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Opposition Mercury – Pluto

Opposition is a tense aspect, symbolizing the confrontation between the principles of the two planets. To assess the influence of an aspect, you need to pay attention to the properties and qualities of the planets that make up it.

If the opposition is formed by Mercury and Pluto, then in the native's life there are conflict situations associated with training, communications, travel and business activities.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, and Pluto is responsible for inner strength and energy potential. Since Pluto is an evil luminary, the opposition between the planets makes the native's mind restless and rebellious, and thoughts rebellious. The owner of the aspect is prone to disputes and discussions. His goal is to impose his opinion, overwhelm the opponent and win the public's attention.

A person with this aspect boldly criticizes what he does not like in society and others. Because of his caustic remarks and revealing statements, he may suffer, but no fines and sanctions will silence the native.

Aspect and its influence on the intellectual characteristics of a person

The owner of the aspect in question is distinguished by courage, determination and willfulness. He knows how to behave in difficult life circumstances, and in everyday matters he seems too nervous, hasty and impatient.

A person with this configuration in the horoscope has a sharp mind and insight. He can easily figure out the intrigue woven against him, and he himself is inclined to express his thoughts in an open and frank manner. The truth-uterus is not always liked by others, and the native's words are often perceived with hostility.

Meanwhile, people love to learn the truth and secrets about others, and therefore the native's energetic, persuasive and incriminating speeches are popular with the public. The owner of the aspect can make a good journalist, writer or blogger.

The vivid images used in the texts, the mention of weighty arguments and facts of blatant injustice, attract readers, make them think critically and experience intense feelings. What is said and written by the subject is able to change the mood of those around and push them to certain actions.

The owner of the aspect needs to use his gift of persuasion and eloquence for the good of people. One should not manipulate facts, engage in fraud and deception, play on the side of evil and lawlessness. Fuss and nervousness should be avoided. Your great intellectual activity and rich abilities can be successfully applied by participating in complex activities: entrepreneurial, political, operational-search, scientific research, etc.

Opposition of Mercury and Pluto in the child's radix

From an early age, a small owner of this opposition can be noticed curiosity and an inquisitive mind. The kid can learn to speak early, and for his further harmonious development it is necessary to supply him with interesting information. A child can be delighted with exciting stories with an unexpected ending, children's detective stories, as well as games that require ingenuity and quick reactions.

At school, such children can be attracted by foreign languages, computer science, physics, biology and chemistry.

Opposition and zodiac signs

Opposition is a tense configuration and brings anxiety to the owner of the aspect. Nevertheless, success is possible in some cases, especially if Mercury is essentially strong in opposition.

For example, the interaction between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius will inform the subject of a lively and flexible mind, contact and the ability to find the right approach to people. A person will constantly expand his horizons and sphere of communication. He will achieve success in linguistics, any intermediary, educational and international activity.


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