine effect here works by attracting all sorts of favorable situations for manifesting oneself as a leader, star, leader. However, internal doubts and trauma of shame do not allow to fully realize this potential. The native really wants to be admired, but is terribly afraid of doing something differently than in childhood, and disgrace himself in front of everyone, let down his superiors, again give his father a reason to underestimate his achievements.

The native often devalues his talents himself. Much is easy for him and he does not understand how, for example, it is possible to take big money for what he did in half an hour. At the same time, he is acutely worried that he is not appreciated and not encouraged. The fear that everyone will see that he is an impostor pushes him to work on himself to the point of exhaustion. Lazy and relaxed people irritate him, especially if the Sun or Ascendant is in the signs of fire and earth.

Quickons Sun Ascendant, personal life and synastry

It is important for a native to feel loved and desired, but he has absolutely lost his bearings in communicating with the opposite sex. He cannot see from the outside what impression he makes. The desire to please completely makes him overact and exaggerate his merits, which may look strange. Such unnatural behavior repels a potential partner and creates difficulties in communicating with work colleagues.

Initially, the Sun-Ascendant quincunx suggests problems in relations with the father, the boss, and in the case of a woman, also with her husband. It’s more about freedom of creative and emotional expression. However, at the same time, a father, boss, spouse can contribute to obtaining a good education, valuable professional experience, and a sober self-esteem. A woman with this aspect does not know how to adapt to a man. She wants to prove that she is independent and self-sufficient. First of all, here the emphasis is on a career, and only then on the family, where she also prefers to lead.

In the synastry, the quincunx Sun-Ascendant creates some kind of rivalry. Both partners are leaders, and if one of them is one step lower in terms of career, income, recognition, the other may completely devalue him, or the first one will have jealousy and envy. This often happens if one of the participants in the aspect is in the signs of fire, water and earth.

How to work out the quincunx Sun-Ascendant

The native is a strong personality, despite all his inner doubts. However, you need to know how to use this energy correctly. At a low level of development, the native acts with fire and sword, at the highest level he includes charisma and personal charm. But nothing will work until he does a complete unpacking of his personality and understands what kind of person he is.

The trauma of shame is worked out exclusively in personal therapy with a psychologist. After that, the personality of the native will sparkle with new colors. It is very important at this stage to choose a style of clothing and an image according to the Ascendant, and also to understand in which areas the Sun will light up most brightly when fate provides an opportunity to shine. This should be looked at by the position of the ruler of the 1st house.

Parents are a source of valuable experience and advice. Often it is they who unmistakably choose the most promising profession for the native.

No need to immediately rush to the stage and leadership positions. It is important to be close to them and gain experience, then the quince will unmistakably build an event line so that fate itself will find the owner of the horoscope, providing a stellar chance for self-manifestation.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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