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Quickons Venus – Mars: a barrel of gunpowder

Quickons creates tension in a person’s life and at the same time a desire to achieve success in those areas where the planets that form it stand. However, for this you need to overcome the feeling of guilt and insecurity, sometimes coming from past incarnations, because the aspect is also karmic. For this, repetitive situations arise through which a conscious person understands exactly where it is necessary to work out the gaps, emotionally and literally – with actions.

Quickons Venus-Mars without harmonization resembles their quadrature in terms of its impact on life, although it manifests itself weaker. A person is prone to emotional sadomasochism, which most often results in co-dependent relationships, where he is either a victim, or a rescuer, or an aggressor. It is especially difficult for the owners of tau-squares and oppositions of personal planets in the horoscope, because then the quincunx intensifies. If there are many trines, its impact is softened, or it is easier to get out of codependency.

Character and health with the quincunx Mars-Venus

The native suffers from a feeling of inferiority and tries to compensate for it with external success, but if Mars is in water and air signs, he more often dreams of glory than actually acts, justifying passivity by saying that now is not the time, or that he is not ready. The owner of the Venus-Mars quincunx quickly folds in case of failure, and criticism completely unsettles him. He lacks optimism and inspiration, unless he is under the protection of a strong Sun and Mercury.

The aspect constantly confronts a person with circumstances where it is necessary to resist evil, but few people understand that this struggle should take place not at the level of screams, fights and rallies, but at a much higher level. The native needs to learn how to influence the world around him by raising the level of energy vibrations. Then, in his presence, quarrels and strife will subside by themselves.

To begin with, the owner of the Venus-Mars quincunx needs to deal with an internal conflict. Men and women alike experience a burning desire for approval and admiration, preferably from the opposite sex.

At work, they strive to stand out, sometimes they go over the heads of competitors, not shunning by any means, and only at a high level of development follow the principles of nobility. This is due to a deep sense of self-neglect, which they are consciously unaware of, but perceive their colleagues and bosses as more significant persons. From here comes the birth of strong envy and a desire to surpass rivals at all costs, who, in fact, are not such.

A native of any gender is quick-tempered, but with a weak Mars, he is afraid to show emotions to the fullest, which leads to problems with the liver, kidneys and can provoke inflammatory diseases, in particular appendicitis, from the point of view of psychosomatics.

Quickons Venus-Mars, personal life and synastry

The aspect endows the ward with passion and physical attractiveness, but they are not as noticeable as, for example, in trines and sextiles with similar planets. The Venus-Mars quincunx only flourishes in relationships that affect him emotionally. Unfortunately, most often, these are connections along the classic Karpman triangle: victim – rescuer – aggressor, where the native plays one of the roles, or moves from one state to the next.

Much depends on the conditions in which a person grew up, and the characteristics of the emotional atmosphere in the family. This can be seen from the position of the moon, which will help you identify your “favorite” role in an unhealthy relationship and get out of it by working with a psychologist.

We must not forget that the Venus-Mars quincunx is karmic, and this property manifests itself precisely in personal relationships, which means that the native will always face problems and misunderstandings both in love and business relationships, but the specificity of the aspect is in the absence of fatality of what is happening.

A representative of either gender can get out of the vicious circle of painful and unhealthy relationships by starting to work out personal planets, not only Mars with Venus, but also the Moon, and if problems arise at work, then the Sun with Mercury.

How to work out the quicons Venus-Mars

If the aspect is worked out, then a person is provided with a string of bright and memorable loves, a lot of admirers, from which he can choose the most suitable companion for himself. To do this, you need to learn to recognize your emotions and manage them, because at a low stage of development, just the opposite happens – impulsive reactions and inability to control oneself arise, which in turn creates a lot of problems and conflicts with people.

To work out the Quinceon Venus-Mars, you will have to give up excessive expectations from other people, and most importantly, your own fantasies about the requirements of others. The native thinks that he must be something special, no less than a superstar, in order to be accepted and loved. On the one hand, this is good, because he does a lot for self-realization, on the other hand, it resembles a race for a disappearing horizon, because first you need to love yourself with all the shortcomings, and then focus on your plans. The main thing is not to compare yourself with others.

If you choose a profession related to creativity, publicity and commerce, then in parallel you can work out the Venus-Mars quincunx well, if you follow everything written above.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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