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Opposition Sun – Saturn

Since ancient times, the sun has been associated with joy, celebration, creative powers and success in life. Saturn is the planet of difficulties, trials and hardships. Negatively aspecting the Sun, Saturn makes a person's life path difficult and thorny.

The native with this configuration in the horoscope takes life much more seriously than the others. He understands well that fate not only prepares gifts for people, but also sometimes tests them for strength. Coping with crises and overcoming obstacles, such a person eventually gains a lot of experience and develops such qualities as resilience, solidity, purposefulness and the ability to perform the most difficult and thankless work.

Opposition Sun - Saturn

The influence of the aspect on the personality and the manifestation of her business qualities

The opposition of the Sun and Saturn is something that should be paid close attention to when analyzing a horoscope. A person with this astrological constellation feels the burden of worries and responsibility, he is forced to work on two fronts at once. No matter how much effort and effort he put into solving issues in one area, there is always a range of responsibilities relating to the diametrically opposite area of ​​life, and you need to manage to fulfill them.

The owner of the aspect often experiences periods when he gets discouraged and depression sets in. Sometimes it seems to him that things will never get off the ground and the situation will not change for the better. Over time, the native acquires a philosophical outlook on life, realizing that a black streak of failures and obstacles is always followed by a white streak when his efforts are finally rewarded. Life wisdom, self-esteem, diligence, diligence, hard work, practicality, dedication and perseverance are those valuable qualities that the owner of the tense aspect formed by Saturn and the Sun can cultivate.

The disadvantages of a person with this configuration may be a grumpy, unsociable character, inability to rejoice, rest, distribute work between others, taking all responsibilities onto oneself.

People with this opposition can do well in a case that involves coordination, management, and management. They make good teachers and educators, employees of regulatory bodies, extras and mathematicians.

Opposition Sun – Saturn in the natal chart of a woman    

Women, in whose horoscopes there is an opposition of Saturn and the Sun, often have difficulty in establishing relationships with the opposite sex. This aspect is one of the indications of a delay in marriage or even celibacy, but in order to make a final judgment, in addition to the Sun, it is necessary to analyze other significators of marriage.

In life, an option can also be played out when the partner is much older or younger than the owner of the horoscope. Women with this aspect come across men with a difficult character and a difficult fate. Relationships may not go well due to the high demands, authoritarianism and excessive rigor of the partner. On the other hand, a woman herself may be overly principled and picky when choosing a partner. A marriage can be contracted for material reasons.

Influences of the aspect of the Sun and Saturn in some signs of the zodiac

The opposition between Saturn and the Sun is an unfavorable astrological indication, however, the harmful influence of the aspect can be mitigated if the planets participating in it are strong in their qualities.

An example would be the tense aspect between the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra. People with such a configuration in the horoscope have not only a bright personality, but also great diligence. They know how to plan and set the right goals. Such a person is not embarrassed if success does not come to him immediately. The native reaches high peaks in his life thanks to his excellent penetrating abilities, perseverance and the ability to establish a successful partnership.

Lilia Garipova


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