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Amber – the magical and healing properties of the stone

AmberAmber is an amazing and unusually beautiful stone with magical properties . Its iridescent sun shades embody the life-giving power of nature and the powerful energy of the center of our solar system. It is no coincidence that amber has been given many romantic names: tears of the sea, solar gift, stone of the sea. Amber jewelry was valued as far back as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Today, residents of Russia can freely purchase amber mined in the Kaliningrad region and the Baltic states.

What is unusual about amber? On the one hand, it is not a gem and is reasonably affordable; buying it is not difficult. But, nevertheless, amber is very skillfully forged and a fake stone can be purchased not only in a market tent, but also in an expensive jewelry store.

Many people are surprised to learn that amber is not a stone at all. It is a fossilized resin of ancient conifers. The realization that the golden miracle has a long history leads people to admiration and delight.

The magical properties of the stone

AmberSince amber has been known since ancient times, many legends and mystical stories have arisen around it. Thanks to the references in ancient scriptures, contemporaries know the magical properties of this stone.

Amber can come to the aid of a person who feels the evil eye and damage and wants to get rid of negative influences.

It protects a person from evil spirits during sleep, protects from bad dreams and nightmares.

Amber stone helps to get rid of delusions and dispel illusions. A person is better aware of what is happening around him, becomes shrewd and far-sighted.

The stone perfectly cleans the space from clots of negative energy. It improves home energy, relieves family members from the need to quarrel and sort things out. Amber protects the family from misfortune and helps protect the house from enemies and intruders.

Amber should be worn in a gold or gilded setting, it will enhance the magical properties of the stone. Silver will create disharmony, and therefore it is better to leave the stone without a setting than to opt for a combination with silver metals.

Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

The stone, called the gift of the sun, reminds a person of a warm summer with its golden color. By its appearance, the stone embodies the miraculous forces of nature, and when contemplating the stone, sunlight and a feeling of tranquility penetrate into the human soul. Lithotherapists claim that amber helps to get rid of many diseases.

Amber prevents the appearance of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It helps to avoid blues and pessimism, improves mood and energizes.

“Solar Gift” is an excellent remedy for colds and infectious diseases. In the autumn-winter season, it is useful to carry an amber pebble in your breast pocket. He will save his master from a cold and sore throat.

The stone prevents the occurrence of thyroid problems and helps smokers get rid of discomfort in the throat.

People with low blood pressure can also use amber for medicinal purposes. The stone also stops the heartbeat and improves the functioning of the circulatory system.

Pregnant women are advised to wear an amber necklace. This will make the birth process easier and help you have a healthy and strong baby.

With the help of amber, you can get rid of insomnia. To do this, you need to put a miraculous stone under the pillow or hang it above the bed.


What signs of the zodiac is amber suitable for?

Amber protects Leo and two other fire signs – Aries and Sagittarius . However, in fairness, it must be added that representatives of this sign, already possessing powerful energy, do not need his help all the time. The stone will be useful to them when participating in important events, presentations and public speaking. It will allow its owner to declare himself and his talents publicly, gain recognition from the audience and receive a well-deserved reward.

Amber jewelry can be good talismans for people with a weakened Sun in the natal chart (horoscope). In particular, they feed the vitality of Aquarius and Libra .

It is believed that amber cannot be worn by Taurus , since their earthly energy contradicts the fiery one. But, nevertheless, people suffering from infectious diseases of the throat (which are often Taurus) wearing this stone is indicated. If the representatives of this earthly sign manage to find an opaque honey-brown stone, then its miraculous power can be used.

Amber of greenish shades will enhance intelligence and calm the nervous system of the Mercurian signs – Gemini and Virgo . Milky-white transparent stones are suitable for Pisces and Cancers , as well as people in whose horoscope the water element is manifested. Delicate honey shades will delight Libra, while stones of rich brown-red shades will have a beneficial effect on Scorpions . Capricorns and Aquarius may need to take a closer look at the beautiful examples of black amber.

Thus, amber is suitable for almost all zodiac signs . The main thing is to feel a magical affinity and unity with the stone when buying it, and then it will certainly become a reliable amulet, a faithful friend and an irreplaceable assistant in business.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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