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Opposition Chiron – Lilith: pain points

The Black Moon (Lilith) is the most sensitive point in the native’s chart. It is projected by the farthest place of the lunar orbit, associated with the depth of the subconscious. There is stored the memory of the karma of the family, accumulated through wrong actions and violation of the laws of the universe. Any planet in opposition to it is incredibly important in a person’s life, since it symbolically appears in the place of the Ascendant, and the place where Lilith stands becomes the Descendant: another “I”, not like everyone else, something unfamiliar before, something that I have to study .

However, Chiron is not a planet, but an asteroid, a conductor between personal and higher planets. It symbolizes the wounds of the family, inherited by the native: life scenarios where something constantly did not work out and collapsed, and now it’s scary to even think about it. The native identifies himself with fears, with the image of failure, and the world around him seems insidious and cruel, where they will certainly offend. This feeling deprives a sense of security, and hence self-confidence.

The dangers of the opposition Chiron – Lilith

This aspect creates a feeling of deep vulnerability and vulnerability to other people. It seems to a person that here I am small, kind, soft, and they (surrounding) are brilliant, treacherous, invincibly confident. This feeling of inferiority, inferiority prevents you from moving forward, encourages you to compare yourself with others, but this does not help you become better, but, on the contrary, causes sadness that you can’t become the best.

The opposition Chiron – Lilith arises for a reason. This is a consequence of the accumulated fear of life, of temptations and passion for your favorite business, hobby, and other people.

The native is afraid to look out of the fragile comfort zone to where it attracts the most. That is why many astrologers believe that the opposition Lilith – Chiron does not need to be considered at all, since it does not affect the event plan in any way.

However, it is precisely because of her that the native sits in a corner and does not dare to violate the rules prescribed by someone, especially the settings of the life script that their relatives followed.

Chiron is associated with healing, poetry, philosophy, herbal medicine, dancing, music, and of course acting. He himself has a dual structure. Therefore, his ward often loses friends or the support of colleagues who consider him strange, or, conversely, hides them from others, conducts Reiki sessions alone, lays out Tarot cards, and studies acupuncture.

The main dream of the owner of the opposition Chiron – Lilith is independence. He constantly looks back at the opinions of others, he is hurt by criticism, he is tormented by fear – how his performance, changes in appearance, promotion or demotion will be perceived. If someone laughs, then this is generally a disaster and the collapse of a shaky internal support. The aspect endows the person himself with a sarcastic and slightly scurrilous sense of humor, but he is powerless against the same in relation to himself. It’s like sticking a toothpick into a snail’s body. The native crawls into his shell, but the pain remains for a long time.

And this is where the transformation begins. At the highest level of development – the search for a cure for the soul, in order to get rid of dependence on others, to gain support. At the lowest – going into black magic, revenge on the sly, conspiracies against offenders and constant self-destruction.

The positive influence of the opposition Chiron – Lilith

These are very sensitive people. They foresee events and actions of people. They open the mind of malicious personalities. The owners of Lilith in Gemini feel scammers and thieves a mile away, Lilith in Leo – gigolos and idle talkers, in Libra – two-faced and bribe-takers. If a person correctly, creatively and esoterically uses the potential of the aspect, he cannot be deceived, because the highest level of Lilith gives an understanding and vision of the sins of her sign in other people. Chiron, in turn, helps to find a cure for this.

The native will become a wonderful psychologist, astrologer, tarot reader and numerologist, even if this is an addition to the main profession. It is also great to dance, play roles, write scripts and books to go beyond the vulnerable inner self, hide behind masks. Sometimes it is useful to work under a pseudonym.

Opposition Chiron – Lilith and relationships

If the aspect affects 1 – 7 houses, all partners are teachers who, through pain, convey karmic lessons to a person. The fact is that the ancestors could not understand in a good way, and the subconscious mind could not be stirred up in another way. The toxicity and duality of partners encourage us to look for cause and effect, answers to questions, and change. In this case, subtly feeling, wise and loving life partners come.

How to work out the opposition Chiron – Lilith

Both participants in the aspect are associated with karma and equally love a non-standard approach to solving a problem. What is needed here is not classical psychoanalysis, but short-term therapy, rodology, astrology, psychosomatics, in order to quickly find the cause of the problem and solve it. The owner of the opposition is used to living with pain from a young age, because most of his anxieties and complexes are associated with childhood traumas, and if you pull out a splinter quickly, the aspect will give an incredible potential for accomplishment and creative take-off for Lilith.

In addition, one must get rid of painful dependence on others in the topics of the house where Chiron stands, and from the desire to do something evil and vile along the line of the sector where Lilith is located.

Problems are best written out and analyzed in a personal diary. A very important point – the study of the opposition Lilith – Chiron should be carried out together with a mentor or teacher, whether it be a good psychologist, astrologer or coach. A Chironian cannot heal himself.

A talisman made of sultanite or alexandrite will give the native energy support.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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