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Opposition Chiron – Sun. Fight until complete victory

When the planets are in signs opposite to each other in polarity and meanings, an irreconcilable war arises between them. The strong qualities of one come into conflict with the advantages of the other, which cannot but affect the character and actions of the native. Most often, he takes the side of the most advantageously represented planet, and if the second is initially weak, then its influence may not be felt at all.

Chiron in opposition to the Sun is a very interesting aspect. He gives the desire to go to the end in any business and fight until complete victory. The native hides the internal vulnerability and uncertainty with an external mask of a leader, educating himself consciously for this role. He draws up his own personal moral code and never deviates from it. This leads to the appearance of many enemies, but they surprisingly become friends later on under the influence of Chiron.

The influence of the Sun-Chiron opposition on fate

The owners of the aspect very much feel the internal tension, which makes them unconsciously look for situations where they could fight with real or imaginary enemies, simultaneously strengthening confidence in their capabilities. Because of this, they achieve early success. While others doubt under the influence of fears and complexes, the owners of the opposition Chiron-Sun step on the throat of their phobias in an effort to prove to everyone, and most importantly to themselves, that they are winners.

These people are always ready for battle, as if they had Duncan MacLeod’s sword hidden under their cloak, and they start from a half turn, which is very dangerous with bad positions of Mars. If the Sun is in fiery signs, there is still exorbitant ambition and irascibility. However, those around them see how they selflessly go into the most difficult events and trials, not sparing themselves, and involuntarily imbued with respect. Few people know that before leaving the comfort zone, the native experiences a strong internal struggle along the line of Chiron. It is especially difficult for the owners of this asteroid in the 1st, 6th and 12th houses. Only the harmonious position of the Sun will save them, otherwise it will be difficult to overcome the temptation to go into the shade.

Celebrities in this position often take on a pseudonym, such as Madonna and Bruce Lee , and each of them has one, but a fiery idea that runs counterpoint through a lifetime and career. They fight furiously with the world to introduce something new, or vice versa, a perverted understanding of reality. At one time, writer Bernard Shaw and film actress Jane Fonda caused mixed reactions.

In addition, the cabinets of the owners of the opposition Chiron-Sun are always full of skeletons due to their excessive addiction to various sensory experiments, therefore, although they dream of glory, sometimes it turns into a universal shame when the secret becomes clear.

Opposition Chiron-Sun and personal life

In the life of a native, the father has always been a complex and controversial figure, or he simply did not exist if the Sun is in the 12th house. Conflicts with dad, internal confrontation with him and the desire to prove their competitiveness do not give rest. A person wants to prove that he is better, smarter, more talented. This chironic wound encourages development and moving forward, but there is a very strong and deep need for the support of a husband or wife.

In women, this desire is expressed more clearly, they really want to find a father, at least in their spouse, to feel moral and material support. However, in reality this is extremely rare. If the Sun is in the 7th house, then the partner is a strong personality, but without additional harmonious aspects, most likely, he will dominate and suppress the native, awakening pain again and again at the place of Chiron’s standing.

An alliance in the style of a business partnership and constant competition are likely. The aspect provokes a feeling of unrequited love, when only someone who is unattainable causes romantic experiences, be it a married man or a world celebrity.

Like a father, a native’s partner can devalue his emotions and fears, swaying internal vulnerability, either unconsciously or purposefully forming dependence and painful attachment.

Working out the opposition Chiron-Sun

Any close relationship, with parents, boss, husband or wife, is a mirror in which the native sees a reflection of his own fears and complexes. It is important to understand that the partner reflects the internal state and if you change emotions, then the circumstances will adapt to new beliefs.

Men and women with these aspects are natural leaders who need to win in order to feel more confident. However, you should not be afraid of difficulties. The Sun-Chiron opposition gives a huge resource of strength to help survive any injury. Throughout life, there will be a struggle between the desire to finally gain recognition from others, improve one’s qualifications, write one’s name in history in the sphere of the house where Chiron stands, with the help of solar qualities, and the desire to go into the shadows, drop everything and hide from the need to overcome oneself .

The main thing is not to take the easy way, otherwise dreams of fame and success will remain a figment of the imagination. If, however, one acquires and strengthens professionalism in the house of Chiron and cultivates in oneself the qualities of a leader in the house of the Sun, then one can conquer the world without difficulty.

The native easily clings to the negative and the evil eye, therefore, in public places and on days of active communication, it is good to wear jewelry with bright stones: zircon , diamond , cubic zirkonia of golden and white hues, as well as amber .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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