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Quickons Sun-Jupiter: the conscience of the nation

Quickons is a complex aspect that is considered conditionally positive, although in fact it combines the qualities of a trine and opposition. On the one hand, the planets show their strengths, on the other hand, they act in discord, respectively, and the native does not always understand how to profitably and successfully show himself to the world.

Quickons is a karmic aspect, and it brings the repetition of the same situations in the topics of the affected houses, until the native learns to choose the only correct behavior based on internal support and self-acceptance as a person.

Quickons Sun-Jupiter gives the desire to live an active life and benefit people. However, a person is afraid of criticism and condemnation, rarely acts without praise and approval. Self-doubt stimulates its development, but in the presence of strong quadratures and oppositions, it can completely block the path to a better life.

Character and health with the quincunx Sun-Jupiter

More than anything, the native dreams of becoming a significant person. Given the positive influence of the quince and the positive energy of both planets, more often than not, life offers him many chances to fulfill his ambitious aspirations. If the relationship with the father is good, then favorable opportunities come through him.

For a woman, a husband can become a patron and protector. However, it is necessary to take into account the aspects of both planets in the horoscope as a whole, since the quince in a strange way adjusts to the general energy of the horoscope, and with the predominance of negative configurations there, it can throw up not chances, but trials where it is necessary to consolidate the willpower of the Sun with the generosity and erudition of Jupiter.

The native tries to gain the approval of society by performing pious deeds, organizing charitable and educational projects.

It cannot be said unequivocally that he lacks confidence without it, because it depends on the strength of the Sun, Mars and Mercury. Of course, if they are weak, then the person will gain the support of others, showing how correct, smart and good he is. Quicons will provide him with such opportunities, and it is possible that this will be a chance of an internship abroad or in a foreign company, participation in political projects or meeting celebrities.

Health depends on the ability to rest and work in moderation. A weak Jupiter will incline to idleness and entertainment, and a strong Sun will encourage you to work in the sweat of your brow. This introduces a lot of contradictions and hinders development. Also, the native should monitor excess weight and the condition of the liver.

Quickons Sun-Jupiter, personal life and synastry

As a couple, a person will never choose a passive tradesman. It is important for him that there is not only love, but also a business partnership. Marriage of convenience is not ruled out if the Sun is in the 7th house, but these are not material aspirations, but the desire to find a wise and preferably famous spouse, with whom it is easier to translate the ambitious plans of the native into reality.

Of course, money is a plus, but if there is none, the owner of the horoscope is ready to work, investing in the general resources of the family. The main thing for him here is the high social status of a loved one. Such a Quicon often gives you a chance to meet popular politicians and public figures, as well as foreign stars.

The problem is that if a celebrity becomes a life partner of a native, then self-confidence will appear only in a professional way. In the family, the owner of the quincunx Sun-Jupiter does not receive respect and does not feel like a significant person. Here the secondary property of the aspect is triggered – the opposition. The energy of the trine is used to realize ambitions, since Jupiter is a social planet, but family happiness will already depend on the strength of Venus, the Moon and the connections between the 1st and 7th houses. One thing is obvious – the native will not be happy without success in his career and recognition of society.

In the synastry, the quincunx between the Sun and Jupiter acts favorably. Both partners feel they have to work together as a team, they understand and support each other’s ambitions. The energy of Jupiter gives the necessary expansion of opportunities and talents in the partner’s house, and the Sun acts as a symbolic father, providing much-desired support.

How to work out the quickons Sun-Jupiter

The main problem of the native is that his talents are often not appreciated. This is the strongest blow to self-esteem, because the owner of the horoscope, like no one else, works and tries to earn applause, awards and diplomas, but the focus of attention goes to the less capable, but brighter or easier to communicate owners of profitable connections. It is at this stage that the idea arises to enter the circle of celebrities, to start working in government agencies or other authorities in order to enlist their support.

It is important for the wards of the Quicon Sun-Jupiter to remember that it is desirable to back up any action in the professional field with a properly drawn up contract, and when applying for a job, immediately indicate the boundaries and range of their duties, because otherwise everyone will start to ride them. It is desirable to do the same when entering into marriage, because the native always yields to a more famous and powerful partner and can easily lose himself.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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