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Mercury in the 4th house of the relocation chart

In the moving chart, people can very clearly see which houses the planets are moving to and how this will affect them themselves, despite the fact that no one cancels the tasks of their natal charts. It is necessary to apply the synthesis of information to determine whether a vital planet, such as Mercury, which is responsible for communication, intelligence, the ability to promote and sell oneself in business, will manifest itself well, or vice versa, it will be in a weak and dependent position.

Mercury in the 4th house of the relocation chart is an ambiguous phenomenon. Much depends on the spectrum and elements of the sign, but it is obvious that all the thoughts will be about creating a cozy place to live, at best, people with such a position of the horoscope will direct their intellect and useful skills to buy a home, at worst, they will lose it because of a long tongue, fraud, family betrayals.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 4th house of the relocation chart

The degrees and sign of the planets in the moving chart remain the same as in the natal chart, but the cusps of the houses shift both clockwise and counterclockwise, so Mercury moves into the 4th location house both from the side of the 3rd house and the 5th, and of course, others in a circle, depending on the distance of the trip.

Accordingly, moving from the 2nd or 3rd houses, Mercury brings to the aspirations of the 4th house what was laid down at birth. The most logical and harmonious jump is from the 2nd to the 4th, because focusing on material things and the ability to benefit from practical skills will help its owners quickly purchase real estate, but the 3rd house in terms of family ties is a great support and help, although it will work only for those who has them.

When Mercury moves from the 5th house to the 4th, it is likely that romance and light flirting will lead to the creation of not just a student family, but the acquisition of personal living space thanks to the connections of  loved ones, or the birth of a child will lead to an expansion of the habitat.

But the movement from the 6th to the 4th, at best, leads to financial independence, thanks to hard work, but it can also mean the need for routine work with documents from home, when the native’s office becomes his apartment. How joyful this is will be shown by the aspects of Mercury, the cusps of the houses and their rulers.

Mercury in the 4th house of the relocation chart and family

After moving,the chartholders experience an acute sense of nostalgia, if there is opposition, or it rolls in bursts, if there are quadratures, for example, when something goes wrong, they want to pack their things and leave. The very position of the planet is one of the indicators that these individuals move to reunite with their families, for example, closer to their elderly parents, to the places where they grew up, but if this is not the case, they will want to periodically go there, or transport their parents to them. At least such people will constantly dream about it.

If relatives live nearby, then they are guaranteed to often visit the owners of the relocation chart, and even try to live in their houses, especially if they are younger in age. It is possible that they will ask to shelter their children for some time.

In the case when there is no relatives, friends who are close in spirit become guests, colleagues can often run in, however, the natives, whose Mercury is in the elements of fire and air, do not mind open doors in their houses, but representatives of earth and water signs prefer solitude, or virtual communication on the Internet.

After a fairly short period of time, they find that it is easier for them to think, work, learn something new under the roof of their houses, so they often transfer all official affairs there, respectively, this is a sign of freelance, especially if there are connections between 2 and 4.

However, one’s own office can also be regarded as one’s home, in which case Mercury’s activity will bring quite a decent income.

Mercury in the 4th house of the relocation chart and new housing

It is interesting, but most often this position of the planet indicates that the owners of the relocation chart  live near transport hubs, near the subway, bus stops, libraries, schools, kindergartens, and, as a rule, in the center of a city or district.

With harmonious aspects, the choice of such a place of residence occurs intuitively, at the subconscious level, and they are also lucky with their neighbors: they are intelligent and educated, it is easy to make friends with them.

Problems can arise in the presence of negative aspects of Mercury, the cusps of the 4th and 3rd houses and their rulers. In this case, it is necessary to purposefully look for housing in new areas with the above characteristics in order to strengthen the mercurial energies, as well as carefully check on the reviews who lives in the neighborhood.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 4th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development and in the presence of squares and oppositions, people with such a position of the horoscope begin to quarrel with their household.

They are burdened by loneliness in the house, but as soon as all relatives or guests come, the are irritated. It begins to seem that they interfere with thinking, working, reading, communicating on the Internet.

Such Mercury is especially pronounced in adolescents, when parents are perceived as enemies, especially if Lilith is standing nearby.

Salvation in frequent walks and recreational trips to spend less time at home.

Also, with destructive aspects, frequent moves and changes of housing are possible, when people are simply forced to do this, because they are building new transport lines or the neighbors are making noise, climbing with obsessive communication or gossiping behind their backs.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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