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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Virgo

The middle of the sky in Virgo is a rather difficult position, creating  tireless workers with a brilliant intellect. They set practical goals and build an algorithm for achieving them, but this happens through overcoming obstacles and working through difficulties. In adolescence, one happy accident can occur, instantly taking people several steps up the career ladder. If they miss it, they will have to work with ant tenacity.

Before excelling in any area, the Virgo MC carriers must first help others. For such people, there is already a desire to make the world a better place, to cleanse it of chaos and confusion. They may well be busy parsing papers on a table in someone else’s office, where they came to draw up documents, or give advice on improving working algorithms to an unknown official. These owners of the Meridian in Virgo sincerely believe that they help by criticizing shortcomings and condemning vices, and being carried away, do not understand why others begin to avoid communicating with them or support a less organized competitor.

Features of a psychological portrait

The Midheaven point, in addition to career, shows how other people see individuals from the outside. MC in Virgo elevates these owners to the pedestal of the ideal, which they equal, imitate, consider infallible, which obliges an already overly demanding people to meet high standards. This leads to stress and irritability.

An illustrative example of the ideal of a generation with Midheaven in Virgo is Hollywood actor Brett Pitt, whose name has become a household name for the man of dreams, handsome and charming. All the more the public outcry when Mr. Perfect makes mistakes – the disappointment of fans is so acute that it could cost a career.

The reasons for failure can also be:

  • hatred and envy on the part of competitors, irritated by the native’s seeming perfection;
  • excessive directness and haste in matters that require endurance and a subtle diplomatic approach, tolerance towards team members;
  • apathy and depression in case of a mistake or unrealized hopes, abandonment of dreams, if it is impossible to work according to the high standards that exist in the head of the MC carrier in Virgo;
  • vigilant control over the activities of subordinates, pettiness, pickiness, changing tasks at a too fast pace.

Dominant planets – Mercury and Proserpina require a well-planned strategy from people to materialize the destiny, while the karmic opposite of Virgo – Pisces pulls to relax in a hammock and dream, looking at the stars. Allowing themselves a long period of inactivity, such individuals run the risk of being left behind, or will be forced to work with a vengeance to regain lost ground.

Professional directions

These owners of the Midheaven in Virgo do not pursue rises. It is much more interesting for them to apply the capabilities of the intellect in a well-known place of work, expanding the zone of their influence in breadth, and not upward: using new methods, knowledge in practice. Titles and diplomas mean nothing if there is no satisfaction with the results in a team of reliably proven colleagues.

People with MC in Virgo are afraid of old age, and they consider material reward for quality work as ones of the highest goals. The patronage of a high-ranking woman will help to climb the social ladder.

The professions of the owners of the Meridian in Virgo, where they can excel, are related to calculations and research:

  • commerce – economists, financiers, managers, cashiers, accountants, insurance agents, secretaries of technical documentation, marketers;
  • law enforcement sphere – lawyers, investigators, district police officers, forensic experts, tax inspectors, customs officers, auditors;
  • science – researchers, teachers and laboratory assistants in the field of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, history, chemistry, philology, geology;
  • medicine – doctors and nurses in the field of dentistry, surgery, cardiology, as well as healers, herbalists, pharmacists, masseurs, nutritionists;
  • trade – shop owners, sellers, handicraftsmen;
  • art – drama actors, documentary writers, biographers, artists.

The location of the MC in the third decanate of Virgo (20 ° – 30 °) falls under the influence of Venus and Chiron, which gives the ability to transform into different images and accurately copy the manners and voice of the character. This is beneficial for artists who, however, will not take on low-paying roles.

Influence of planets at MC and Ascendant

With a strong position of Mercury in Virgo or Gemini in the natal chart, people can succeed in several professions, but the exact position of the planet on the MC suggests that they use cunning and deceit to achieve a goal. Mars and Jupiter contribute to the advancement of intellectual fighters during periods of social upheaval and turmoil, especially with the Ascendant in Aries or Leo.

The ascending sign in Sagittarius at the Meridian in Virgo bestows exceptional coordination, which will give talent in the sports or dance field. ASC in earth signs favors businessmen and scientists. Saturn and Uranus on the MC form lone inventors (Leonardo da Vinci) who are ahead of their time and absolutize goals.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Virgo:


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