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Mercury in the 11th house of the relocation chart

After moving to a new place of residence, it is very important to make useful contacts in order to immediately be aware of all the events. Regardless of the indicators of the relocation chart, the winners are the owners of a strong Mercury, which symbolizes the ability to communicate, win people over, think quickly and express one’s thoughts clearly. However, here it is also necessary to take into account which house the planet will fall into after moving, because depending on the geographical coordinates, the picture of the horoscope changes significantly, and although the degrees and signs of celestial bodies remain in place, their location in the sectors of the chart becomes different.

Mercury in the 11th house of the relocation chart is quite comfortable, although this is not the strongest position for revealing a bright individuality, but on the other hand, it is easy for its owners to become part of any team, read the psychological state of any group, adapt, and therefore control what is happening around. However, the negative aspects, on the contrary, oppose them to the organization in which they want to belong, and this leads to strong disappointments.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 11th house of the relocation chart

First of all, Mercury shows what a person’s thoughts will be directed to in a new place, and these are, of course, new friends, connections, communities to their liking.

In principle, the owners of the horoscope can move because they hope to receive support from certain organizations, social groups. For example, these are  talented athletes, dancers and they need to join a federation that supports gifted people, or they want to work in a large corporation. However, even if the reason for moving is different, they will certainly come up with the idea of becoming a part of something big and interesting for them, whether it is an interest club or a community of mums on maternity leave.

Much depends on the natal house in which Mercury stood. Most often, it moves to the 11th of the next 10th or 12th, which means that the tasks prescribed in them will have to be solved at a new place of residence by joining a different social circle, through friends, colleagues and business connections.

If for the owners of the planet of intellect in the 10th house this is quite logical, because they always strive for high goals and career success, and, accordingly, are used to using any opportunities, then the representative of the 12th house like to dream alone, and sometimes they are not at all sure in their intellectual abilities. They will need a narrow circle of trusted and reliable friends who can give the necessary support and self-confidence. Such people need to be ready to step out of the shadows and start modeling castles in the air in reality. They should not dream in a comfort zone, but actively present their ideas.

It will not be easy for the owners of natal Mercury in the 1st house, because they are used to being leaders, and now it is possible to implement their plans only in a team, and not alone. This is especially difficult for representatives of fire and earth signs who want to be leaders.

Mercury in the 11th house of the relocation chart and career

In part, the chart echoes the position of the planet of intellect in the 10th house, because the chartholders are keenly interested in social trends, politics, culture, modern technologies, but in the first case they do this to become the first: the leader and ruler of thoughts, and the owners of the 11th house location Mercury, on the contrary, do not want to take responsibility for making decisions, but it is necessary to be in the thick of things. Since this is a fast planet, it acts in a new way immediately after the move. People with such a position suddenly realize that they are tired of the load of different things, they want to be young, carefree, creative again, so it is possible that they will quit and start all over again, or leave the position of leader and take up creativity.

This is the position of freelancers, inventors, innovators. It is very important to find something to your liking surrounded by people who are close in thought, then everything will go well and argue.

If there are negative aspects, people need to carefully study the psychological type and character of colleagues, because they can set up, create a coalition against the chartholders or deliberately ignore their ideas and proposals, but they will not do this openly, but very inventively and artistically, so they will talk about this for a long time won’t suspect.

Mercury in the 11th house of the relocation chart and friends

The owners of Mercury will want to have a company of like-minded people, not necessarily close friends, but those who share their interests, with whom they can visit socially significant events, go to the cinema, theater. If for some reason these are not expected, life in a new place will not be pleasant, because circumstances will develop in such a way that a team of like-minded people will be vital.

If there is a square or opposition, then some troubles can be expected from the inner circle, especially if Mercury is in conjunction with Lilith, or it simply stands in the 11th house, or has aspects with it.

It is worth being wary if there is a square with Mars or Saturn, in this case, friends will bring some aggressive events into the life of such individuals, or they will be limited in emotional manifestation, because this is not accepted in their circle.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 11th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, people become superficial, unreliable, they care little about the emotional state of other people and intimacy with them, it is enough to go to parties together and gossip about someone at work. They make friends with those who are useful, and easily break off relationships when a person is no longer needed.

Such people are quite dangerous, because for the sake of entertainment they can launch some kind of intrigue against someone who is just annoying, or an information “duck” in the media, and because of their ability to influence the mass consciousness, an avalanche effect will arise under which people will suffer.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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