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Sun in the 11th house

If the people’s Sun is located in the Eleventh house of the horoscope, then their individuality is revealed in society and in interaction with others. Such individuals have many friends and good acquaintances. Often they are unifying links in a team,  formal or informal leaders. They listen to the opinion of such leaders, since they have the necessary authority, erudition and progressive views.

As for the immediate environment, these owners of the horoscope have many well-wishers and high-ranking friends. Often they provide patronage, help in public affairs and nominate leaders of various teams, organizations and movements.

The position of the Sun in the 11th house communicates good luck in a political career and in work related to people. It helps to gather large support groups around itself, whose members strive for a common goal and promote collective values.

If the Sun in the horoscope is affected and weak in status, then people under this position may have problems with friends, be too impulsive, disorganized, restless. In the company, they can feel like a black sheep and, despite everyone’s sympathy, commit antics that lower their rating and make their position in the group unstable.

Such people will harmoniously fit into any community if they do not emphasize their ambitions and demonstrate selfishness, but learn to associate their personal interests with the interests of the group.

Sun in 11th house in various signs of the zodiac

The power of the luminary in the 11th house and the sign of the zodiac in which it is located will tell about the scale of social activities of people, their roles in the group, as well as the interests and values ​​in the team.

The sun in the signs of Fire (in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo) will tell about the love for sports and active participation in any team activity. This is a good indicator for an athlete (engaged in collective sports), for a coach, physical education teacher and promoter of a healthy lifestyle.

If the Sun is in air signs (in Aquarius, Libra or Gemini), then these natives will actively participate in Internet communities, disseminate knowledge and share their progressive developments with members of social networks. This position of the luminary is typical for people who spend a lot of time on the Internet, programmers, as well as for scientists, researchers, writers.

If the owners of the horoscope have the Sun in the 11th house and in the sign of Water (in Pisces, in Scorpio or in Cancer), then these people consider it necessary to take part in charity (in volunteer movements), advocate environmental protection, universal security, promote and popularize spiritual values.

Sun in the 11th house in a man’s birth chart

A man with the Sun in the 11th house is distinguished by friendliness and knows how to work in a team. A father, who has a democratic character, sociability and great erudition, plays an important role in the life of a native. As a child, the father is a play partner. He instills in the child the ability to communicate and maintain friendships.

Sun in the 11th house in a woman’s birth chart

The sun in the 11th house of the female horoscope indicates that she often has friendly relations with representatives of the opposite sex. If the Sun is harmonious, then the partners are connected by common aspirations and goals in life. As a rule, a couple has many friends and like-minded people, and the spouses are actively involved in social life.

If the star is struck, then the first marriage of the owner of the horoscope may end in divorce, although, of course, these is a need to pay attention to the indications of the Seventh house of the natal chart, which describes the partnership.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Sun in 11th House:


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