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Elaboration of Sun in the natal chart

Sun in the horoscope is the basis of our individuality: consciousness, energy, personality. This is the light that pours from within, the desire to live and create. If it is weak, then people can forget about success and self-realization, it simply does not have enough strength.

Individuals with a weak sun become invisible, they are not noticed not only by real people, but higher powers do not indulge in happy occasions and fateful meetings: they are content with little, suffer from loneliness, poverty, and various fears.

Even just standing up and expressing a personal opinion is an impossible task.

Can this be changed? Yes, there are certain actions and symbolic compensators for the problematic Sun, but first people need to make sure that the reason is really in its weakness and lack of harmonious aspects. With the help of astrology, they can kindle a fire of powerful energy, even with initially difficult indicators.

The value of Sun in human life

The house where the main luminary of the horoscope is located directly indicates the topics that inspire and ignite people. This is the place of pride and glory of the owners of the horoscope. Following the destiny, ignited by Sun and picked up by the energy of the 10th house, it is easy to enter the path of prosperity and honors laid down by fate. To determine the sun-kindling actions, it is important to take into account the house and the sign of the zodiac where the daylight stands, because in the horoscope Sun symbolizes:

  •  leadership principle of a person, father or husband (for a woman);
  • 5th house, which means relationships with children, especially with the firstborn;
  • heart, lower back, back and spinal cord, vision, eye health, immunity;
  • possession of power, authority, courage of self-expression;
  • appearance and personality;
  • mental alertness, speed of reactions, self-respect.

People with a strong harmonious Sun seem to illuminate the world around them, creating the desired reality.

The power of  Sun in the signs of the zodiac and the hemispheres of the natal chart

First, people need to look at the lower or upper part of the map from the horizon line hit  Sun. It is indicated by the axis Ascendant – Descendant.

1. The upper hemisphere – the natal chart is considered to be a day chart, and people are initially set up for a vivid manifestation of their individuality in the world, boldly and openly expressing their opinion and enjoying all the benefits.

2. The lower hemisphere – the night chart speaks of a tendency to withdraw into the inner world, acting with caution and as thoughtfully as possible in real life, doubting the right to happiness.

If Sun is on the left side of the chart, the person was born a leader, even an egocentric who does not care about other people’s opinions. In the right – depends on the value judgments of others.

The strongest planet is in the regal, selfish and imperious sign of Leo, as well as in the place of its exaltation – the self-centered and uncompromising Aries.Weakest of all in the liberal Aquarius, who thinks about everyone except himself, in the hesitant and dependent on public opinion Libra.The remaining signs give a neutral field for the sunrise and people with such position need to look at the presence of aspects with other planets.

Signs of a weak Sun in personal life

The weakness of the astrological position is not a minus in itself, but an understanding of the priorities of individuals  and the role that they tend to play in society. If such priorities do not suit them, there is a huge problem. There are concrete signs that Sun is out of order and needs to be fixed. If people do not pay attention to them, then the joy of life is gradually lost, and they are haunted by illness and failure. This is not only weakness, fatigue, drowsiness and a sense of obstacles, but also degradation in various areas of life.

Extinguished Sun and marriage

Feeling comfortable only within the relationship, even if there is no respect and attention from the partner. Emotional dependence and obsession with the spouse, constant jealousy, the desire to subdue and control, which makes people crazy. They do not see value in themselves without a partner.

Extinguished Sun and work

The desire to do less even at the expense of payment, just not to take on unnecessary responsibility. Depreciation, a feeling of worthlessness and mediocrity, even in the presence of unconditional talents and successes in the past. Lack of interest in work and career growth. Difficulties with fulfilling duties, meeting deadlines, fear of shame, impostor syndrome. People are afraid of competition, dumping, jealous, afraid of losing their jobs, money, reputation.

Extinguished Sun and health

Problems with the heart, lower back, eyes up to 40 years. Hypertension and early heart attacks, strokes, rheumatism, myopia. Neurosis, insomnia, chronic fatigue, memory impairment. The inability to concentrate, the destruction of the neural connections of the brain, when the once familiar actions became difficult to perform. Depression, tearfulness, resentment.

Elaboration of  Sun without aspects

The planet in the mine makes people think that they do not live their own lives. Their abilities seem to be blocked, happy opportunities pass by. Circumstances and complexes prevent the full manifestation of solar qualities. However, the absence of aspects is not a sentence. One has only to stir up the sleeping Sun without aspects, as it flares up with a powerful flame, the power of which cannot be stopped. To do this, they need to purposefully manifest the principles of the planet in the sphere of the house and the sign of its position.

For example, if  Sun is in the 1st house, people will have to take responsibility, take a step forward and lead, even when it’s scary, in the 2nd house – appreciate themselves and their work, in the 5th – create, perform on stage, come up with interesting projects with children, in the 7th – to get acquainted and offer cooperation first, without waiting for an invitation.

In this case,  Sun without aspects will shine so brightly that these owners of the horoscope will easily ascend Olympus. Most of the stars of Hollywood are an example of this: Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, N. Kidman, even the Queen of England Elizabeth II, became stars, having worked  Sunwothout aspects with willpower, including the principles of the house and sign, despite internal resistance.

To the formula for the ignition of Sun without aspects, one must add the activation of the 10th house plus the planet, which is in a single aspect with Sun. If this is Venus, then individual leadership and authority are manifested in creativity, relationships and the human value system.

Elaboration of Sun through actions

Even a poorly placed, disharmonious Sun can be strengthened through regular actions verified by astrologers that increase the level of light energy in the body:

  • get up and go to bed with sunrise and sunset;
  • turn work into a noble service to people, but gratefully accept money for the work, enjoy luxury without an emotional hook;
  • show generosity, courage, determination;
  • respect father, spouse, boss;
  • eat solar foods, such as eating more grains, avoiding meat, meditating in the morning and noon light, wearing yellow and red clothes;
  • always boldly and openly express personal opinion, but do not infringe on the freedom of others;
  • to be a kind “king-father” for relatives and friends;
  • treat children warmly and with respect, value their personality, play with them;
  • wear a lot of gold jewelry with rubies, diamonds, zircons, citrine, amber and chrysolite;
  • find a reason for pride in the principles of the house and the sign where  Sun stands, or deliberately achieve success in them.

The goal of sunburning activities is to become a confident self-sufficient person, to succeed professionally, financially and in personal relationships.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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