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Mars in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

Each planet in the horoscope of the move , in addition to the classical qualities, also has additional symbolism. Thanks to this, one can understand where the main sphere of interests and self-realization of a person will be, what will excite him, and what will lead to anger and a nervous breakdown. Particular attention should be paid to Mars . This is a traditionally evil planet in case of defeat by aspects or in an openly sacrificial position. When he moves to a location new home from natal , he takes all the distortions and problems of the past there, and only courage and determination can save him.

Mars in the 3rd house of the relocation chart emphasizes the need to actively make new connections and raise old ones from oblivion. A person cannot act alone in everything related to promotion in society. Of great importance is the web of networking, which firmly holds past victories around him and attracts new trophies.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

Since the arrows marking the beginnings of houses in the moving map sometimes shift quite significantly, it seems that a completely new life is now beginning. However, the natal chart is always primary. Wherever a person moves, he takes himself with him, which means that his character, habits, way of responding to stressful situations remain the same. This is how he gets into new event lines and even then he learns to act differently. Sometimes you just can’t survive if you don’t change anything, however, in the sphere of the 3rd house, the issue of communication and manifestation in society is acute, which, although it does not cause significant harm when ignoring problem areas, can pretty much ruin the reputation and trust in the world.

Most often, Mars moves into the 3rd house from the nearest 1, 2, and also 4, 5. This alignment is quite pleasant for adaptation, since all houses are well mounted among themselves according to their symbolism. It will be more difficult when castling 12 – 3, since here we are talking about either the environment of astrologers, psychologists, esotericists, where the native should be interested, or he completely becomes a victim of gossip, deceit, secret enemies and machinations through the closest social circle.

The transition of Mars to the 3rd house of the relocation chart from 1 is a good option. A person will form his own inner circle, enter exactly the society that he wants to conquer, get acquainted with all the neighbors, immediately make a list of useful connections, and he himself will be able to solve other people’s problems.

A movement from 2nd to 3rd portends a close connection of financial wealth with acquaintances and relatives, such as siblings, including cousins, as well as aunts and uncles. They can influence in different ways: they will get a job, recommend to the authorities, get into a common business, or vice versa, gossip, envy and unwillingness to communicate will cause severe damage to business reputation. It depends on the presence of squares and oppositions and connections between the rulers of the affected houses.

The transition of Mars from the 4th sector of natal literally pushes the native out of the quiet oasis of home comfort and family life into the cycle of communication. If the native dreams of this, then here is the chance of an active life, full of communication, live and online meetings. Sometimes this is a sign of freelancing remotely.

When shifting from the 5th house to the 3rd, the native may fall in love with a younger colleague or neighbor, and will easily arouse sympathy in close circles, even just appearing on the first day at work or at a new place of residence. This is a good indicator for schoolchildren who move with their parents.

Mars in the 3rd house relocation and communication charts

If the native led a secluded life before the move, this is over. Communication will arise by itself everywhere: on the landing at the exit from the house, in the elevator, in public transport, and of course, in the team.

The influence of Mars is not fast like that of the Moon and Mercury, but over time the native will find that he himself initiates conversations, acquaintances, enthusiastically goes to the boss and boldly declares that he performs a large amount of duties, which means it’s time to increase the salary (Mars’s transition from the 2nd house of natal ). Such people are able to make a revolution in the office if they are offended, organize a boycott, or bring their source of trouble to the point of being fired.

The native may show sudden literary ability. He wants to write something about what he does, to blog about interesting topics, often associated with Martian symbols: about wars and the army, weapons, sports, applied arts and even gardening, because Mars is traditionally also the patron of agriculture.

Mars in 3rd house relocation chart and car

Driving style changes over time. Since even without negative aspects, Mars includes a tendency to act impulsively, it becomes unbearably painful for a person to stand in traffic jams, he can break the rules, go around where it is forbidden, overtake or run a green light.

If there are squares, then accidents, conflicts with traffic police officers are not ruled out, with opposition – inattention while driving, fears that interfere with normal driving. However, the trine here also does not guarantee protection against accidents. The native can become too careless, relaxed, and confident in his driving skills, and get into trouble because of it.

When Mars moves into the 3rd house of the moving horoscope, you must follow the rules and notice any details, which can sometimes save a life.

The negative influence of Mars in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

The main problem here is quarrels and gossip. At a low level of spirituality, the native himself provokes them. Any nonsense becomes a reason for swearing with neighbors, fellow travelers in public transport, and colleagues.

A child with this indicator often quarrels with classmates or becomes a victim of bullying if there are additional risk factors.

Depending on the upbringing and character traits, an adult can also be sharp on the tongue, impulsively on emotions he says not at all what he thinks and offends the other, but he himself suffers from similar outbursts from his closest friends and relatives.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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