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Planets in the seventh house


Mercury in the seventh house

Your relationships, as a rule, gravitate towards people who are witty, erudite, intelligent, while giving you food for thought. You need your spouse or business partner to be witty, curious, intelligent and alert, while you expect him to constantly communicate and exchange ideas and information. Promoting ideas and receiving them from others is typical of you, and you are always ready for a good discussion, discussion or argument.

You can spend a lot of time thinking about your relationship specifically or about your collaboration in general. The idea of ​​marriage is quite often on your mind, striving for it or a business partnership that provides you with moral satisfaction and development. A partner who challenges you and develops your mind to help you reach a higher intellectual level is what you are looking for and what you need. Your partner's value is enhanced when they help you adapt better and communicate more effectively with those around you. The person who gives you a live stream of ideas, challenges you, forcing you to constantly test your thought processes, the one who brings out your best moral qualities, stimulates you in such a way that others may not understand it – this is what you are looking for in a partner. …
Planets in the seventh houseYour partner can be as quick-witted, easy-going, fickle, restless, excitable, as well as frank, reasoned, wordy and critical. Nervousness or mental instability may be present. Your partner may be involved in education, writing, travel, sales, foreign language translation or clerical work, secretariat, typing or computer work.

In order to achieve positive results from any partnership, you must learn to control your desires – to argue and criticize.


Venus in the seventh house

You are charming, sociable and friendly, and people quite easily notice this natural passion in you. Partnerships are generally successful and harmonious. But at the same time, your desire for peace and harmony at any cost can have detrimental consequences for you if you do not stand up for your own values. You need an attractive and probably financially secure spouse to enjoy all the benefits of civilization with him. Be careful not to get in the habit of expecting too much from others.

You have a deep understanding of the value of relationships, and too much emphasis on attachment can cause problems for you. The pursuit of a perfect relationship is so strong that any flaws in your relationship can be overwhelmingly perceived. Balance and poise are essential in your relationship.

You are looking for a partner who can provide you with a “better life”. You want beauty, luxury and wonderful things in life and you are looking for a partner who can provide all of this for you. Perhaps marriage can propel you to a higher social level. Your weakness and overemphasis on sensual pleasures can lead to serious problems. Your partner should be helping you, not being a rival. If the influence of Venus is weak or unfavorable, then perhaps your partner's moral standards can raise a big question.


Uranus in the seventh house

Your partnerships are unique and unusual, and they can be dominated by both excellent understanding and its complete absence. You or your partner tend to be unconventional and usually do things that shock others. There should be a lot of freedom in your relationship, but there may be a lack of commitment. In fact, you may be choosing this position in your relationship that provides you with a low degree of fulfillment of obligations. You may be more attracted to those who are already in a relationship or “unavailable” partners.

Due to the uniqueness that exists within your partnership, it is likely that others may not always understand your relationship, although you yourself may not understand it. You meet the most interesting and extraordinary people in your life.

Any need to control the other person in your relationship is likely to lead to disaster. The partner and you should establish your comfort level in terms of the time and attention you are willing to spend on each other. You may need a lot of personal space. A relationship in which you feel free to grow is what makes it truly possible for you. Any limits and restrictions imposed on the relationship are likely to be met with a “get away” attitude. There is a high probability of sudden and unexpected turns in your connection. Perhaps in your relationship, someone needs to be away from their partner for a long time. This position can create communication at a distance and the emergence of “random” types of relationships.

You are most likely looking for a partner who will provide you with the thrill and excitement of your life. You need a partner who can challenge you both mentally and emotionally. Your relationship is like a laboratory experiment, where you hope to find out “you don't know what.” Someone who is resourceful, has personality, creativity and originality while being outgoing, eccentric, or radical can attract you. Your partner may have strong personal magnetism and even be genius at times, but eccentricity, instability, and even bigotry can also be present in his character.

Your approach to marriage can be very idealistic and utopian, with a penchant for platonic union. You need a partner who is willing to be your friend. Most of your relationships often start with friendships. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to look for passion in partnerships and vivid emotions in romantic adventures, which can lead to a loss of passion and discord with a marriage partner.

The greatest threat to marriage is the development of one of the partners at a rate that significantly exceeds the self-development of the other, leading to the fact that one of the spouses can no longer remain what he was before marriage.

For a successful partnership, you and your partner must develop the qualities of tolerance, cooperation, detachment and freedom.


Sun in the seventh house

You need a partner you can be proud of, so in some way your sense of pride is involved in choosing your future spouse. There may also be a desire to gain social acceptance, hence marrying someone who can be admired and respected or someone who is higher up the social ladder.

Your partner should be the one who encourages you to be yourself and who wants you to fully develop your power of inspiration, creativity and will. Your partner can be in a position of power, which can give you confidence and more security in the relationship. You may be provoked in order to show you more confidence and authority, coupled with more generosity.

