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Quickons Venus – Neptune: in captivity of a dream

Planets in this minor aspect do not understand each other’s principles. They seem to be on different floors, the development of one does not coincide with the other. There is a positive trine energy here , manifested in talents and abilities, but along with it, opposition pulsates with anxiety and an endless sense of guilt . A person really wants to realize himself and get recognition, but if he does not work out his complexes and fears, this will not happen.

Quickons Venus-Neptune gives a person poetic and musical talent. He subtly feels beauty, dreams of being a creator, but does not feel entitled to appropriate this title. He admires the talents of others, but rarely appreciates himself, or believes that it is necessary to help bright personalities, and only then think about his own benefit. This is an eternal choice between the fate of an unmercenary idealist and the image of a pop star in his secret dreams.

Character, fate and health under the quincunx Venus-Neptune

The classic behavior of the owner of this aspect is the creation of an idol from outwardly beautiful people and things. Having once seen something that corresponds to his ideas of beauty, the native will do everything to possess it, whether it be a Hermes bag or a beautiful girl who needs to be conquered. However, the minor aspect is not a guarantee of getting what you want. Inwardly, it is difficult for a person to give up his dreams. Even if the chosen one does not reciprocate, he will sigh about her, marrying a more earthly woman. Dressing in mass-market stores, he still mentally sees himself in the new products of famous brands and falls into depression.

Hence the constant strong feelings associated with disappointment in expectations. On the one hand, the stars generously endowed the owner of the Quinceon Venus-Neptune with a subtle sense of beauty, and if 1 house is affected, then with a wonderful, charming appearance, but shyness, exaltation, everyday unsuitability do not allow him to take what delights him, and it would seem belongs by right of talent and beauty.

Of course, in the case when a person has strong Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury, and favorable aspects with them, then the desires for the quincunx of Venus with Neptune come true without any problems. But if both planets still have negative connections, for example, with the Moon, Lilith, Mercury and Saturn, then internal fears and doubts intensify and fetter hands and feet.

Often this leads to the fact that the native is simply painfully embarrassed to attract attention to himself, but most often he dumps all his talents on his interlocutors at the same time, as if saying: look how wonderful I am. The problem is that people start to feel humiliated and retreat instead of admiring.

There is a certain inadequacy of the worldview: a person sees everything in pink colors, idealizes those around him, and then is shocked at how he was used and set up. The native has a very fragile nervous system, which cannot withstand stress, and also indirectly suffers from physical overstrain.

Quickons Venus-Neptune, personal life and synastry

Aspect brings recurring events in personal life. Its owner either falls in love with a certain type and re-experiences the desired emotions, or vice versa – suffers from them, and this already requires elaboration with a psychologist. In the positive version, a person is attracted to creative personalities: actors, singers, artists with high ideals and goals. He wants to make the world a better place with them. However, on the lower floors of the planets, there is co-dependence on relationships with drinking, infantile people who only pretend to be creative personalities. The native is attracted to unrecognized geniuses. The rescuer syndrome kicks in, when he or she feels needed and important only by being in connection with the sufferer who needs to be treated and consoled.

Quickons Venus-Neptune works in such a way that even realizing the futility of such a relationship, the native again manages to fall in love with the same infantile until he works out this codependency with a psychologist.

In the synastry, this aspect also brings many deep and vivid novels, creative unions, and in marriage both partners develop creatively, although they can strengthen each other’s unhealthy addictions if spirituality is initially absent.

How to work out the quincunx Venus-Neptune

If a person constantly improves in creative areas, handles money wisely, for example, by investing it in long-term projects, and does not spend absolutely everything on charity or momentary pleasures, then Venus-Neptune will throw circumstances for him to realize his talents, and then everything depends on how powerful his Sun and harmonious Mercury. It may be necessary to activate these planets along with Venus if she is in debilitation or exile. Active actions in the field of affairs of houses and signs where they are located will help here.

However, in any case, you need to realize yourself by systematically calculating tactics, choosing one or two directions, and gradually adding others, and not in a hurry to show everyone that I am a singer, an actor, a good seller, and I am fond of esotericism.

It will be difficult for people to realize the value of a person if he advertises it, and not just live, create and create. It is desirable to engage in dancing, painting, synchronized swimming, modeling, performing arts.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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