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Mercury in the 1st house of the relocation chart (moving)

When moving to a new place of residence, it is especially important to consider changes in the position of personal planets. With the introduction of the geographical coordinates of the city desired for life, the cusps of houses are quite noticeably shifted , which affects the eventfulness. Sometimes this is very good for the planet, but sometimes it gets into difficult conditions for itself and needs to be worked on.

Mercury is responsible for intelligence and communication with the outside world. The transition to the 1st house of the relocation map for him, as a rule, is a favorable event, contributing to the expansion of the circle of friends and a surge of interest in learning, however, negative aspects can greatly complicate the development of the native and spoil his relationship with the world.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 1st house of the relocation chart

Since the tops of houses can move both clockwise and counterclockwise, most often Mercury enters sector 1 from the 12th or 2nd sector, although, of course, other options are not excluded. The farther a person moves away from their usual place of residence, the more radical are the changes in the relocation map.

At the same time, it is important to understand that if the planet of communication left the 12th house, where it seemed to be closed from the world, this does not mean that a person will instantly become a merry fellow – the soul of the company.

Relocation does not cancel the tasks of the natal chart, but the planet will have to fulfill them in new conditions. Mercury in the 12th house of natal is the mind of an artist and creator, but if absent-mindedness and difficulty with concentration are not particularly critical in a solitary lifestyle, then getting into the arena of the 1st house, into the whirlpool of active meetings and negotiations, a person has to change very much. Otherwise, he will simply ruin his reputation. And yet, his features of non-standard thinking, modesty, depth of knowledge will play a good service when meeting new people.

On the other hand, negative aspects, on the contrary, will put him face to face with enemies and competitors, while if Mercury remained in the 12th house, the native would not know for a long time who harms him.

Whether an open battle is better than a behind-the-scenes fight will be shown by the elements of the sign. Fire or air will prefer fair competition, but earth and water will be uncomfortable in the openness of 1 house.

The situation is similar with the transition from the 11th house, where a person is used to speaking more on behalf of a group or organization, and not personally on his own. It is much more comfortable for the owners of the planet in 2 or 3 houses of Natal, they will easily begin to solve their pressing material and intellectual needs in a stream of endless communication and making useful connections.

Mercury in the 1st house of relocation and changes in appearance

An interesting point – most people who study the changes in their lives after moving note that when one of the planets falls into the 1st house, and especially if it stands on the Ascendant, there are very noticeable changes in appearance.

Of course, this does not happen immediately, sometimes three years pass, and a person changes beyond recognition, especially if the same planet rules the sign where the Ascendant is.

Mercury, like the Moon, is a fast planet, so you won’t have to wait long. Characteristic signs of influence on appearance are as follows:

  • rejuvenating effect – a person seems to return to his youth, the complexion freshens, excess weight disappears, facial contours are tightened, in the eyes there is a radiance of youth and a thirst for new experiences;
  • the voice becomes thinner and louder;
  • improving the flexibility of the joints, spine, mobility and speed of movement;
  • the return of a teenage style or what a person preferred in his youth, suddenly you want to do the same hairstyle, return the same color scheme in clothes;
  • the desire to surround yourself with youth or those who are a few years younger.

If a rather young person moves, his appearance is influenced by the social circle in which he wants to be and express himself, becoming his own among them. If this organization is very different from what it was before, then the changes will be very bright.

In any case, charisma, the ability to convince are enhanced, the courage to create something new and position yourself without hesitation appears.

Mercury in 1st house and communication style

Of course, the position of the planet in the symbolic possession of Aries gives a powerful energy charge. Even if earlier the native avoided an active position, public speaking, meetings with unfamiliar people both at a corporate party, a symposium, and at a disco, now he wants to go into the thick of things and express himself brightly. Perhaps these will be small steps, step-by-step performances, access to social networks, especially if Mercury is in the 12th house in natal, but this must be done.

The worst thing is to suppress such impulses out of habit and fear of judgment. The more the native communicates, the easier it is for him to achieve his goals both in terms of natal and relocation.

The style of communication should be formed through primacy and initiative: he came to any unfamiliar team, introduced himself, got to know everyone himself, offered some innovations if it was about work, or invited him to a party, to the theater, to the cinema, when communication is informal.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 1st house of relocation

If there is opposition to both Mercury itself and the cusp of the 1st house, I can consider a person an upstart and perceive his initiative as a threat to myself.

Moreover, the interlocutors misread his non-verbal messages, misperceive the meaning of words when a person tries to prove that he does not mean anything bad, but they are still offended by him.

For such people, the greatest problems arise with marriage partners, especially in the case of divorces: it is impossible to agree in any way, as well as in litigation.

At work, difficulties arise due to the intemperance of the language, when, for example, the native enthusiastically retells the latest gossip, and their main character suddenly appears behind him.

If Mercury is retrograde, a person has to overcome internal tension with colossal efforts, literally forcing himself to go to the center of events, but the return of this victory will be great.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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