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Moon in the 7th house

If the Moon in the birth chart is located in the 7th house, then this indicates the importance of the topic of partnership in a people’s life. They feel good when there is someone nearby with whom they can share their experiences, emotions and feelings. Such peopel know how to adapt to a partner. They are sure that a common language can be found with everyone, the main thing is to be able to tune in to the inner wave of their counterpart.

The owners of the Moon in the 7th house can be excellent sellers and consultants who understand the needs and desires of people, as well as  good psychologists who get into the essence of their clients’ problems. Such people are indispensable in the contract department, as they have an innate ability to find compromises and take into account the interests of both parties.

The moon is a mobile and changeable luminary, so partners can change the subject like gloves. Often people interact with several people at the same time, choosing  partners for themselves almost according to their mood. Sometimes they are comfortable with one, sometimes with another, because not all sides and qualities of others are equally attractive.

It is often difficult for such natives to make an unambiguous choice among possible life companions and applicants for a hand and heart. Over time, life makes its own adjustments and dots the “i”, and these natives run the risk of thus remaining not in the most favorable variant.

In the event of damage to the moon by other luminaries, these people’s partners may be  capricious, infantile, lazy, overly cautious, fearful and indecisive people. In a relationship in this case, there are many disappointments, secrets and unfulfilled obligations to each other.

Moon and zodiac signs

The most successful in matters of partnership can be called people with the Moon in Taurus and in Cancer . Horoscope holders themselves know how to take care, and partners are attracted to them with positive qualities. They will feed and warm, listen and come to the rescue.

If the luminary is in the sign of Scorpio or in Capricorn , then relations with others can be difficult. Partners can be problematic, withdrawn, anxious and difficult to connect with.

For individuals with the Moon in air signs (in Aquarius, Gemini and Libra), communication with a partner and a continuous exchange of views are important first of all. The owners of the fiery moon (in Aries , in Sagittarius and in Leo) love to appear with their spouses in public and do not hesitate to talk about their relationships to others. In this case, the marriage can be concluded early.

The Water Moon in the house of partnership is very receptive to the emotions of other people, and the Moon in earth signs indicates the importance of solving material issues in partnership.

Moon in the 7th house of a man

The moon in the 7th house of a man will show how romantic, emotional and inclined towards partnership he is. There must be a woman next to him, and often he prefers women of the opposite sex who remind him of his mother.

There can be infidelity, separations, and partings in relationships, especially if the star is damaged. A man needs to learn to change himself, to become more reliable, serious and responsible in partnership. This position in the relationship will make the union strong and stable.

Moon in the 7th house of a woman

A woman with the Moon in the 7th house of partnership must learn to abstract from the stereotypes accepted in society. It is believed that a man should have determination, good leadership and great physical strength.

The moon in the 7th house attracts other partners to the woman. They are gentle, receptive, in need of care and understanding. If the owner of the natal chart understands and accepts this type of partnership, then the relationship will develop successfully.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Moon in 7th House:


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