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Planets in the second house


Neptune in the second house

You have a strong imagination and psychic sensitivity that can be used to discover your inner talents. Intuition is well developed and you are prone to vivid dreams. You appreciate beautiful items. You rarely worry about money, although financial affairs can sometimes go well and sometimes be complicated and confusing. This can lead to the fact that sometimes you are generous, and sometimes vice versa. Dishonesty can lead you to experience losses through theft, fraud and deception. In financial matters, you need to have stability, then everything will go smoothly. Avoid risky speculation and investment. Be absolutely honest about your financial matters.


Saturn in the second house

You tend to be thrifty, practical and responsible, especially with money and property. You work hard to live well. Sometimes you are so busy hoarding that you forget to just enjoy your money. Having money for a rainy day is great, but you probably won't need as much as you want to save. Lack of understanding of the true value of money and property may make you feel poor. There is a tendency towards depression due to material issues. Your positions are likely to bring only worries, not happiness, you need to learn how to share with others. You may have had a lot of emphasis on financial matters in past lives. You may need to reconsider your values. The relationship of property in relation to others must be changed. Feelings that you are unloved, unwanted and underestimated, directly related to your positions. You must value yourself before others can value you. First of all, you need to love yourself.
Planets in the second house


Pluto in the second house

You have tremendous financial capabilities, decisive, patient, energetic and strong-willed. You may have extraordinary talents. This position can lead to a great lust for money and property. You often see loved ones as property. You can watch money come and go, emphasizing its importance. This should be properly divided. You also need to learn how to share property with others on your own. Honesty in money matters is of the utmost importance. Others may try to control your resources and assets, or you yourself may become demanding and manage your own or monetary resources yourself.


Jupiter in the second house

You can be financially successful. Money comes to you on its own and you will probably never go hungry. You must be confident and optimistic about your talents and abilities. Your ideas and fantasies thrive on your intuitive appreciation of what's going on. You will enjoy your material position and you can be called a real lucky one. You instill confidence in people and you can benefit from receiving financial help from others by investing in the development of your visionary and idealistic ideas. You must avoid pampering and extravagance. Be wary of the urge to eat rich foods, especially desserts and sweets.


Uranus in the second house

You can make money in an original and creative way. Money and property comes and goes in unexpected and unforeseen ways. Unusual and devastating changes in your financial condition can occur. You can value money for the fact that it gives freedom and the opportunity to realize all of your inner rare and unique talents. You have the ability to avoid financial hardship.


Sun in the second house

You have a sense of dignity and self-respect. You have a desire for power, thanks to your talents, personal convictions, money, on which a lot of energy is spent. Money comes and goes easily. You are generous and ambitious, but you can be extravagant and greedy. You have a tendency to be the master of things and people. If the Sun is suffering from an aspect, you may feel unloved or unworthy of love.
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Mercury in the second house

You can use your wits, knowledge, and versatility to make money. At least you really like to talk about money – it's on your mind. You can make money by passing ideas on to others through writing and speaking. You are financially wealthy, but your money comes and goes suddenly.


Venus in the second house

You attract money and personal needs, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you make money, sometimes even faster. Your hidden talents can be useful to others if you apply them. Don't be afraid to work. You use your money to buy beautiful, artistic and / or musical things. You like to be surrounded by luxury. Money can come to you from a partner or relationship.
Planets in the second house


Mars in the second house

A lot of energy and energy will be expended due to personal beliefs, making money and income. You can have poor control over your habits and be a wasteful buyer. Saving is probably not your strong point, but you should try to improve these abilities. Sometimes you may need money for a rainy day. Money comes and goes, you should not focus on this. Instead, focus on developing your talents. 


Moon in the second house

You want to have money and possessions for emotional security. Your feelings and emotional well-being are linked to material resources. There will be changes and fluctuations in your financial situation. You alternate between a boundless and frugal attitude to money. You need to focus on self-esteem. You need community and accessibility work, perhaps work with women. You should always be the center of attention while you work, like a jewel on the counter. However, this work is not at all directly related to the public. You feel the urge to be visible. By becoming one with your work, you want to achieve a specific life goal and benefit the community with this project. Since you have identified yourself with your work, your ideas are closely related to success.
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