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Planets in the ninth house


Jupiter in the ninth house

You are an optimistic, tolerant, considerate and a bit fanatical person with broad views. You can have prophetic powers, strong intuition, judgment, and vivid dreams. You are interested in law, religion and philosophy. You are able to guide and inspire others about the future, express your thoughts, ideas and ideals about this. You can benefit from travel and business relationships with foreigners. Your successes may not be known until you live to old age. It's bad that sometimes you are overly categorical about your faith. And for some, it is completely absent.


Sun in the ninth house

You want to find, understand, taste, and gain access to the highest ideal or philosophy. Although, on the other hand, you can become one of those who insist on scientific proof before you believe in anything. You can be a visionary thinker with high ideals and tolerance for the views of others, or a dogmatic fanatic who only repeats other people's words. Basically, you are looking for truth and wisdom, love to travel, not necessarily physically. You have a penchant for foreign languages ​​and you love foreign culture.
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Planets in the ninth house


Mercury in the ninth house

You are a malleable person with an interest in intellectual pursuit, law, religion, or philosophy. Your mind adjusts easily. You have many ideas and beliefs and are good at verbalizing them. You enjoy traveling and getting to know foreign culture. It educates you. You have the ability to learn foreign languages ​​and can be a translator. It is also possible to become a teacher or to comprehend deep knowledge in a different way. Interest in publishing and advertising is not excluded.


Mars in the ninth house

Your mind is enthusiastic, but restless. You are independent in your thinking. Your religious zeal must be monitored so that it does not turn into fanaticism. You have strong beliefs and would be happy to share them. You really want to travel, not necessarily financially, at least mentally. You have a free, broad and progressive philosophy of life. You don't want anyone to influence you with their beliefs. You may have quarrels with relatives. You defend your views. You need to watch your own belief that you are always right.


Venus in the ninth house

You probably love to travel and benefit from it. You can travel far from your birthplace. You are able to find understanding between different cultural or aesthetic groups. The beauty, art and music of other nations attract you. You are honest in legal transactions. You show love for religion or ceremony, philosophy, law or higher education.


Uranus in the ninth house

Your thinking, ideas, and philosophy are original, unfamiliar, independent and not generally accepted. You may be tempted to study metaphysics or transcend religion or foreign culture. You are able to suddenly embark on a long journey. Mental adventures in the form of dreams, visions, and predictions are also possible. Your mind is always developing, striving to gain knowledge and sensations that it has never experienced. But too much mental activity can lead to nervousness and mental impairment.


Saturn in the ninth house

Your religious and philosophical beliefs are pretty orthodox and traditional. You take them seriously and are very focused on deep topics. You can be intolerant and critical of other people's faith. You question reality, God and religion in general. You are experiencing difficulties with travel abroad and other cultures. During long journeys, you may encounter disruptions to plans and delays. Take care not to exhaust your energy to the rest due to excessive focus.


Neptune in the ninth house

You are prone to idealism, mysticism and philosophy. You are attached to ideas that support the integrity of all life and the immortality of the soul. Your dreams are very vivid and prophetic. If you go too far, your religion or metaphysical beliefs will border on fanaticism. Good judgment in these areas can be foggy and perplexing. You are capable of exaggerating. Problems with relatives may surface due to lack of compassion and understanding. Be careful when choosing a partner, as you may encounter a wolf in sheep's clothing. On your travels, you prefer to just wander around without unnecessary planning. Strange and unexpected things can happen to you on long trips.
Planets in the ninth house


Pluto in the ninth house

You are an intuitive and discerning person. While you sleep, you can travel to other dimensions. You show an inherent interest in religion and philosophy. You want to know why and how. There is a danger in such unconditional belief in one's own ideas: they can develop into fanaticism with complete disrespect for the thoughts and beliefs of others. Develop tolerance. You are looking for the Truth just like a hungry person is looking for food. You want to know everything. You can have a metaphysical experience. You are able to transform through dreams, long journeys, or understanding and disclosing philosophy. You may suffer mental strain from studying too hard. You must control your desire to always be right in everything.


Moon in the ninth house

You are a dreamer and often reflect on the higher aspects of existence. As long as you are unhappy with your lifestyle, you will look for new areas. This search will take you through many long journeys, both material and mental. You can find safety in religion or philosophical ideal. Your philosophy in life is to find something that satiates you and gives you security. You have different interests in sports, hobbies and sciences. You can be a good teacher as you yourself will be passionate about the subject you teach. These objects are actually part of you, and they pass through those who are listening to you. You have cognitive dreams. Speaking of inclinations: The emphasis is on intelligence, dimensions of philosophy, social tradition, religion, law, or public discourse. Cases related to travel abroad, relocation,
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