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Opposition Mercury – Saturn

The opposition in the horoscope will tell you that in life a person regularly encounters problems, contradictions and obstacles. The tense interaction between Mercury and Saturn will give delays and difficulties in learning, at work, during negotiations, communication, as well as in travel and travel.

Mercury is a mobile planet responsible for a person's ability to perceive new information, analyze it and transmit it to others. Saturn is an evil luminary that interferes with all the processes mentioned. It forces the native to linger for a long time over the material being studied, makes judgments unhurried, deprives the mind of flexibility and ingenuity.

At the same time, the knowledge of a person with this aspect is fundamental, and thinking and speech are logical, consistent and solid.

Saturn symbolizes time, work and patience. Thanks to perseverance, diligence and perseverance, the owner of the aspect has every chance of achieving success in the intellectual activity represented by Mercury.

Aspect and its influence on the behavior and intelligence of a native

A person whose horoscope contains the opposition in question is restrained in communication, closed, pedantic and loves to put things in order in affairs. Often the environment considers him withdrawn, picky and arrogant.

The owner of the horoscope really shuns chatty people, because communication with them takes so much time. He tries to form a circle of friends, trusted and trusted friends, responsible and knowledgeable colleagues, reputable teachers and leaders. The owner of the aspect believes that it is necessary to communicate only in essence, and attaches great and priority importance to business contacts.

A person with this aspect approaches the learning process seriously. He can re-read the book several times, double-check the facts, check the consistency of judgments. The native can only trust reliable sources of information, authoritative publications and opinions.

As for valuable information, he will not willingly share with others what he himself obtained with great difficulty. The subject exchanges data only with those who are truly worthy of his trust and attention.

At work, such a person knows how to maintain perfect order. He understands the instructions, is guided by the instructions and norms adopted in the team. Although the bosses are demanding in relation to the native, they, as a rule, respect him for his accuracy, reliability, diligence and thoroughness in work.

Such people can show their intellectual abilities in activities that require perseverance, accuracy of mind and the ability to operate with factual data. The owner of the aspect can become a good mathematician, accountant, office manager, proofreader, employee of statistical services, etc.

Astrological aspect in the natal chart of a child

Parents of a child who has the aspect under consideration in the horoscope often worry about the fact that he starts talking late, has speech defects, slowly assimilates educational material, does not communicate much with peers, etc.

Such children should not be blamed for lack of curiosity and unwillingness to learn. The main thing is to give the child time to decide on what is interesting for him, and not to rush him in the learning process. Children can achieve the greatest success in the mathematical sciences (algebra, geometry), as well as in chemistry and physics.

Opposition of Mercury and Saturn in some zodiac signs

In order to understand which sphere will become the application of the intellectual efforts of the owner of this configuration, you need to study the position of Mercury and Saturn in the signs of the zodiac.

So, for example, if Mercury is in Libra, and Saturn is in Aries, then the person will be interested in partnership and relationship issues. The native's activities can be related to law and the conclusion of agreements, as well as creativity and art.

Lilia Garipova


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