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Quickons Sun-Moon – between heart and duty

Quickons is an insidious and difficult to interpret aspect, a cross between a trine and an opposition, which is paradoxical in itself. Trine is the soft flow of luck and the opposition– rejection of the good. Quickons creates perpetual instability and instability when you need to balance on the edge in order to maintain success or rejoice that not the worst happened. The planets united by this aspect are like blindfolded tightrope walkers swinging over an abyss. Yes, things could end well if they managed to rip off the blindfold and keep their balance. The task of the native is to realize the potential of two different planets in unpredictable spontaneous situations, or to resolve the conflict they create in the soul. Tension is associated with events from the past, which will be repeated until the person harmonizes the aspect.

Character and health with the Sun-Moon quicon

A person is often tormented by an internal confrontation between a sense of duty and the attraction of the heart. This complicates professional implementation and does not allow you to quickly and successfully realize yourself in society, to make useful connections, for example.

The situation is greatly complicated by the tense aspects of the Moon and the Sun. It turns out that the native dreams of fame and honors while lying on the couch, because laziness and fear of failure prevent him from simply getting up and starting to act. Another option is when a really talented and worthy owner of the Sun-Moon quincunx does his best to maintain an emotional balance in the family or at work with colleagues, realizing that if he now takes a step towards his dream: he will receive a high position or, in the case of a woman, will give birth to a child, others will not like it much, and a period will come when everything will go topsy-turvy.

At the same time, the nature of the native is kind, compassionate, especially if the luminaries are in the signs of Pisces or Cancer, and he often follows the lead of those who tell compassionate stories.

On the one hand, it helps to earn a good reputation and gain many friends and patrons, on the other hand, it complicates a career. The native yields and does not fight for his place under the sun.

A person does not value his health, because he gets used to taking care of others, and thinking about himself last. If the Moon is broken, then the nervous system is quickly exhausted due to the constant worries and stresses associated with the problem of choice, because the Quicons will create repetitive situations until his ward learns to love and respect himself as a person. With this aspect, myopia or hyperopia often develops, and conjunctivitis appears during stress.

Quickons Sun and Moon, personal life and synastry

One gets the feeling that the native, as if on purpose, chooses partners who prevent him from developing. He constantly falls in love with egoists and narcissists, or attracts energy vampires who pour excess negative energy on him.

The holders of the Sun-Moon quincunx idealize their beloved, attribute to them non-existent qualities, and then they are severely disappointed, because the chosen ones do not correspond to the image created by their imagination. If one of the planets is in an earth sign, especially Virgo, the native begins to find fault with the partner and torment him with his discontent, and he leaves on his own. Gemini behaves similarly (if there is the Sun or the Moon).

In other cases, if the partner abuses the trust of the owner of the horoscope or devalues his talents, the native blames himself and feels the breakup acutely. He understands that he gives his partner the best and is not worthy of such a bad attitude. Even if a man and a woman with the Sun-Moon Quinceon leaves in search of a new, loving and generous companion, then without changing the internal settings, the aspect will again attract a similar person to him.

In the Quinceon Sun-Moon synastry, an indicator of good sexual compatibility, but the needs of one of the partners may be higher than the ability of the other to give. Everything will turn out fine if there is mutual disinterestedness in the relationship. Otherwise, the person who gives more will suffer from the devaluation of their actions. That is, for him, the Quicons will be played as an opposition, and for his half as a trine.

How to work out the Sun-Moon Quikons

It is necessary to determine in which houses and signs the planets are located. In these themes and areas of activity, recurring events will occur, where the native will have to solve the puzzle of conflicting reactions.

First of all, you need to understand the reasons for the desire to bind yourself with personal and professional obligations with toxic people, as well as the prerequisites for deep self-doubt. Perhaps these are echoes of childhood, when parents did not pay attention, did not praise, did not admire successes, or the captiousness and arrogance of teachers, when the achievements of the native were taken for granted or were completely extinguished in comparison with other students.

Now is the time to become your own parent and recognize your potential and right to succeed.

It is necessary to develop your own talents, devote more time to yourself to create inner comfort according to the sign of the Moon, and after that go to realize your abilities in society according to the sign and house of the Sun, and most importantly, allow yourself to accept recognition and applause. The ability to accept people as they are will also greatly facilitate life and relieve the tension of the Quicon.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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