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Moon without aspects

Inexperienced astrologers skip a planet without aspects when interpreting a natal chart, although this situation brings not only a lot of problems for people, but also many opportunities for transformation, if they know how to use its potential. Moon is associated with our emotions and comfort zone. Without communication with other planets, the owners of Moon without aspects do not have the opportunity to express feelings through other people. Already in childhood, they are taught to endure in silence and speak quietly.

In a bad mood, they are not able to think and act adequately. On the other hand, such people are not hurt by the emotions of others, they understand that feelings are the only thing that prevents them from achieving their goals in the sphere of affairs of the houses that Moon controls and where Moon stands. If they wish, they can make emotionality their superpower, and not a source of internal crisis.

The positive influence of Moon without aspects

Without the development of the emotional sphere, a person’s life becomes impoverished and complicated, so there is little positive in such a planet. The only fact that can be distinguished is independence from the emotional pressure of others.

Simply put, they will not be upset if someone shouts at them, says offensive words, try to humiliate them. The owners of the horoscope seem to have built a powerful armor. They will not be very worried when they see a crying person, a touching movie scene, they will not cut off the phone of a friend who is going through a breakup with a husband or wife in order to sympathize and find out how she or he is doing.

However, the owners of Moon without aspects understand that it is quite important for others to empathize with them, and are able to imitate emotions, but do not plunge deeply into the world of friends and loved ones. On the one hand, it is easier for them to live, because they have a fairly strong nervous system, on the other hand, there is a feeling of a certain alienness and dissimilarity to others.

However, understanding that only one’s own emotions stand in the way of any goal helps to effectively cope with anger, longing, irritation, and also help other people to do this. Such individuals will make excellent psychosomatologists, physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and sometimes  teachers, if there is no irritation with children’s spontaneity.

The negative influence of  Moon without aspects

It is difficult to manage a planet without aspects, not knowing the reason why it either turns on at full power, or it seems to freeze. Its owners also give the impression of  cold and distant people, and then, under the influence of some event, it seems to break through, and emotions crush everything around. This is due to the constant suppression of inner experiences.

The owners of Moon without aspects will never show pain, resentment, love, and for a long time they themselves consider themselves a model of restraint, but then suddenly (and in fact under the influence of transit aspects) they flare up and deliver angry sermons to offenders or arrange passionate declarations of love. But the next morning they are either ashamed, or they pretend that nothing happened, perplexing those around them.

It is very difficult to live with such individuals. They can be sympathetic-looking darling, and then this is replaced by a period of indifference and coldness. They quickly cool off towards lovers, unless Moon is aspected by synastric aspects. In this case, their hidden emotional world will be revealed only in communication with a partner, and it will be obvious to everyone else that they are impassive and uncommunicative. It is precisely such people who deceive with outward coldness, being by nature sensual in relation to themselves. The world of experiences of another person is of little interest to them, only if these emotions are connected with their desires.

Difficulties of  Moon without aspects in men and women

A man with this aspect hates the tantrums of women and children. It is useless to expect empathy from him if it does not touch his personal triggers. For example, if he was rejected by his parents as a child, he will understand the tears of a child who is ignored by his wife.

Having lost a beloved animal, he will sympathize with people in a similar situation. If this was not the case, such things will leave him indifferent. No one will envy the wife of such a person, because her husband will not be involved in the affairs of the family, and even when she and the children are dear to him, he will not show this through external actions.

Very often, such men, even when they were children, are “crushed” by domineering and emotionally closed parents, so they mature for a long time for the role of a father, and sometimes they perceive the child as a rival all their lives, especially if an emotionally warm and loving spouse pays a lot of attention to the baby.

A woman with Moon without aspects can experience strong emotions, but she has been taught not to show them since childhood. She always abstracts from the experiences of her children, she sometimes does not reveal her maternal instinct after childbirth, and in general it is difficult to get pregnant, especially if  Moon is in barren male signs.

Among such girls there are many adherents of the childfree theory, since the narcissistic core of the personality blocks the desire to love and take care of someone.

Sometimes the need to become a mother flares up with great force, and they want to take a child from an orphanage, but the danger is that Moon without aspects  is unpredictable, on fire, it quickly cools down, and the obligation to take care of children begins to strain.

In order to become good parents, such people need to carefully consider how exactly Moon manifests without aspects, and what points they need to work with a psychologist or on their own to allow themselves to express emotions comfortably and safely.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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