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Quickons Sun-Uranus: creative bully

Quickons may not appear in the chart for a long time if there are stronger aspects affecting its participants. Possessing the qualities of a trine and opposition at the same time, it imperceptibly creates an emotional swing in the soul of the native, inclining him to the side of the configurations prevailing in his map: harmonious or tense. In addition, quicons contribute to the repetition of the same situations from the past. You can understand that they are the springboard for karmic elaboration by analyzing the themes of the houses where the planets stand.

However, with the Sun-Uranus quiconce, you don’t have to think for a long time: the planet of eccentricity and unlimited freedom constantly pushes its ward to various experiments and hooligan antics. The sun in this position is not very comfortable, because the planets in the quince do not understand the principles of each other without the concentrated intention of a person to walk on their highest floors. The result is an inflated sense of self-importance, breaking the rules or subjugation to others so as not to lose the right to do what you want in your free time.

Character and health with the quicon Sun-Uranus

The paradox of the aspect is that with a passionate desire for creative self-expression, contrary to generally recognized canons and foundations, the native dissolves too easily in a team or in the personality of another person, especially if he is popular, famous and successful.

On the one hand, he understands that he has a bright talent and personality, and with strong Sun and Uranus he is really able to take off quickly, exploiting the exoticism of his talent, appearance and style, on the other hand, having received a stellar chance, for example, having met a person who can really promote him and to pay for the embodiment of his ideas, he is put out, he becomes not a leader, but an apprentice, falls into dependence. Such people often create for others, allowing those to put their signature on their work for the right to express themselves at least in this way.

If a person is lucky enough to be among his own, in a circle of like-minded people, and even better, admirers of his talent, he turns into a creative hooligan and creates new forms, not forgetting to assert himself by destroying old canons. This often happens when one of the planets is in a fire sign or when Uranus is exalted in Scorpio.

However, one should not forget that the Sun and Uranus are planets hostile to each other, which means that the scales in this quincunx lean towards the opposition, and the native is always tormented by doubts: “I am a trembling creature or I have the right.” Hence the desire to merge with a more courageous person or with powerful general currents: flash mobs, social groups, political parties, futuristic trends in art.

Quickons Sun-Uranus, personal life and synastry

The native is attracted by bright and extraordinary personalities. Secretly dreaming of standing out and becoming famous (manifestation of the impact of the trine in the aspect), but fearing to look ridiculous or be misunderstood (the influence of the oppositional side of the Quicons), he falls in love without looking back at a person who does not have such troubles of consciousness.

Surprisingly, fate confronts him with such people several times in his life. Thanks to such acquaintances, he finds himself in an interesting environment, and if the Sun is strong, he becomes a self-sufficient person. Often there is a marriage with a producer or manager who pulled the native out of the swamp of internal doubts and throwing, lit his Sun with the necessary confidence, which later develops into love.

Although such people do not differ in fidelity. The next falling in love with a brighter personality, for example, a “star” – a colleague in the shop, is a sufficient reason to abandon the one who helped on the rise. Much, of course, depends on additional aspects between the Moon, the Sun and Venus.

In the synastry, the quincunx manifests itself as a breath of fresh air in relationships. Partners are interested and happy to be with each other. The owner of Uranus initiates acquaintances, joint adventures, excites and kindles the Sun with curious prospects for common development and creates various extravagances. The owner of the Sun gives the necessary support and confidence in the future.

How to work out the quincunx Sun-Uranus

The native needs to find support in himself. To do this, it is necessary to clearly understand what talent he has and what is his uniqueness as a person, so as not to turn into an apprentice and remain a self-confident creator. If a person has to obey and play by someone else’s rules for a long time, this will lead to revenge and self-destruction. Out of anger, he will do shocking antics to others, just to draw attention to himself. The main stake should be placed on the Sun: to develop in the themes of the house where it stands, to achieve heights in this area with the help of the talents of Uranus: sharp intellect, the gift of foresight, intuition, esoteric abilities.

The other extreme is the desire to rise above others due to their originality and the constant persecution of superiors with a request to be noticed and noted with prizes, support and protection. This is also worked out by gaining a leadership position in life. Decent behavior, understanding the value of oneself as a person and one’s creativity will bring more dividends than chaotic throwing between producers and bosses’ offices. In difficult situations, the native will be helped by a sense of humor and intuitively correct impulsive actions.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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