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Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart

The moving horoscope will show whether its owners will be able to fully realize thmselves in the new place of residence, and most importantly, in what area this will happen and under what circumstances. When people relocate, the planets move to other houses without changing degrees and signs. Thus, their functions are revealed in a completely new series of events, which often helps to change fate beyond recognition, but sometimes includes those turns that lead to unpredictable consequences.

Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart directs all thoughts of its owners towards work, household, health, safety issues. If there are negative aspects, they will be extremely concerned about this topic, and any little thing will deprive them of peace of mind. When the purpose of moving is work, then such individuals will reveal themselves in the best way there.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 6th house of the relocation chart

The farther the owners of the chart move, the greater the jump the planet makes from house to house. Their peaks shift clockwise, but can also move in the opposite direction, which, as it were, resets the time course of their lives and gives them a powerful charge of youthful energy.

In such a case, people often try to realize the dreams of youth in the sphere of affairs of the house into which Mercury passes. For example, they quit their old jobs and start looking for a new one they like, or finally get a cat or dog that they have long dreamed of, because the 6th house is also responsible for pets.

If the move is not too far in terms of distance, then Mercury moves into the 6th location house from the 5th or 7th natal.

In the first case, people with such a position of the house will have to settle down and even systematize their creative thinking in some way. Violent fantasies, frivolity, flirting and creativity will now only interfere with the work process, to which their thoughts are directed, and in the worst case, the routine of household chores and business duties will begin to annoy and burden them.

In the second case, most often, consultations, communication with clients become part of the work, and it is also possible to find a life partner in the office or on a business trip, but we must not forget that the 7th house is also responsible for enemies, so its owners should be wary of the intrigues of younger colleagues according to the age.

The transition of Mercury from the 4th house is a sign of working at home, or returning to the family business, the native suddenly wants to follow the path of his ancestors, retrain or take over the work of his parents, from the 8th house it is a sign that it is good to work in the healthcare, finance and esoteric system, however, you should not count on leadership positions, unless the Sun is in the 1st or 10th house.

Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart and work

Very often, such a position of the planet already means moving for the sake of work, although one must, of course, take into account the positions of the Sun, Mars and the Moon, or vice versa, the chartholders were forced to change their places of residence for unforeseen reasons, and now, due to circumstances, they are employed in positions much lower than the previous ones.

This may be due to activities that are not at all in the specialty, for example, working as a cleaner, nanny, seller, just to earn money, or when a person was, for example, a doctor at home, and having moved abroad, and not being able to confirm his diploma, goes junior an assistant, a nurse, even a receptionist, to another doctor.

In the case of a harmonious Mercury, success awaits in all types of intellectual work. It is at work that the native reveals his oratorical gift, the ability to analyze, classify information, sell and convince.

Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart and health

If there are many negative aspects, people may be disturbed by obsessive thoughts related to health and the situation at work, as well as the theme of the house where the planet stood in natal. They literally plague such individuals, embodied in fears and experiences, and then in psychosomatics. It is worth fearing respiratory diseases, problems with the hands, fingers (for example, an ingrown nail), as well as neurosis, if Mercury is struck by square and opposition or burned.

In this situation,  people with such a position of the horoscope often begin to read about existing diseases, wind themselves up, often see what is not there and run around to doctors.

However, with the harmonious position of the planet, the opposite is true – a timely interest in health issues becomes a salvation, because then the problem is solved at an early stage.

Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart and children

This situation will have a good effect on the child, because his thoughts will focus on his studies and household chores.

If we are talking about an adult, then, subject to the strong position of Mercury, we can talk either about a successful pregnancy, for example, in the case of IVF, or about a more serious attitude to our parental responsibilities. Under certain circumstances, Mercury in the 6th house of relocation also means the need for complex treatment of the child. Also, the climate in the new city of residence may not suit the children of the native.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 6th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the owners of the Mercury become petty bores, save literally on everything and are terribly afraid of getting sick. They constantly run to doctors and are afraid of being fired.

The negative aspects of Mercury bring a lot of obstacles in the topics of workload, relationships with colleagues, children, brothers and sisters, and pets bring a lot of problems.

However, the right choice of a pet according to the ruler of the sign and the house will be a kind of compensator.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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