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Planets in the eleventh house


Saturn in the eleventh house

Such people, as a rule, have many acquaintances, but few real friends, most likely they are old friends. Your friendship is strong. You are involved in groups that have serious or necessary goals. Such people feel a great responsibility towards the group of people in which they are involved. The work that you do for the group may be little appreciated, although it took a lot of effort on your part. In order to achieve your goals, you must work hard and be patient. If the lesson is learned by you, in later life you will reap the fruits. You may feel uncomfortable with people because of your uniqueness. In any case, questions will arise regarding your difference from other people.


Sun in the eleventh house

Surely, you have a desire to achieve high goals, to bring them to a higher level, to find ideas that would be useful to the whole group of people. You may also be tempted to put your goals ahead of the group's goals and desires. You know how to be friends, who is influential – and to rule. You enjoy group work. You are responsible, liberal, broad-minded. You are humane, and you prefer to be popular than bossy. You have organizational skills and can take on the role of a leader in a business or at a friendly party.
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Planets in the eleventh house


Venus in the eleventh house

You are outgoing, tactful and friendly. You have many helpful friends. However, you should be careful that your friends do not suggest that you try anything that may harm you and your health. Don't try to please your friends at your own expense. You know how to calm people down. You enjoy cultural and group activities. You often want to relax with like-minded companions, although you may become obsessive with friends in an effort to arrange the best comfort and convenience for them.


Mars in the eleventh house

You have strong desires, leadership abilities, and other associations associated with energetic and adventurous people. You probably put a lot of energy into your friendships. You are looking for the right form of friendship. Friends can help you, and you can help them. You take an active part in the events. Leadership in the group also applies to you.


Mercury in the eleventh house

You have an original, complex, adaptable and intellectually developed mind. Your goals are guided by your mind. You choose those friends who contribute to the development of your mind, perhaps they are young people. You find incentive in communicating with friends who have different outlooks on life. You could become a spokesman or secretary for any organization.


Jupiter in the eleventh house

Most likely, you have many friends who are ready to do a lot for you, and you, accordingly, for them. These friends have great knowledge, they are ideal, they may belong to a different culture and race. You are turned towards the social industry, but your over-indulgence or extravagance can cause problems. You are popular, you have powerful and loyal friends. You have a natural ability to organize and plan large group events. You are a real supporter of charitable foundations, groups.


Neptune in the eleventh house

You are an idealist and interested in the common good. You put your desires and hopes on. Due to the elusive influence of Neptune, it can be difficult to make decisions in order to achieve your goals. Just dreaming about achieving them will not do any good. Your friends may be strange, spiritually poor, unreliable, deceitful, but they may be artistic or musical. Be careful with some friends, as they may not be who they say they are. Some may want to get you into alcohol or drug addiction, so look at this with an objective clear head. You must adhere to certain, practical, concrete goals with a strong belief in the future. Then your dreams can come true.


Pluto in the eleventh house

The loyalty of your friends is important to you. Some friends may try to control you strongly, or you might control them. True friendship really depends on you. Your friends may find you charismatic. They may see you as a rebel, reformer, or idealist. Your friends come and go; it serves the need for your personal growth. All this is part of the cosmic process. What stops growing dies. This refers to friendships and other relationships you may have with different groups of people. Groups and organizations can play an important role in your growth and reassessment of values. Your devotion to lofty ideals can work for the good of all humanity if you find a use for it. You have leadership qualities and will to fight for the good for the good of others.
Planets in the eleventh house


Moon in the eleventh house

You are popular with women. Many of your friends may be women. You feel safe if you belong to a certain group of people. If you don't belong to any group, then you will put in a lot of effort to feel safe. Humanitarian projects are important to you as you can develop your instincts with or for a group. You love to work for the good of the group, not for your own good. You are responsive to other people's feelings. As far as your calling is concerned, you can maintain friendships and work situations. Friends can help you get a job, make it useful. A friend's advice about a possible job or direction is perhaps more important than getting the advice of a professional. 
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Uranus in the eleventh house

You have good intuition, originality, ingenuity, and creativity. Humanitarian ideals are important to you. Friendship with unusual people is possible. Friendships, goals, and relationships with groups can be fluid. You can easily find acquaintances, but only a few people will become real friends. Your friends see you as somewhat distant. You could be a real reformer and leader, and that would be better than using constructive views.


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