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Mercury in the 10th house

Mercury is a neutral planet, but its presence in the 10th house – the field of career and social realization – creates many successful opportunities in life for the owner of the horoscope.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, communication and movement. Comprehending new things, actively interacting with others and making trips, a person gains rich experience, which ultimately allows him to achieve a high position in society.

Human abilities and career opportunities

The owner of Mercury in the 10th house is confident in his talents and abilities, loves to show them to others and strives to win universal respect. A native, as a rule, is eloquent and knows how to convey his thoughts to people both orally and in writing. The subject's opinion is listened to and considered authoritative.

Meanwhile, people with Mercury in the 10th house are quite critical and selective when it comes to new information. Knowledge and experience are acquired gradually and throughout life. Such a person knows how to separate the right from the false. He does not like to spread information from questionable sources, because such behavior can contribute to the loss of his reputation.

It is better for the holder of a natal chart to choose activities that imply personal activity and dynamics, as well as requiring constant communication and expanding horizons. Often these people are sent on business trips and business trips. The leadership gives them the opportunity to improve their professional skills and expand their knowledge, making them participants in various seminars and trainings.

Work should be a source of intellectual development, as well as provide opportunities for professional growth. If both of these conditions are not met, then the owner of Mercury rushes about in the field in question in search of better career opportunities. If Mercury is damaged by other luminaries, then the native can repeatedly change direction in activity during his life. Often leaving another uninteresting and hopeless job is accompanied by a severe psychological crisis.

Peace and satisfaction come when organizational talents and a high level of professional knowledge of a native are equally in demand.

If Mercury has many harmonious aspects, then the subject can be successful thanks to the developed and constantly expanding business ties. He easily communicates with leaders of any rank, gives them interesting ideas, makes rationalization proposals and thus achieves the trust and disposition of his superiors.


Mercury and some signs of the zodiac

The career of the owner of Mercury in the 10th house of the horoscope will be most successful if the planet is in the signs of its power. Mercury in Virgo and Gemini will communicate good luck in mediation, trade, writing and translation. The subject can be successful in business related to transport and communications, provision of information services and education. Such people are well versed in the market situation and know how to make the right decisions in a timely manner.

Mercury in signs of his weakness (in Pisces , in Sagittarius ) in the 10th house says that a person may lack knowledge in the areas he needs for work, and, nevertheless, he can be entrusted with important work. Often the native uses the intellectual resources of other people (colleagues, subordinates, partners) in order to rise. For example, the owner of such a Mercury can use the services of a hired author, publish a book under his own name or blog on social networks and become famous thanks to this. And yet such people are better off building up their professional skills and constantly broadening their horizons. This will reduce the risk of losing your position and position in society due to deception and incompetence.

Lilia Garipova


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