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Mars in the 6th house of the relocation chart

The purpose of the move, as a rule, always implies active changes, a person expects that interesting events will finally begin to happen, and things will get off the ground. Mars is the main driving energy of a person, on which he can fly high or completely destroy all previous achievements. It all depends on its level of development and the aspect of the red planet.

The movement to the 6th house of the relocation chart comes from one of the natal ones, which automatically transfers the tasks laid down at birth to a new sector. Now a person will be fiery-active in matters of work, solving financial problems and in matters of health, and the latter can be forced when acute inflammatory processes suddenly arise. To maintain harmony, you will have to constantly play sports near the place of work.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 6th house of the relocation chart

When compiling a moving horoscope, you need to remember that the cusps of houses shift separately from the signs of the planets, and the degrees remain the same as they were in natal . Only the event component changes, in which the native will have to realize the features of his Martian energy: activity, determination, courage, or vice versa, aggression and partiality.

Since Mars moves into the 6th house of the relocation chart most often from the nearest 4, 5 and 7, 8 houses, one should take into account their significance and tasks in the natal chart, and only then look at how exactly this is implemented in the moving horoscope.

In the first case, the native falls into a stream of energy, he is swiftly carried into the events of a new house, as if into a whirlpool of a stormy river. In the second, he seems to return to the well-forgotten things that once worried him, and tries to recreate that atmosphere again.

The transition of Mars to the 6th relocation sector from the 4th shifts the starting explosive points from the home of the native to his place of work. However, the symbolic patron of the 6th house is Virgo, and Mars in this sign obeys the voice of reason well. That is why the native goes headlong into work, and even if he gets angry there, he puts this sports anger into action. Thus, you can earn an apartment.

The movement of the red planet from the 5th to the 6th will remove the heat of love and passion for pleasure, as the native will be interested in pressing issues: how to be realized at work and preserve health.

In the case of movement from the 7th house, there will be very fruitful cooperation, and for the native, this means rather co-authorship, where he is an apprentice, but not a leading person. For owners of fiery water signs, it can be very difficult to endure being on the sidelines. Another point is that a marriage of convenience is possible, but this does not mean that the native denies love, he just also has a very good idea of what his life will turn into if he does not choose a truly ideal partner.

For Mars in the 6th house more than for another planet, negative aspects are destructive. They instantly turn on the mechanism of self-destruction in any of the above areas, but it is especially destructive when moving from the natal 8th house to the 6th, since industrial accidents are likely. Work here is possible for those who save others: doctors, psychologists, teachers in schools for difficult children.

Mars in the 6th house relocation and work charts

The sixth sector is a symbol of daily duties, working conditions in employment, health status. Bringing Mars there in case of moving is possible only if a person has excellent immunity by nature and the only thing he lacks is the opportunity to show himself in all his glory, since Mars gives an incredible desire to break through both the financial ceiling and any restrictions.

It’s like giving the owner of a cart with a horse a modern motorcycle. He will instantly reach the goal of his journey and rush even further. However, you still need to be able to drive a motorcycle, so you need to prepare in advance for changes in the 6th house: improve your skills, learn management and the psychology of influence.

In addition, in work matters, a person can be aggressive, intolerant of violating his instructions. If he is an ordinary employee, he often oversteps boundaries, fancies himself a boss or fights for justice, making enemies as a result.

With a negative aspect, the native often changes jobs, it is difficult for him to sit in one place. It is advisable to go on business trips or choose such a position to be on the road and not sit in one place. It is good to work in a fitness club or at least visit it after office.

Mars in the 6th house of relocation and health charts

Any negative aspects increase the likelihood of disease. It is worth fearing both injuries and those diseases that occur abruptly and proceed with severe inflammation.

Most often, with Mars in the 6th house of relocation, the head, teeth, and bones are at risk. A person quickly grabs influenza viruses, SARS, but also quickly recovers.

With good immunity, they quickly pass, but with the transits of Mars, extra care should be taken. If the planet is in the mine, the immunity is initially not very strong, and therefore it is necessary to deal with hardening.

Sports will be compensatory according to the sign of Mars: Aries – cardio, running, boxing, karate, Libra – dancing, yoga, any pairs of sports, Gemini – tennis, team games, badminton, Leo – bright incendiary dances, fitness, zumba, Pisces – swimming , pilates, qigong.

Also, in the absence of a connection between the 6th house and the 8th and 12th, it is good to have a Martian-type pet: a ginger cat or a representative of the Siamese breed, a Doberman, a Rottweiler, a shepherd dog. When Mars is in Cancer or Pisces, fighting male fish will do.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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