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Mars in the 4th house of the relocation chart

Nowadays, the issue of moving to another country or metropolis, where there are more opportunities, is more relevant than ever. People are looking for security, ease of execution of plans and earnings. The moving horoscope is also relevant for the parents of students who leave home for the first time. The peculiarity of the relocation map is that the planets also move to other houses, where they begin to influence fate in a completely different way, affecting not only natal tasks, but also completely new areas where a person would never find himself without moving.

Mars in the 4th house of the relocation chart is a serious topic. This situation requires careful study. With a favorable option, a person will make every effort to complete all previously started projects, use energy and ingenuity to acquire their own real estate, but most likely it will not do without quarrels and castling of forces in the family. You can’t wait for a peaceful and calm life within the 4 walls of a new living space.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 4th house of the relocation chart

In the new horoscope, the planets are in the same degrees and signs, but in which house they end up depends on the travel distance and geodata. In any case, we must remember that initially Mars is an evil planet. He always brings discord into his spheres of influence, so it is necessary to analyze how important this sector is for the native himself.

If this is a male businessman, a bachelor who does not plan to start a family in the next few years, then Mars in the 4th house will not have a big transformative effect on him. On the contrary, it will help to complete the started projects promptly and profitably. However, the negative aspects here can bring injuries in the apartment itself, for example, slipped in the bathroom and hit his head, so only the impact on health can be taken into account in the analysis.

Another thing is a woman for whom the family is the most valuable thing. Here you will have to work out a lot through compensatory work in order to neutralize quarrels and even fights in the family.

The location of Mars in the natal chart is also of great importance. Most often, he moves into the 4th house of the horoscope of moving from the next 2, 3, as well as 5, 6. And this should also be taken into account. The jump of the planet from the 2nd natal house is most related to the topic of real estate. The native will be anxious, he will become aggressive if his apartment does not correspond to the readings of the natal 4th house. For example, if he is in Leo and it is necessary to live in a prestigious area in a luxurious penthouse, and the native is forced to rent a small room. A person will throw all resources to fulfill this mission. And vice versa, if the cusp of the 4th house is in Virgo, and the wife wants an expensive spacious living space, this will also cause quarrels.

The transition of Mars to the 4th house of the relocation map from the 3rd is quite logical, the native will expand the conditions of his life thanks to useful connections, acquaintances, perhaps his house will be the center of neighborly gatherings or he will switch to freelancing.

The movement of Mars from the 5th house promises living together with a loved one, but most likely it will be an impulse of passion. Also, the native will devote a lot of time to hobbies within the walls of the apartment, and will also be interested in the sports training of the child. And only the movement from 6th to 4th implies successful earnings in real estate sales and in medicine, associated with short-term operations, for example, in dentistry.

Mars in the 4th house relocation and housing charts

Traditionally, the 4th house is associated with finding roots in the literal and figurative sense. It symbolizes the completion of the affairs for which this sector is responsible, and the acquisition of one’s own home, or returning home.

However, Mars complicates matters. If the native moves in with his parents, generational conflicts will begin, he will start his own family – Italian passions. Of course, one cannot attribute a certain fatalism to this position, but one must know how to work these things out.

In the case of parents, it is better to be at home less and lead a socially active lifestyle. If you come home only to spend the night, then there will be no time to sort out disagreements. In the family, joint sports, even exercises in the morning, active planning of interesting events, when a travel program, entertainment or business issues are discussed over tea, depending on what Mars is responsible for in the horoscope, will be a good compensator in the family.

An excess of intense energy descends peacefully while watching action movies, intense intimate relationships, passionate dances, even in private. It’s best to find a hobby that will turn both partners on.

It is not recommended to keep weapons at home, even if it is a collection of knives or a hunting rifle. This will provoke unnecessary aggression.

It is very good to live in your own house with a garden or garden nearby.

The negative influence of Mars in the 4th house of the relocation chart

Despite the widespread horror stories about violence in the home, you should not be too afraid of this when implementing the compensatory measures described above. It is important to choose housing according to the symbolism of the zodiac sign of the 4th house, to live in it the way you like it, and not as others expect, then it simply will not be possible to inflate a strong scandal, because the energy will go to pleasure, especially if the native loves to cook, garden or often makes repairs to renovate housing.

However, at a low level of development, a person himself becomes the cause of his own troubles: he clings to loved ones, explodes in response to reproaches, because he is not used to restraining himself, and it can come to assault and destruction of the house itself when its owner falls into anger.

The emotional state attracts strange events precisely inside the apartment: the native will be shocked, then he will catch on the threshold and fall, or he will cut his finger with a knife. However, this is precisely a reflection of the raging anger and anger in the soul and a sign that it is time to transform them into creation, and not destruction.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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