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Pluto without aspects

If the planet does not have five main aspects, which means connections with other people, different parts of the psyche and event lines, only the owners of a planet themselves decide how exactly they use this energy blocked inside like in a deep mine. That is why such a position cannot be considered a weakness or a defeat, because only people decide: to be or not to be different from everyone else, to show the whole world aerobatics and a unique solution to problems in the field of affairs of the house where the planet stands, or to fail it completely.

Pluto is a symbol of karma and constant transformation. The absence of aspects deprives other people of the opportunity to abuse power against its owners. Even if they wanted to, such individuals, like the elusive Joe, always eluded their malevolent actions. It would seem that this is a blessing, but only if the horoscope holders are ready to sacrifice and give something valuable to the world, otherwise their lives will turn into a stagnant swamp both physically and psychologically, when out of fear they cut off contacts and reject the chances for a better life .

The positive influence of Pluto without aspects

In the case of higher planets, it is impossible to speak of an unambiguously positive influence. Firstly, they turn on already at the adult age of a person, about 40 years old, and secondly, Pluto is initially a heavy and complex planet, and if it behaves unpredictably, then its effect is like a volcanic eruption.

Another thing is that during favorable transits, it can manifest itself as an engine of progress, but only in the case when its owners have cultivated willpower in themselves: they themselves create or accept changes through “I can’t” and want to have a high status in society in order to influence on the fate of people.

Pluto is the planet of influence on mass processes. Ideally, the owners of the Pluto without aspects understand what is good for the people, read the trends that people need, and are well versed in the needs of the target audience in their field of activity. Due to this, such individuals always in demand as specialists.

Unaspected Pluto’s gift  is the ability to avoid danger in a crowd. In addition, the need for fame and recognition is strong, but people usually deny it or are embarrassed about it, however, there will be no satisfaction from the activity if others do not admire their work.

It will be possible to stand out from the crowd when such people find a favorite thing, to which they will devote themselves passionately and devotedly.

During transits affecting Pluto, the owners of the horoscope seem to fall into a stream, thanks to which they understand how the world works, what the masses need in a given period of time and can make a career on this knowledge, gain unprecedented popularity, although not always with a plus sign.

The responsibility of the owners of Pluto without aspects to society is that they impose their personal views and taste on a whole generation, as was the case with Hitler and John F. Kennedy.

The negative influence of Pluto without aspects

To understand the impact of the planet, people need to evaluate the entire chart as a whole and see how they are susceptible to someone else’s suggestion, whether they can succumb to the charm of some organizations or social groups, because not all of them have noble goals, and often the owners of weak personal planets are at the mercy of totalitarian sects or become  puppets in the hands of an influential group.

Such individuals can indeed be  bright executors of someone else’s will. Being in sight, attracting attention to themselves, they become actors in the forefront, while behind the scenes there is a completely different game, invisible to the public. At the same time, it seems that the main characters here are the owners of the unaspected planet, but they are just conductors of the collective will of a group of politicians and bankers.

On a more mundane level, such people can be at the mercy of the boss, and at home become abusers, asserting themselves at the expense of their families, or vice versa –  promising employees, real stars, completely depend on the desires and emotional state of  life partners or parents, any person whom they consider  partners. In such situations, it is possible to get out of hand during planetary transits that affect Pluto.

In addition, at a low level of development, people have no sense of duty, they are prone to cowardice, do meanness on the sly, and are very envious of more successful individuals.

They are, in principle, subject to passions, dark emotions and temptations, but at a low level of development this really becomes a problem. Man is attracted to perversions and crimes. With a weak Pluto, he can simply read and watch films about it, but with additional destructive aspects, and especially the impact of stars with a bad reputation on personal planets, the person himself becomes a criminal. At the same time, it is very difficult to expose the owners of Pluto without aspects, they know how to cover their tracks.

How to elaborate Pluto without aspects

Since the planet turns on quite late, by the age of 30-40 people need to accumulate enough knowledge in psychology, financial management, practice organizational skills in business, because although Pluto without aspects is considered a rare occurrence, it is still obvious that fate gives such people at least once in life a chance to become famous and become an important person whose revolutionary ideas change the fate of the country and even the planet. The only thing to remember is that activities should be aimed at the benefit of people, and not at destruction.

At the everyday level, it is necessary to abandon hyper-custody, wear and tear, excessive sacrifice, so as not to become a scapegoat. In any case, it is desirable to enlist the support of a group of people, then everything will work out successfully.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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