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Pluto opposition Lilith: very strange things

The most complex and long-playing aspect of the natal chart can bring constant internal torment into the life of the native and the inability to find his place in the world, but if you treat it consciously, you will have to go to the highest level of the planet in order to manage the situation and the tension that the opposition creates.

However, Pluto is very strong, and Lilith is insidious, their confrontation does not allow a person to quickly harmonize the internal eruption of a volcano of emotions, and with it all the base feelings pushed out by Lilith: anger, a thirst for revenge, violence, the need to assert their power over others, and preferably over everything the world. A lot depends on the family and the environment where the native grew up. He can be a racketeer and a criminal, but he can become the one who catches them, because he understands how they think, and betrays them into the hands of the legitimate authorities.

The dangers of the opposition Pluto – Lilith

Although the Black Moon is a fictitious point, its influence is quite felt, especially in recent times when transits affect Pluto or Lilith herself in the chart of the native. The need to return karmic debts emerges, to fulfill tasks that the ancestors did not have time to realize, and not to make mistakes where they sinned.

Plutonian energy is very dark and deep, a person himself does not understand where he finds himself in a labyrinth of delusions, phobias, hatred and destruction. At one point, if in the themes of the houses where the participants of the aspect stand, someone opposes the native and he cannot realize what he wants, a wave of rage rises from within and a desire to destroy everything around.

Social rules prescribe suppressing these emotions, therefore, among the owners of this aspect, there is often a predisposition to cancer, but this is precisely psychosomatics or heredity in the form of a life scenario.

A person suppresses hatred for the system, the world order, injustice, inequality, and as a result, auto-aggression turns on.

If Pluto is strong, it is difficult for the native to contain the tendency to violence, and one way or another it breaks out. Such mothers cannot stand it when children do not obey them, and immediately use physical force against the background of a scream. Fathers are all the more authoritarian and keep the whole family in a fist.

If such a person is given power, he will immediately prove himself a true Plutonian, especially if it is Scorpio, Aries, Leo, or he has personal planets in these signs. Here Machiavelli’s principle – the end justifies the means. Dissenters must disappear.

However, there is a second option. If Pluto, the Sun, Mars are in a weakened position, then such people are shifters. They pretend to be helpful and executive in the service, when unrealized ambitions boil inside, and when they come home, they break down on the household, creating a real tyranny. This is especially felt if they are humiliated at work or do not appreciate work.

In the worst case, a person acquires significance in criminal structures, for example, in the mafia.

The positive influence of the opposition Pluto – Lilith

This aspect is a strong bid for worldwide fame. It is so unpleasant for a native to obey someone, to take care of everyday life, to live an ordinary life, that he is torn with all his might to power and wealth.

You can get them either by mastering financial instruments, or by becoming a show business star.

However, many owners of the opposition Pluto – Lilith can combine different Plutonian floors, for example, they become popular psychotherapists or fashionable psychologists who create their own shows on topical topics, or it is a surgeon who manages to keep a blog or a TV show on the central channel.

Even as criminals, such people gain fame, albeit a bad one.

Pluto Opposition Lilith and Relationships

If at a high level this aspect allows you to expand the boundaries of consciousness and influence on the world, then at an average level it encourages you to break the prohibitions.

Wherever Pluto and Lilith are located, they create so much tension that sparks fly from a person, which, accordingly, attracts the opposite sex in the most incredible way, because Plutonian attraction is not at all about external beauty, but about animal magnetism, inexplicable in a logical way.

That is why it is difficult to leave such imperious and dominant men, and vamp women are drawn in like a swamp.

In addition, such people are incredibly sexy, there are no prohibitions and boundaries for them, which, of course, is sometimes very dangerous for life and health, but such excesses are not so common, but authoritarianism in a family where scandals flare up out of the blue from the slightest pretext and quarrels are commonplace. It is important for the native to subdue his partner, and for this he does not shy away from manipulation and gaslighting.

If Pluto is weak, then the person suppresses the tendency to violence and attracts aggressors.

How to work out the opposition Pluto – Lilith

This is the most difficult aspect to work through, since the hot lava of anger and vindictiveness is very difficult to translate into a productive channel. Usually it is splashed out or suppressed, which is equally destructive.

The task of the native is to merge the negative for the benefit of himself and society. Playing on stage will help here, when a person portrays negative characters, playing aggressive sports such as boxing, and at the same time, martial arts with their deep philosophy help to concentrate power and consciously manage it.

The owners of the aspect should not for a long time limit themselves to physical intimacy with a partner, but of course, the real transformation from a destroyer to a creator occurs only in love, and not just through carnal pleasures.

The second task is to learn how to manage power wisely for good and in fairness.

Black agate will become an excellent talisman stone during the opposition of Pluto – Lilith .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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