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Mercury in the 3rd house

When information is needed about the sphere of interests and intellectual capabilities of a person, then astrologers consider Mercury and the 3rd house of the horoscope. If these factors are combined in the birth chart, that is, Mercury is located in the 3rd house, then we can conclude about a person's good learning ability, his attentiveness and curiosity.  

Abilities, characteristics of the character and behavior of a person

Mercury in the 3rd house speaks of a person's lively mind, his agility, cognitive activity and sociability. The owner of the natal chart is always learning something. He knows how to quickly make acquaintances, establish business and personal ties, conclude promising and mutually beneficial agreements.

The key to success lies in his sincere interest in the affairs of others, as well as a willingness to not only receive the necessary information, but share useful information with other people. The native accepts advice with gratitude and willingly suggests to his close circle how best to behave in certain circumstances.

The subject builds his communication easily and naturally. He knows how to present the most complex information in an interesting, accessible and engaging way. A well-timed joke and a witty remark add positive to the dialogue and defuse the situation, and therefore difficulties are resolved by this person quickly, effectively and gracefully.

Such people love not only to talk about what they are interested in, but also write with pleasure. This can be small notes and comments on social networks, keeping your own blog, diary, writing travel notes, or even writing a multi-page novel.

A person with Mercury in the 3rd house can exhibit both writing talents and linguistic abilities. He loves to learn, and his area of ​​interest may include literature and foreign languages. A native can realize his natural abilities by working as a translator, teacher, journalist, correspondent, etc.

The owner of Mercury in the 3rd house often demonstrates good commercial ability. Business consulting, transportation and intermediary services can generate good income.

Another feature of the subject is his love of travel. He feels the need to move quickly, because the sooner the native visits the objects of interest, the more information he will collect and the more contracts and agreements he will conclude. Therefore, most often such a person has a car at his disposal, and the most modern means of communication ensure his effective and uninterrupted interaction with clients, customers, partners and managers.

The 3rd house is traditionally associated with close relatives, brothers and sisters. The presence of Mercury in this field indicates close communication with relatives. Even if relatives live far away, the owner of the horoscope regularly visits their loved ones or communicates with them by phone.


Mercury in the signs of the zodiac

The zodiac signs and elements in which Mercury is located will tell you more about the sphere of interests and intellectual capabilities of a person.

The element of the Earth will tell about the accurate, rational and fruitful mind of the native. He may be interested in the field of finance, applied sciences, any production and technological processes.

Mercury in water and air signs makes the mind psychological, mobile and flexible. A person can succeed in the role of a psychologist, consultant, teacher, educator, linguist.

If the planet is located in the signs of Fire, then the native turns out to be a good orator and commentator. A living word and strong-willed pressure help to overcome the distrust of others, inspire them and win them over to their side.

Lilia Garipova


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