You should look for a relationship where both are equal. A partnership in which one is better than the other is unlikely to be successful, since the “I am always first” attitude does not promote fruitful cooperation. There is a need in you to feel part of the family.

In this position, marriage and partnerships are likely to play a primary and key role in your life. There may be a tendency to look for a “father” and a tendency to give the initiative to your partner, as you react rather than act on your own, so your partner may well assume a dominant role.

If the influence of the Sun is not very favorable in your natal chart, then the partner whom you attract can be selfish, domineering, vain and ostentatious. If the influence is positive, then the partner will be proud, determined, confident, ambitious, honest, frank and generous.

Self-love, pride, and too much desire to have your own path can cause great difficulties in your relationship.
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Saturn in the seventh house

There may be a tendency to attract a partner who is somewhat older and more serious, which makes the relationship more binding and responsible, with the hard work of building it. It is quite probable that a karmic connection from the past is passing into the present life. Either way, your relationship may also feel limited, addicted, depressed, and anxious, although the connection will of course be long-term.

Saturn here indicates that you need to learn to cooperate and develop empathy for others. You may be very careful when it comes to marriage, but when the job is done it is very difficult for you to leave your spouse, even if you are not happy with him. You can marry for security, not love. Discipline is essential in your relationship.

There may also be restraint and sometimes calculating attitude towards all forms of partnership. You tend to look for a partner who will awaken your sense of responsibility and give you more determination and will to succeed. For a woman, there may be a subconscious desire to marry a “father”, and a partner, feeling an impulse to care, can adjust your life in a more efficient manner.

Responsibilities and fears of marriage can delay legal marriage. If Saturn has a good effect on your natal chart, then this position usually indicates that marriage vows will be faithfully observed in marriage and marital duties will be strictly fulfilled. In a favorable position and the influence of natal Saturn, the partner is likely to be honest, loyal, constant, reliable, hardworking, persistent and economical, perhaps not overly demonstrative, preferring actions to words and providing a real anchor for family relationships.

If the influence of Saturn is unfavorable in the natal chart, there is a tendency to endure an unhappy marriage, rather than lose face in a divorce. If you neglect caring for your spouse, you are likely to receive the same amount of care and attention for yourself. This position can also mean choosing a second option for marriage, which will have to endure despite the boredom, dissatisfaction and lack of love. In other words, you will want to marry someone else, but still stick with the second option instead. A partner can act in such a way as to become a burden, while being uncommunicative, with a limited worldview, cold and overly critical. In some cases, the spouse may be very much loved, but prone to health problems. Possible marriage with a widow or widower.


Neptune in the seventh house

A tendency towards idealization of marriage or marriage partner is likely. You can make great sacrifices for your spouse. The marriage partner can be spiritual, artistic, or simply confusing. Communication can be problematic due to the mismatch of your concepts and ideals. There is a focus on attracting a partner where you or he plays the role of a martyr or savior, giving the feeling that your partner “needs” to be saved and that you are the only one who can “save” or change him. Because of this, your partner may have alcohol dependence or be a drug addict.

Your imagination and idealization of your partner may be more real to you than what your partner really is. If so, the day will come when the rose-colored glasses will be removed and you will see its true nature – this can lead to great disappointment and despondency when you find out that you have lived in a lie and that things are not at all like that. what they seemed to you. From this position, you should be absolutely sure that you are dealing with the harsh depressing facts of your relationship, and not the romantic notions and dreams of childhood fairy tales.

You most likely expect your spouse to be able to become a source of inspiration and reveal your abilities for compassion and loving understanding, while there may be a tendency to see a potential partner through rose-colored glasses or come up with fantasies about new contacts or long-awaited meetings. Subsequently, there is a possibility that the partner may not be the person with whom your fantasies were associated.

There is a slight tendency to form partnerships based on admiration or pity. If Neptune in your natal chart raises concerns, such admiration can be turned to glamorous clothing, while the prevailing sense of pity used by a potential partner will force you to marry under a certain mood or inappropriate sympathy.
Planets in the seventh houseThere is a possibility that the partner is very sensitive and needs the utmost attention. The partner may have a penchant for artistry and music, or be associated with the stage. The material side of life may not bother him, so your relationship can be completely spiritual and above the selfish things that exist in this life. Because of this, the relationship is more platonic than sexual. The other side of the coin is that you may be drawn into a relationship with an unreliable, fickle and unlucky type, whose sympathies are largely self-centered, or, in some way, a poor neurotic, or perhaps a disabled person suffering from chronic diseases.

A subconscious willingness on your part to indulge in self-deception about your partner exists in you. This can lead you to a difficult relationship because you refuse to see the truth or mistakenly believe that only you can change everything.

