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Quickons Sun-Neptune: the study of the wizard

Many astrologers prefer not to consider quincunxes, because they do not quite understand how to interpret their contradictory influence on a person. This aspect simultaneously has the properties of a trine and an opposition. It turns on from time to time, attracting a repetition of psychologically unworked situations from the past or events that have a karmic influence. That is, the circumstances are developing very well for the owner of the card, but internal contradictions and complexes for some reason slow him down on the way to the magical transformation of fate.

Quickons Sun-Neptune gives the ward a vivid imagination, extraordinary sensitivity, empathy, the ability to take care of others, but the influence of the opposition within the aspect refracts the rays of these gifts into the subconscious looking glass. A person is forced to sacrifice himself, other people use him, and often he is faced with a choice – to give the most precious thing and remain good in the eyes of others, or to take what is due to fate, being rejected.

Character and health with the quincunx Sun-Neptune

Although Neptune is a passive planet, its influence is powerful enough to draw its creative energy from the Sun and dissipate it. The native sometimes does not really understand what great opportunities he is endowed with.

On the one hand, he feels that he has a mission to save and heal the world, on the other hand, he does not understand how to get close to it. The situation is aggravated by the position of the Sun in water signs. A person plunges into endless introspection and misses brilliant opportunities due to slowness and uncertainty.

Another native is a champion in false sacrifice. He will nobly give up the dream of his life to a friend, whether it be a promotion or a girl he likes. Women with the Sun-Neptune quincunx often introduce their friends to the guy they are in love with. There are a number of characteristic manifestations of this aspect:

  • a passionate desire to serve an idea or a deified person;
  • the desire to stand out, to prove their professional suitability and viability at any cost;
  • intentionally choosing difficult and dangerous work in order to gain admiration from the outside;
  • constant “sticking” in trifles that do not matter;
  • deflection under the desires of others due to fear of conflict.

The native has a fine artistic taste, soft charm, good plasticity. If he overcomes internal complexes, he will be able to achieve great heights in dancing, painting, photography, cinema.

It is interesting that the Sun-Neptune quincunx often attracts situations when a person is approached on the street and offered to star in some kind of film, even a documentary. His photo may appear in a magazine, and then it turns out that he was discreetly filmed from the outside. It also becomes the starting point on the path of good luck – new acquaintances and proposals. However, with the predominance of squares and oppositions in the chart, the aspect will attract people with alcohol and drug addiction, from whom you need to stay away.

Quickons Sun-Neptune, personal life and synastry

The native magically knows how to understand the cause of the problems and inner pain of another person, to console and calm. That is why those in need of support are attracted to him with a magnet. He gets used to feeling needed and useful by giving, but this is a direct path to the state of the victim. Falling in love with those whom he saves, he later suffers, because having received wings from him, they fly away to their goals and deeds, leaving him alone.

However, Quicons often give acquaintance with a kindred spirit, you just have to not miss it. Also, falling in love with infantile co-dependent people with a penchant for alcohol or representatives of creative bohemia is not ruled out. However, a native will suit a partner with sufficiently high spiritual energy vibrations, who, like him, knows how to empathize, listen and appreciate real creativity.

In the synastry, a partner with the Sun needs to be extremely careful with the owner of Neptune, who can lead into the abyss of various addictions, including laziness and ethereal dreams. On the other hand, it also becomes a mirror, modestly reflecting the bright personality of the Sun, and envelops it with unconditional love. The sun also gives much-needed confidence in support, firmness of character and the ability to say “no” appear.

How to work out the quincunx Sun-Neptune

First of all, you need to avoid people who are used to using others for their own purposes. In fact, Neptunian intuition allows you to immediately feel a lie already on the middle, and even more so, the highest floor of the sign. The exception is the position of Neptune in earth signs, but even in this case, you need to trust the first impression, and even more so if situations are repeated when another person receives what he wants from the native and disappears.

Any repetition is a sign of a quickons, which means you just need to start appreciating your time and refuse. This is easier to do if you actively act in the themes of the house and the sign where the Sun is located. It is necessary to immediately determine the motive that a person who passionately thirsts for communication can have: what does he get and what remains for me? The most important thing is that the native needs people more than he needs them.

At work, you need to clearly distinguish between your duties and not carry out other people’s assignments that are not related to them, for fear of not pleasing and making enemies. This is especially true for a native who has chosen medicine or creativity as a profession.

The main thing to remember is that the quincunx Sun-Neptune is essentially a box with magical cases. In the life of a native, fabulous offers will happen, even if he does not have the necessary connections and big money. His task is not to miss these opportunities out of false modesty and sacrifice.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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