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Planets in the eighth house


Pluto in the eighth house

You have good intuition and business sense. You have an analytical mind, you are cheerful in spirit and show an interest in the metaphysical world. Perhaps you have the powers of a visionary. You have a chance to inherit. Potential money problems in marriage and in a relationship with a business partner. These financial shocks can lead to change. You are looking for the meaning of life and can get carried away by the issues of death and what happens after it. You want to know how the universe works. This attitude develops discernment, self-awareness, independence, and spirituality. Any attempt at dominance and control by you should serve a positive purpose. You need to overcome your strong natural desires if you intend to achieve spiritual enlightenment.


Saturn in the eighth house

You are a hard worker with patience and thrift. You are not devoid of strict self-discipline. She does not allow social and / or sex life for the sake of pursuing financial security. Transform this desire into a search for spiritual development through understanding and wisdom that can be gained in relationships with other people. “For what is a person trying to conquer the whole world and lose his own soul?” You may have problems with violence, sex, and power. You may feel pain from the past deep in your soul. Restrictions, hardships and problems can arise from inheritance, other people's money, sex life, taxes and insurance premiums. Attitudes about sex can also be difficult. A strong sensual nature requires restraint.
Planets in the eighth house


Mars in the eighth house

You may have energy, desire and enthusiasm for research, finding the true nature of things, playing detective and solving mysteries. There may be financial problems, perhaps due to a partner who will downplay the value of money. Financial success is possible in the event of marriage or inheritance. You need to be more willing to share personal resources in any partnership. You should learn to control your desires (passions) and low vices. You tend to be interested in medicine or surgery.


Sun in the eighth house

You need to transform your selfishness by honestly sharing your personal resources with others without any strings attached. You would like others to take care of you using their own wealth. Your emotions are stable, and outwardly you do not show it to the mind. This is all the desire for self-improvement in body and spirit. You usually have enough finances, probably inheritance. You show an interest in mysticism, occultism, and supernatural things.
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Venus in the 8th house

You are enjoying physical comfort and prosperity, perhaps through the efforts of a partner. You can inherit money that will allow you to find the luxury you are looking for. You lack self-discipline and tend to be lazy and preoccupied with sex. You may run into trouble if you indulge your low desires. You are attracted to healing, psychic or metaphysical objects. Perhaps also magic.


Mercury in the eighth house

You have a talent for analysis, research, observation, tax calculation, insurance and maybe detective work. You want to get to the bottom of things: who, what, where, and why. You are a born explorer. You are sometimes worried about a precarious financial situation. You love to gossip about others. Your mind is preoccupied with death, sex, magic, or supernatural phenomena.


Jupiter in the eighth house

You are an optimist and believe in your partner. You can financially benefit from marriage, partnerships, or inheritance. You are very emotional and use this energy to release your spiritual abilities. Therefore, you can benefit, support and heal people. You can also use other people's money to increase earnings and opportunities.
Planets in the eighth house


Uranus in the eighth house

Your senses are strong and your intuition is developed. Unconventional views on life, sex and death are spinning in your head, which you do not disclose unnecessarily. For you, the great riddle of what awaits a person after death, and you want to find answers. The occult sciences intrigue you. Sometimes nervous tension creates difficulties for you. Sudden losses or gains can come from other people's resources. You may receive unexpected inheritance or financial gain from unusual sources. Be careful with electricity and machinery. An interest in treatment, possibly through the laying on of hands, accompanies this position. In the early years, you may be suicidal.


Neptune in the eighth house

You are sensitive and intuitive. You have prophetic dreams and visions. You can sense the feelings of other people. If you behave dishonestly, you will suffer from financial problems, which proves the futility of seeking happiness in material wealth. You are interested in the issues of life after death and natural healing through the laying on of hands. Be honest and transparent in all matters related to taxes, insurance and other financial concerns.


Moon in the eighth house

You crave protection and look for it in other people's resources and possessions. You tend to doubt yourself and worry. You can succumb to envy, jealousy, and a sense of ownership. Psychic sensitivity is noticeable in you. These abilities can be developed, and better for good purposes. You can find financial well-being through partnerships, business, or marriage. You are wondering what motivates other people. You may be preoccupied with sex or death concerns. For you, work related to investigation, reform, transformation, restoration, mysticism, psychology and research is suitable.
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