In order to get the best results from marriage, you must learn to overcome vague desires for an unattainable ideal, control any tendency to get carried away with petty romanticism, and be sober and practical as possible in assessing the merits and attractiveness of potential partners. Be grounded.


Pluto in the seventh house

Problems with control and power, along with a sense of belonging with a partner or spouse, can be present in a relationship, so learning to cooperate with a partner is essential. He can be chosen based on his ability to stand his ground and not give in. With such a partner, outside relations can be very bellicose and competitive, rather than harmonious and equal.

You tend to look for a partner who will help you discover new resources within yourself, which will give you the strength to overcome previous doubts and transform some aspects of your inner world. A partner who will make you feel personal growth and empowerment is who you are looking for. There is a tendency to admire well-developed willpower in others, as a result of which you can attract someone who tends to dominate you, apparently feeling that if you have to deal with a person who is inclined to suppress, you will be able to productively discover the resources in yourself in full.

There are strong feelings and reactions in your relationship. You have a need to collaborate with others, expecting complete dedication in your partnerships. Trouble can arise when these feelings of responsibility are not shared by the other person in a relationship.


Moon in the seventh house

As partners, you can attract sensitive people, perhaps those who want to nurture and care for you. You tend to change partners often and have a large number of relationships, due to the need to find someone who can bring you maximum security. This search continues because security cannot be found outside, it can only be inside. You want companionship, hence all your many relationships.

Your feelings are strongly influenced by those with whom you are in close personal contact. You strive to be popular with others, although you tend to look for someone who can reveal your responsive side and play on your emotions.

For men, there is often a tendency to seek out a “mother”, revealing in others a desire for motherhood, protection and caring for you, so you have a better chance of attracting a kind and domestic partner.

Both you and your partner should always control bad moods and erratic behavior. A marriage can be carried out for the purpose of building a family, although more than one union is possible.

There are overwhelming emotional needs for a partner and marriage. In order to get the best results from any partnership, you must learn to control your tendency to be dominated by your moods, which can arise from overly vulnerable feelings. Try to control the tendency to be overly dependent on others that irritate you emotionally and discipline the constant urge to change your relationship.

In terms of calling, your work situation is tied to community, partnership, a keen awareness of social expectations and the need to meet them. Perhaps marriage is necessary for a clear focus on safe work. For many with this lunar position, the job profile can be labeled as a “public figure”. You depend on others to fulfill and meet their needs. The relationship process is extremely important to you.
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Mars in the seventh house

You are independent, would like to have your own path, and must develop gentleness and diplomacy to avoid negative attitudes towards people. You need to learn how to cooperate with others.

Relationships energize you and you get a lot of excitement from them. You need an active partner who can share with you the way of life in what is happening in the world. Your partner should constantly challenge you, help you start projects, and possibly compete with you. You need a sparring partner! Your relationship is seething with energy that you must channel in a constructive direction, not destructive. The competition between you and your partner is best directed towards the outside world.

In all your relationships with others, you enjoy the elements of challenge and competition. You can provoke others just to see how they react. The excitement of the chase is more important to you than the end result. Since you love fighting, you don't mind losing the battle to your partner, who is always ready to fight you again. Your spouse is likely to be very hot, positive, active, capable and courageous with a lot of power will.
Planets in the seventh houseThe partner you are looking for should play the role of a champion or crusader in your relationship. Mars in this position gives the association that passions are simply raging here and love is combined with as strong devotion as possible. There is a tendency for early marriage, often as a result of love at first sight, although if the influence of Mars is unfavorable, you can “marry in a hurry, but with a long agony.”

There is a likelihood of strife and friction in marriage as a result of sudden hot temper, intemperance, wastefulness, insolence, intolerance, over-demanding or violent partner.

In order to get the best results from marriage and partnerships, you should try to be as sympathetic and tolerant as possible, practicing gentleness and diplomacy instead of letting any tough or picky qualities prevail.


Jupiter in the seventh house

Benefits, opportunities, and wealth can usually come from marriage or partnership. You are looking for a partner who can expand your vision, opening up opportunities for expansion and personal growth. Your partner will help strengthen your faith and deepen your religious and philosophical views and ideas. You may feel that you need a partner to help develop your moral outlook and social consciousness.

Your partner, who is also likely to be in the same profession, may be wealthier than you. If Jupiter has an adverse effect on your natal chart, then your partner is likely to be somewhat opinionated, lazy, self-righteous, extravagant and headstrong, while sometimes unreliable, immoral, shameless and wasteful.

You can reveal the generous and good-natured impulses of others, and in order to get the best results from a marriage partnership, you need to control any extravagant tendencies and prevent false pride that arises from an unnecessarily smooth course of your relationship.


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