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Planets in the twelfth house


Mars in the twelfth house

You are very sensitive in your emotional reactions and may have suppressed desires and paranoia. People around you may feel this, which can become a problem for you, bringing trouble because of slander or secret enemies. You need to be able to overcome deep and hidden inner grievances. It is possible to become the target of false accusations from hidden enemies. You feel lonely all the time. Your energy should be directed towards understanding the meaning of life and developing harmony and unity with humanity. Love to do everything secretly and behind the scenes allows you to successfully complete your projects.


Jupiter in the twelfth house

You tend to do charity work and have great faith in the future. Perhaps you have your own “guardian angel” who watches over you and helps you get through any obstacles. You have a strong love for humanity and a great desire to help others, especially those who cannot stand up for themselves. A hospital or prison job may be right for you. Success comes in a quiet, unassuming manner in adulthood. While you may be quite unrealistic, it is very important to first think through and work through all the ideas carefully before starting to implement them.
Planets in the twelfth house


Venus in the twelfth house

Your love of loneliness and being alone with yourself as in the best company can cause you to retreat from society. You have inherent pleasures that can be enjoyed in secret and behind the scenes, so secret relationships are possible. Indulging yourself in booze, drugs, or sex can lead you to self-destruction. A strong sense of compassion and a willingness to help and serve other people prevail in you; you can be a big fan of heartwarming stories. Success as a social standard does not really matter to you – it is important for you to understand the meaning of life. You have a tendency to keep your relationship with the opposite sex a secret. You rarely reveal your innermost feelings. This Venus position usually gives interest in the psychic and occult sciences.


Uranus in the twelfth house

You have highly developed intuition, humanitarian ideals and tend to be secretive, feeling lonely. Nervous system difficulties may also be characteristic of you. There is an interest in psychic sciences, as you can experience unique spiritual experiences that you hold to yourself for fear of being ridiculed. You have a great desire to feel free, constantly asking questions about the meaning of life and the imperfections you see around you. Unresolved difficulties in your subconscious mind must be revealed and analyzed. You feel that if you are not careful, then something will sneak up and “overtake” you – it is as if you have a constant feeling of doom. You must overcome these fears by developing self-control.


Sun in the twelfth house

You have a desire or need to serve other people in this life, and sometimes this is in direct conflict with the desire to seek solitude from others or to wallow in self-pity, seeking sympathy and help from others. Your life may be contemplative due to the need to process negative character traits from past lives. You have an awareness of the oneness of life, but you may lack confidence in your abilities. You empathize with sick or mentally unstable people. You may well develop or have already discovered in yourself a gift for clairvoyance and an interest in the occult sciences and supernatural phenomena. You can enjoy playing the martyr.
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Saturn in the twelfth house

You have the potential to develop strong inner discipline and sensitivity, but there may also be feelings of fear, doubt, and a lack of self-confidence. The unconscious desire to make amends for sins committed in past lives may apply to you. Thus, you may feel like a doomed desire to retreat from society, although strong inner discipline will give you the opportunity to pay off your past life debts. Your current path may be to help humanity in one way or another. If subconscious fears are not revealed, this will lead to the emergence of chronic diseases. The love of loneliness comes naturally to you. The work may be behind the scenes or it will be an activity where you do not come into direct contact with the general public.


Neptune in the twelfth house

You are reflective and intuitive. You have psychic abilities that act unconsciously. You may feel a deep sense of loneliness or submission to someone. You feel the need to reconnect with a higher power and be part of the oneness of life. Interest in occult and mystical sciences is inherent in you. Perhaps you could serve those people who are limited in something, since the purpose of your life is to serve or to suffer. Secret enemies may try to undermine your authority. Forgiveness, love, and compassion must be expressed in your life.


Mercury in the twelfth house

You have an insightful, intuitive and subtle mind with a developed interest in extrasensory perception. You absorb knowledge intuitively and understand much more than you want to reveal it. You are secretive and have the ability to understand the deeper meanings of voice tones and gestures. Secret enemies may try to harm you or slander you. You may lack confidence in yourself. You are limited or disabled if your nervous system fails. Pay attention to the health of your hearing organs, as it can be quite weak.
Planets in the twelfth house


Pluto in the twelfth house

You feel the need to search for truth and wisdom, because only in this way can you understand the meaning of life. Perhaps life has enslaved you in some way and you are seeking transformation or rebirth. Accidental upheavals in your life happen with the goal of getting you back on track. You are dominated by a desire to step back from society in order to re-analyze your life, while sometimes being too depressed. Serving and helping others in this life can be very important to you. You like to work away from the eyes of others.


Moon in the twelfth house

This position can indicate work in closed institutions, hospitals or prisons, there is also a connection with social security or interaction with unhappy people. Conscious or subconscious sensitivities can be destructive if left unchecked. You feel that you are carrying a heavy cross, which others may not even realize, which can cause a lot of trouble. Secret enemies may try to take advantage of you. Obedience comes through suffering. Your mother may not make you feel your best. Serving people is the safest and shortest road to God, passing on to others what you have learned through your own suffering. As for vocation, you prefer short-term or no public contact when doing your job. From a symbolic point of view, this is a position when the author is hiding in the attic, or a playwright who does not take part in the production of his own work, and maybe even a behind-the-scenes person. Your identity is hidden and can be restrained and limited. In work, these conditions are preferred in order to ensure maximum personal safety and comfort.
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