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Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart

The moving horoscope is the best prediction for those who are tired of the old life and want to start from scratch. However, there are a lot of nuances here, which are rarely written about in the public domain, but you need to know this. The relocation chart must be interpreted together with the natal one, taking into account from which house this or that planet moved into new circumstances for itself, because now it will perform the task assigned to it at the birth of the native, it will be there.

Mercury, the planet of the thought process, intellectual development and communication, feels great in the 7th house of the relocation chart, if there are no bad aspects and people like to communicate richly and informatively with the world. Otherwise, they need to wait for the activation of enemies and competitors, which can be defeated by word and deed with the support of friends.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 7th house of the relocation chart

To check the correct compilation of the moving horoscope, it is important to remember that the sign and degree of the planet remain unchanged, and only the tops of the houses move, so that Mercury finds itself in a new sector for itself.

Thus, the main characteristics of the planet, which means the speed, peculiarity and imagery of thinking, are preserved, but they will manifest themselves in unusual circumstances. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes it is very difficult to adapt, especially if people with such a position of the horoscope did not intend to include this house. For example, when Mercury is initially in Aries or Sagittarius, then when moving to the 7th house, it is difficult for them to learn to negotiate and hear their interlocutors, because they are used to dominating and speaking impulsively according to their mood. Another thing is if the planet is in Pisces or Libra, then a person from birth is set to compromise in communication.

The house where Mercury is in natal is also of great importance. If it moves into the 7th house of the relocation horoscope from the 6th, it can be assumed that the reason for expanding ties and acquaintances will be work activities, or communication in the office, as well as solving routine issues at home, will cause such individuals to meet their  future spouses, especially if Mercury rules 7th house.

Moving there from the next 8th is very good for people working in the field of esotericism, finance, psychology, insurance, law, law enforcement, politics and medicine of all directions. This promises an expansion of the clientele and the popularity of a person as an expert. Any job that involves signing a contract will bring big money and a new elite circle of acquaintances.

However, tense aspects, on the contrary, are a reason to think about the legitimacy of signing long-term obligations for work or lending, because there will be many problems.

Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart and marriage

The seventh house is the sector of partnership and marriage. A strong Mercury will help a husband and wife find a common language and common ground that once brought them together. This will refresh their relationship, especially when the planet has moved into the 7th house in an anti-clockwise direction.

The native will see a friend and adviser in his life partner, and if he also has Mercury in the same sector, then the response will inspire and help resurrect warm cordial relationships, especially if Venus, the Moon and the Sun are harmonious.

Even if people decide to get a divorce, the process itself will go quickly, without offense, by mutual agreement.

But Mercury, weighed down by negative aspects, can destroy even a long-term marriage. The native will begin to annoy the husband or wife with the manner of speaking, joking, doing some business, even their friends and girlfriends will become the cause of jealousy or jokes.

If the second partner also has a struck or burned Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart, then mutual hostility and quarrels will lead to a break, while the division of property and the divorce process will also be scandalous, people simply will not be able to agree because of mutual insults.

A relationship-free native with Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart can expect a fateful acquaintance, which will lead to a wedding or a lucrative job offer.

Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart and enemies

It must be remembered that any planet in the partnership sector, as well as its ruler, can denote not only friends, but also enemies. Mercury is a gender neutral planet, and therefore both men and women, younger than the native in age, talkative and loving to give advice, can act in this role. Therefore, people with such a position of the horoscope should not tell their secrets and share their plans with the whole world, because the struck Mercury often brings into the life clever scammers who pretend to be friends, and weave intrigues behind their backs.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart

Whether the transition of the planet will be successful depends on how much people with Mercury in the 7th house of the relocation chart love and know how to advise and negotiate, as well as on the level of their intellectual and spiritual development.

If they are at the initial stage, all their thoughts will be occupied with someone else’s life, which they can discuss for hours, instead of building their own.

Such people often become white crows in a team due to the opposition of local Mercury to the 1st house. Their plans and fantasies often live only in the imagination, it is difficult to translate them into reality. It is also difficult for them to make a choice regarding any topic, they hesitate, think for a long time and miss favorable conditions.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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