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Mercury in the 8th house

Any planet in the Eighth house of the horoscope (house of danger) deserves close attention and serious study. Mercury is responsible for travel and travel. The eighth house adds an element of risk to the travel of the native. He needs to be especially careful when crossing the street and driving a car and, of course, strictly follow the rules of the road.

Mercury symbolizes intelligence, the ability to learn and the ability of a person to express themselves through oral and written speech, and the Eighth House is related to secrets and classified information. A person with the considered planet in the 8th house is smart, perceptive, attentive and observant, but he does not intend to reveal his plans to others.

Abilities, behavioral features and life circumstances of a person

The owner of Mercury in the 8th house is mysterious, practical and has a good business acumen. He only takes on cases that promise profit. Such people are well versed in financial matters, understand the material interests of others, know how to calculate their steps and future actions. Often they are entrusted with the management of other people's property. Such people are indispensable in banks, financial departments of enterprises, tax services, etc. A subject with Mercury in the 8th field can turn out to be a good accountant, financial analyst and controller, commercial director, auditor.

The owner of the horoscope knows how to turn profitable deals, invest in promising enterprises, risk finances and make a profit. Such a person can achieve a lot in business and in politics. If a native chooses a regular job, then often, in addition to the usual salary, he receives various bonuses and bonuses.

Mercury in the 8th house is a good indication for working as an investigator, forensic scientist, policeman, detective. The owners of such a Mercury carefully study the circumstances of the crime and death. They are not confused or afraid of dangerous situations. A keen and tenacious mind notices inconsistencies between the testimony of witnesses and reality, helps to analyze evidence and find the necessary clues in the investigation.

A subject with Mercury in the field in question is interested in everything unusual, hidden and supernatural. As a rule, he believes in the evil eye and damage, and sometimes he himself feels the presence of extrasensory abilities. Nature rewards him with the ability to influence the consciousness of people. A native may not be an intellectual leader in a team and not have the talent of an orator, but his words have some inexplicable power over the minds of people. Such a person may casually drop a few words or make a small remark, but all this will be decisive and affect the future actions of others.

Mercury in the 8th house

Mercury, some signs of the zodiac and aspects

The eighth field of the horoscope is referred to as evil houses. It is associated with danger and disease. If Mercury is strong in quality (that is, it is in Gemini and in Virgo ), and also has harmonious aspects, then the native is provided with the support of others in difficult times. He will be provided with medicines and everything he needs. In any of the most difficult situations, he can hope to get out of the water. Such people can be financially supported by partners.

If Mercury is essentially weak and damaged, then the native needs to closely monitor the state of his health. Mercury in Pisces and in Sagittarius in the field under consideration can bring diseases of the lungs and bronchi, neuropsychiatric ailments, poor eyesight and problems in the intestines. Viruses and infections are especially dangerous, so the native needs to make every effort to strengthen the immune system.

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