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Mars in the 1st house of the relocation chart

Events in our lives are strongly influenced by the position of the planets in the houses . If a person moves, then they shift, while the signs and degrees of celestial bodies remain the same, but they themselves move to other sectors, including their eventfulness. Thus, it is possible to foresee which areas of life will be active, where to show themselves brightly and decisively, especially if Mars moves there , which will definitely require the native to get out of the shadows and go towards the goal without noticing obstacles.

The red planet of courage in the 1st house charges a person with a huge charge of energy, but this does not happen instantly, as in the case of Mercury, it seems to accumulate and be distributed throughout the body, but later requires a release. So it turns out that at first a quiet and inconspicuous native suddenly makes a breakthrough in areas that are significant to him or becomes tough and aggressive. It all depends on the initial data and living conditions.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 1st house of the relocation chart

When moving to a new place of residence, the cusps of houses move to the right or left, depending on the direction chosen by the native.

As with Venus, the counter-clockwise transition of Mars turns on the energies of youth. A person begins to behave like many years ago, acts in a similar way.

If the owner of the card is already so young, he should be more careful, because impulsiveness and impatience increase. I want everything at once, which actually allows you to achieve significant results immediately, but does not exclude mistakes, conflicts and quarrels, especially with a weak and affected planet.

To analyze the moving map, it is important to understand that it is impossible to exclude the natal chart. She is always at the forefront. However, everything that is written in it, a person will have to fulfill, taking into account the influence of the relocation horoscope, in those areas that are affected at the place of relocation.

Most often, Mars moves into the 1st house of the relocation chart from the nearest 12, 11 and 2, 3 houses, but other options are also possible.

In the first case, one can assume a logical movement from the shadows, from merging with the team into active independent activity.

This situation is often found among university or school graduates who start a new life, moving from the system to the sole determination to conquer this world, as well as those who start their own business.

However, when Mars moves from the 12th house to the 1st, a person may simply not be ready for decisive actions, because he is used to always being behind his back, in the shadows, and acting only after much thought. Mars is easier at 11, he also likes to play in a team rather than solo, but he is more resourceful and flexible in terms of adapting to new circumstances.

The owners of Mars in the 2nd house may not even notice that changes have taken place in life. Their energy resources are full as always, they roll up their sleeves and actively get involved in the work, providing themselves with everything necessary for comfort in a new place of residence. They used to cover their needs earlier, but now the emphasis is on strengthening personal energy and raising the standard of living.

Movement from the 3rd house forces a person to actively use connections, acquaintances, but it can also bring problems from the immediate environment and accidents in case of frequent driving, if Mars is affected by negative aspects.

Mars in the 1st house of relocation and changes in appearance

Planets in the 1st house always affect the appearance of a person, and especially strongly when they stand on the Ascendant . With relocation, the impact of Mars begins gradually and is more pronounced in men, but women can also change.

The native acquires a masculine appearance, which, of course, makes the representative of the stronger sex more attractive. A person has a desire to go to the gym, to do not just pumping up muscles, but also an interesting sport. Most of all, oddly enough, this excites the owners of weak Mars in Cancer, Taurus and Libra. It is they who want to give the impression of a brutal alpha male, which affects the deliberately masculine style of clothing and behavior. The problem is that they often violate the boundaries of what is permitted, easily go into conflict, be rude and scandalous.

This is also true for women with Mars afflicted. And in other cases, such girls want to wear only trousers, cut their hair shorter, actively work with their elbows, pushing competitors aside. There are pluses in this: decisiveness, courage, the ability to protect one’s borders appear, libido increases.

The negative influence of Mars in the 1st house of the relocation chart

Since Mars is an evil planet, it is certainly necessary to take into account all spheres of its influence through the sign of the Ascendant, the house that it rules, relations with the significator of the 1st house through aspects, and in fact, the presence of a square and oppositions. One tense connection can be harmonized by playing sports, an active lifestyle, the ability to express yourself and show initiative at work and in communication. If there are more than 3 of them, then it is better to look for another place to live, since there is a threat of getting into dangerous situations, and it is difficult for the native himself to cope with aggression.

The expected lifestyle also matters. If Mars falls into the 1st house in the chart of a child who moves to a boarding school or even an elite closed school, then it is obvious that he will have to take a fighting position, which, in the presence of negative aspects, is dangerous. The same can be said about military service. At the same time, harmonious Mars, on the contrary, will bring success.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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