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Opposition Sun – Uranus

The opposition between the Sun and Uranus is an aspect that makes a person an unusual person, distinguished by eccentric behavior, original worldview and non-standard actions.

The sun symbolizes the ego of a person and his life orientation. Uranus imparts to the individual an element of love of freedom, independence and a revolutionary spirit. The opposition of the Sun and Uranus suggests that the native often experiences difficulties interacting with society. Such a person loves to attract the attention of others, but at the same time he tries with all his might to prove that he is something special and “made of another dough.”

The owner of the opposition between the Sun and Uranus is a bright individual who realizes his extraordinary talents. Such people avoid generally accepted cliches and templates and are often misunderstood by others. Sometimes they are considered eccentrics.

Opposition Sun - Uranus

The influence of the aspect on the personality, its behavior in society and worldview

The tense aspects between the Sun and Uranus, which include the opposition, fill the personality with internal contradictions, make it restless, restless, impatient, reckless and prone to radical decisions. It is not easy for such people to find their place in life, as they are torn between the search for their own identity and the desire to keep up with a team of like-minded people. As a rule, the study of the aspect gives a progressive and democratic personality who chooses his own path in life and achieves perfection in the field of activity that she likes.

A native has good intuition and often foresees many turns in his destiny and in society as a whole. However, he is not afraid of changes. The subject meets any life changes with joy, and if they do not occur for a long time, he initiates them himself.

The owner of the opposition of the Sun and Uranus is a person who is friendly towards others. Sometimes he does not take into account his own interests, trying to help his neighbor. It doesn't matter to him what social level and wealth his new friend is. A native can find a common language with absolutely any person. Moreover, he knows how to unite people completely different at first glance into groups and inspire them to achieve common goals. And yet, with all his friendliness, the subject is at some distance from the collective, because it is important for him to preserve his individuality.

For people with this configuration in their horoscopes , activities related to the organization of various events and teamwork are suitable. A person with an aspect between the Sun and Uranus will also be interested in any intellectual activity that involves creativity: engineering, programming, scientific research, conducting experiments, etc.

Opposition Sun – Uranus in the woman's radix

The sun in a woman's horoscope indicates her relationship with the opposite sex. The signifier of marriage in a tense aspect with Uranus suggests that it can be difficult for a woman to maintain a relationship and create unions that involve the fulfillment of certain agreements and obligations. Both partners will always have a craving for independence and freedom, which in marriage (in the traditional sense) is unacceptable.

Men who come across on the path of the owner of a horoscope are distinguished by an uneven character, eccentric behavior and a tendency to destroy the norms and rules established by society. The more friendship, tolerance and freedom there is in a relationship with him, the easier it will be.

Opposition of the Sun and Uranus in some signs of the zodiac    

The tension between the Sun and Uranus gives the native a restless character and dissatisfaction with the existing state of affairs, causing him to rebel from time to time and challenge society. However, the native's behavior will be more constructive if the opposition is made up of strong luminaries.

For example, the essential strong Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius, forming a tense aspect between themselves, make the subject a strong person who thinks about the public good. He will prove himself to be a successful reformer and a passionate supporter of various changes and innovations that bring progress to all of humanity.

Lilia Garipova


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