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Mercury in Pisces is a sensitive medium with a rich imagination

The planet closest to the Sun gives a person the opportunity to realize intellectual self-expression in social connections and contacts. Even a brilliant talent requires embodiment through word and deed, with which the owners of Mercury in Pisces often have difficulties.

By nature, these people are generously endowed with the deepest and most fantastic intuition among the 12 constellations and are able to create brilliant works of art, be the conductors of the highest wisdom and love, if they overcome laziness and painful sensitivity to criticism.

It is better for a child with Mercury in Pisces to immediately choose a school for gifted individuals with an individual approach. He will not thrive in the midst of harsh disciplinary requirements, as he tends to daydream and immerse himself in creativity with his head.

The native's speech resembles a seething waterfall, replete with figurative comparisons, transitions from one topic to another. It is difficult to grasp the general meaning, therefore a person often prefers to express thoughts on paper, where it is easy to remove unnecessary things and leave the essence. The position of the planet requires constant monitoring and understanding of the nuances of others.

Features of behavior

The mind of the owner of Mercury in Pisces is always in close connection with the emotional state. Depression and stress unsettle him for a long time and push him to reckless actions, and a good mood helps to show the brilliance of intelligence so brightly that even close people are amazed at the striking transformation of a shy shy man into an artistic polymath.

For the triumph of the mind of Mercury in Pisces, an atmosphere of admiration and peace of mind is needed, even at the level of family or friendly support. It is necessary to understand the characteristic features of thinking and behavior created by such a state of the planet:

  • the gift of empathy helps to read the thoughts and feel the state of the interlocutor, but also ruins the success of public speaking if the audience is negative or mocking;
  • psychic abilities, the ability to unravel dreams and lines on the hand, to anticipate the reaction to your words or creative works;
  • self-doubt, depression at the slightest failure or criticism;
  • difficulties with a clear formulation of thoughts, muttering under the breath, instead of a clear chasing of words;
  • difficulties in learning common foreign languages ​​with easy assimilation of a branched and confused grammar of exotic (for example, Japanese and Chinese), ancient or symbolic, like Morse code;
  • important information comes from secret sources, others feel the need to share secrets with the native;
  • lack of punctuality, existence on “one's own” wave;
  • painful shyness, if necessary, to voice their creativity – to sing, read poetry, up to a physical tightness of the throat.

Having managed to overcome shyness and vulnerability, the native becomes a great musician, actor, poet, writer or politician, but for this it is necessary to defeat the fear of being misunderstood. Astrologers recommend classes in a theater studio, in oratory courses to work out the shortcomings of the union of Neptune and Mercury, especially in the presence of negative aspects.

Mercury in Pisces

Male and female

The Neptunian girl is a kind and sympathetic Samaritan woman who is completely incapable of doing boring routine work. To be happy, she needs to create and see the recognition of the results, but to sit down and start systematically writing books, poems or music is almost as difficult as putting together accounting reports.

The driving force, including the intelligence of the romantic and feminine beauty, is the state of falling in love, inspiring daring, brilliant results that will shock her. The owner of Mercury in Pisces often creates under a pseudonym that frees from the fear of criticism. When choosing a practical profession, she has to transform herself into an image every day, like a real actress, especially if you need to be a strict and authoritative leader.

The mind of a man under the influence of Neptune seeks esoteric explanations for everything that happens on earth, connecting the private with the general, thanks to which he becomes a talented psychologist, priest and scientific researcher.

He is incredibly romantic, and despite the talent to see people through and through, he wears rose-colored glasses that exaggerate the dignity of his beloved. It is often used by greedy people, because the bearer of Mercury in Aquarius is ready to take off the last shirt to help the unfortunate, but the authorities are in no hurry to dump additional work on him, since he is not able to concentrate on a high volume of cases and complete them with high quality.

Retrograde and important aspects with planets

Mercury in reverse motion in the natal chart makes a person sluggish and indecisive, repeating other people's views and thoughts. Easily suggested and suspicious, he often becomes a victim of scammers and unmotivated bad mood, playing in silence with loved ones for weeks.

This is especially compounded by the negative aspects with Neptune, Lilith and the Moon, requiring work with a psychologist. Sextiles and trines with Venus, Chiron, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn contribute to creative and professional success, helping to remove vague thinking and concentrate forces to achieve a dream.

Additional description

In people born with Mercury in Pisces , thoughts and communication tend to be idealistic, spiritual, intuitive, creative, sympathetic, diplomatic, extremely sensitive, compassionate, and forward-thinking. On the other hand, you can be lazy, impractical, in the clouds, hypersensitive, slow, indifferent and absent-minded. Perhaps you lack a strong desire to work and you cannot bring yourself to do something that takes a lot of strength, organization, patience and responsibility. You would rather be a poet or musician than a scientist or engineer.

Formal book learning is not your strong point, but you can acquire knowledge in most remarkable ways if you are interested in the subject area. You are sensitive to your surroundings, so you have to be mindful of the environment you are in. Your nerves and your mental health require you to rest periodically away from the noise of everyday life. Take a little time to be on your own and recover, but not too long in the way that you have a tendency to dive into yourself and your problems. Healing through visualization techniques or healing through the laying on of hands is characteristic of you.

A person born with Mercury under the sign of Pisces has a talent for art, music, drama and poetry. Your imagination can be quite well developed. Since you tend to think in terms of mental abstraction, translating your thoughts and impressions into something concrete, everyday language can be difficult for you at times, and as a result, you will expect a decrease in intelligence and communication skills. You do not like being constrained by circumstances, and you will always follow your intuition rather than logic. You are intuitive and able to understand the thoughts and feelings of other people before they speak to you. Sometimes Pisces are so immersed in their own world of thoughts and imagination that they lose sight of things that happen directly in the environment.

Pisces with Mercury in the natal chart are extremely open-minded and believe that anything is possible. Intangible spiritual forces seem to you as real as anything concrete in this world and you often form an opinion about a person or situation without much factual knowledge about them, and as a rule, your impressions are correct. A positive attitude is very important to you, as daydreaming sometimes tends to leave you.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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