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Mars in the 8th house of the relocation chart

You cannot run away from your destiny. What is given to a person in the birth chart remains with him wherever he goes, however, the relocation card shifts event accents and makes it possible to fulfill one’s karmic tasks and fulfill desires under other circumstances. For example, it is impossible to become a famous athlete if you live in a remote village where there is no gym or trainers. If a person has big plans, but there are no opportunities for implementation, you need to draw up a relocation map and see where it is best to do it.

Mars in the 8th house of the moving horoscope scares many. It really includes an attraction to dangers, risk, extreme sports, but on the other hand, an unquenchable thirst for the transformation of one’s life pushes the native to great achievements. On this energy, you can move mountains and set records, the only problem is a sense of proportion, which is completely absent. A person wants everything at once, and other people are perceived as a hindrance. This often leads to tragedy and violation of the law, but it all depends on the native himself.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 8th house of the relocation chart

So, during relocation, the grid of houses, indicated by cusps, shifts, and the planets find themselves in new event circumstances. If the 8th house was previously empty, and now Mars is there , the situation will be difficult.

A person may not be used to shocks and an inner burning desire for change, when you want to do something big immediately and turn your world upside down.

With a negative aspect, serious shocks, injuries, illnesses also occur, which in principle change the attitude towards the world, money, religion. With positive connections of houses, it is vigorous activity that helps to transform one’s life.

It is important to consider from which particular natal house Mars moves into the 8th house of the moving map, since these tasks will have to be solved with great physical and psycho-emotional stress.

If this is the 6th sector, then changes through overcoming and internal resistance will affect the place of work or working conditions. A person can be transferred both to a luxurious office and to a basement, it all depends on the connection of the rulers and aspects, but there will be a shock. It also promises great responsibility in the new position.

The transition of Mars from the 7th to the 8th house of relocation promises a crisis in marriage. The native will either fall into a series of circumstances that cannot be ignored, such as a betrayal of a partner, betrayal, a census of property, secret embezzlement of funds by a husband, wife or employee, or he himself is forced to take out loans or ask a life partner to solve his problems.

The transition of Mars to the 8th house of the relocation chart from the 9th means crises related to foreigners, including danger abroad or a passion for foreign culture, which can lead to negative consequences. If Mars rules the 2nd house, then on the contrary, the money will come through vigorous activity abroad, but the risks are not canceled.

The movement from the 10th house to the 8th for women means conflicts with the mother-in-law, if the move occurs to the husband’s parents, and in general this promises a career related to managing other people’s money. It is not excluded promotion and stress associated with this.

Mars in the 8th house relocation charts, crises and finances

If the native dreams of getting rich in a new place of residence, he should be prepared for risky impulsive actions. Most likely, he will not get big money at a quiet place of work with a stable salary. Even if there is a strong 2nd house with Jupiter in it, then all the same, large incomes will come through risky investments or the development of one’s business.

Mars in the 8th house of the relocation chart suggests individual entrepreneurship, when the native is his own master and takes all the risks and responsibility on himself. This may be an additional activity, when, for example, a person works for hire and develops his business at the same time.

The problem here is only one thing – the insatiability of the native. Having felt a taste for money, and for women it can also be life at the expense of a lover, he continues to aggressively pump gold from the discovered mine, sometimes losing his common sense and caution.

The second problem of Mars in the 8th house of the relocation chart is the lack of a sense of danger. This encourages breaking the law, evading taxes, taking unreliable people into business, and also getting involved in criminal cases.

With a harmonious Mars, there will be successful activities related to sports, military service, surgery, agronomy, the manufacture of some items to order, and generally work in a male team.

Mars in the 8th house of relocation and mysticism

There is a possibility that the native will want to solve his problems through esotericism, using conspiracies, love spells, magic, or in aggressive violent ways. Both will eventually destroy him, so you should always follow the law, especially in matters related to customs and tax services.

You should not get involved in litigation, because for the native himself, they can end badly.

However, if a person wants to open a salon of esoteric and ritual services, this is likely to bring profit.

The native himself can also become a victim of black magic or a love spell, so it is advisable to avoid communicating with strange, exalted and obsessive persons.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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