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Moon in the 12th house

The owner of the Moon in the 12th house of the horoscope is distinguished by mystery, enigma and secretive character. Personal life can be a secret for strangers, and even the closest circle of such a person does not know all the nuances of his biography.

This position of the luminary is not favorable, since the 12th house is referred to as evil houses. A subject with such a moon often finds himself in a situation of isolation, loneliness and limitations. Not all of his desires and ideas are destined to come true. Most of them remain beautiful fantasies and dreams.

Childhood years can be bleak. The reason for this may lie in the lack of parental attention necessary for the child, mainly maternal warmth and care. He can be abandoned or left to himself. The moon in the 12th house can also speak of some sickness of the child, the need for his frequent stay in hospitals and sanatoriums.

A person with this position of the Moon in the natal chart is overly sensitive, prone to stress and therefore avoids situations of excitement and emotional overstrain. Silence, solitude and outdoor recreation help to restore peace of mind and find balance within yourself. The native’s life will be calmer, happier and more harmonious if he has his own home, where no one will disturb him. When living with someone, it is important to have your own room or at least a secluded corner where you can think, create, dream, relax, meditate.

The owner of the horoscope is a very romantic, dreamy and creative person. Beautiful images (artistic, literary, musical, etc.) periodically appear in his mind, and if he finds strength and opportunities for their embodiment, then he surprises those around him with the richness of internal content, grace of forms and perfection of performance.

A person with this position of the Moon may be interested in healing, alternative medicine, as well as psychology, religion, esotericism, everything unusual and mysterious.


Moon, zodiac signs and aspects

A strong Moon in the 12th house ( in Cancer , in Taurus ), having harmonious aspects with other luminaries, indicates good possibilities for restoring health. A person knows how to be healed, turns to specialists for this (doctors of traditional and non-traditional directions), goes to sanatoriums, and regularly rests. He knows that it is necessary to eradicate not only the disease, but also its psychological causes.

If the Moon is essentially weak ( in Capricorn , in Scorpio ) and affected by evil planets, then it is difficult for a person to take care of himself. He does not feel the needs of his body, does not give himself rest and, as a rule, drives himself into a corner. With such a moon, one cannot neglect the advice and recommendations of doctors.

Moon in the 12th house of a man

The moon is a relationship indicator in a man’s birth chart, and its location in the 12th house indicates the native’s unhappy personal and family life.

There are many secrets, illusions, deception and understatement in relationships. Sometimes the Moon in the 12th house speaks of the sickness of the native’s wife. If the luminary is not damaged and has strength, then it can give a relationship with a foreign woman or with a very spiritual and religious person.

Moon in the 12th house of a woman

The moon in the 12th house of a woman will show that she is an impressionable, compassionate, merciful and caring nature. Her life can be called serving close people. She neglects herself, but carefully and carefully treats those who are dear to her.

And yet it is worth avoiding excessive submission, the manifestation of indecision and inaction in important life situations. You can’t go with the flow all the time and hope for a successful outcome. Mindfulness, tact and diplomacy will help to achieve success in business.

Lilia Garipova


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