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Mars in the 8th house

8 The House of the Horoscope is responsible for extreme situations, finances and risks, borderline conditions and dangerous diseases. Any planet in this field makes these themes especially pronounced in a person's life.

Mars has an evil nature that matches the hectic environment of the Eighth House. More often than not, this planet amplifies the sound of all the trends indicated above. Where money is concerned, both large gains and significant losses are possible.

Mars symbolizes energy, activity and aggression. The owner of the horoscope finds himself in dangerous situations due to his own imprudence, impulsiveness and recklessness.

Features of the character and behavior of a person

The owner of the horoscope is bold, decisive and takes only those projects that promise good benefits. He understands that big money comes with high risks. If he is engaged in business or, conversely, goes into another field of activity, then this is his conscious decision. Such people can realize their abilities in banking and finance, in sports and politics, as well as being employed in any industry.

The owner of Mars in the 8th house knows firsthand what risk and extreme are. In his life, at times situations occur when he has to seriously fear for his life and fight for existence. These can be material losses, accidents, attacks, violence, threats from enemies, dangerous diseases, surgical operations, etc.

The holder of a natal chart may have a heightened flair and magical abilities. These features and the gift of suggestion help him to influence both the situation and the people around him. The native understands that it is not necessary to do everything by hand. He successfully creates circumstances in which all the necessary actions are performed by people who obey his will. The owners of Mars in the 8th house may be superstitious and seek magical help in difficult times.

With an essentially weak and negatively aspected Mars, risky money transactions should be avoided. You need to be prepared for the fact that the borrower may not return large amounts of money, and there will be nothing to pay for his own loans. Debts, bankruptcy, criminal showdowns, problems with financial and credit organizations, money-grubbing – all these are negative manifestations of Mars in the 8th house of the horoscope.

Mars and various signs of the zodiac

A strong Mars in this field gives the native good business acumen and financial talents. Mars in Aries , Scorpio and Capricorn helps to make a profitable investment and get financial support from partners.

Negatively aspected and weak Mars (in Libra , Taurus and Cancer ) brings misfortune to the native: financial problems, intrigue and aggression of others, problems with inheritance, dangerous situations that cannot be influenced.


Mars in the 8th house of a man

If Mars is located in the 8th house in the male natal, then the native is distinguished by great courage, endurance and insight. Such men know how to act in unusual situations. The people around them respect them for their courage and ability to withstand unfavorable life factors.

The owner of a horoscope in his personal life can be passionate and jealous, but hides his worries from a partner. You need to learn to talk to a loved one with difficult moments in a relationship, and not accumulate resentment, which one day will come out in the form of aggression.

Mars in the 8th house of a woman

This is not the most favorable location for a marriage indicator in a female natal chart. The owner of the horoscope attracts difficult men. They can have debts and problems in business, be representatives of dangerous professions, be in poor health.

The topic of intimate relationships and finance will be important in this union. The spouse can fully provide for such a woman, and serious discord in the family can be due to insufficient money.

Lilia Garipova


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