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Citrine – magical and healing properties of the stone

Citrine is a lemon-yellow quartz-silicate of silicon, filled with the energy of joy and happiness, invigorates and refreshes the aura just like citrus fruits to the physical body: hence its name, introduced into everyday life by the chemist Valerius in the 18th century.

In ancient times, thanks to the wonderful overflows and golden radiance, it was called the solar, and in the 17th century also the philosopher's stone, since it awakens eloquence, wisdom, revives to life even from the depths of the most severe depression. In Rome and Greece, citrine jewelry was worn by emperors, philosophers and noble women, because one of the properties of a stone is to enhance the charm and magical effect on the minds of others.

In the 21st century, a natural mineral is rarely found, it is created by heat treatment of smoky quartz and amethyst, receiving flashy bright tones from yellow to brown, which fade over time. Artificially created crystals are distinguished by their reddish tint, accompanying the basic amber-brown tone.

Natural citrine glows with a delicate golden lemon color and has a more powerful energy potential. It is a rare gem that is sought after by connoisseurs of magical minerals and collectors. The largest deposits of natural stone are located in the Perm Territory.

The magical properties of the stone

Citrine removes from the owner the danger of being bitten by poisonous insects and snakes, opens the solar plexus chakra – Manipura, which makes a person sociable, charismatic and incredibly charming. All doors open before him, and requests are fulfilled instantly.

The radiant golden warmth of citrine attracts the vibrations of the flow of abundance of the Universe, improving financial condition, attracting clients, sponsors, assistants in the development of personal affairs. The energy of the stone is yin, it affects not other people, but the owner, revealing oratorical talents, strengthening self-confidence, and now those around him are conquered by his charisma and sweet speech. Citrine does not divide its owners into good and bad, calmly gives good luck and luck to deceivers and thieves, and does not take anything in return. It's incredibly useful:

  • businessmen, stock brokers, financial analysts;
  • manual workers: tailors, fashion designers, watchmakers, jewelers, surgeons, watchmakers;
  • children with delayed speech development and autists;
  • suffering from insomnia and nightmares;
  • depressive melancholic with suicidal tendencies;
  • creative individuals in times of crisis.

The citrine crystal, located in the southeastern sector of the apartment, will become a powerful magnet of abundance for all family members and protection from thieves and malevolent guests. The house will be invisible to them. Jewelry with a yellow mineral will charge you with optimism and remove obstacles, even strangers will feel sympathy for its owner. A ring on the index and middle fingers, a pendant at the middle of the chest will awaken the gift of eloquence, and a ring on the ring finger and earrings will give charm.

Healing properties of the stone

Blocked Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, prevents a person from enjoying life and receiving sensual pleasure in love. Meditation with citrine, regular wearing of the crystal, dispel stagnant energy, fill the body with a honey-amber radiance, which brings:

  • self-confidence and the right to wealth, health, success;
  • strengthening immunity and protection from evil eyes, damage, envy;
  • acceleration of metabolism and improvement of the endocrine system;
  • healing of brain diseases;
  • a desired pregnancy, the ability to bear a baby;
  • fast wound healing and disappearance of stitches after operations;
  • increased male strength and fertility;
  • recovery from psychological trauma.

For children under 11 years old, citrine helps to remove speech defects, dyslexia, stuttering. The crystal is placed on the child's work table or hung over the crib. Joint meditation with mom is useful for both participants: focusing on the stone, you need to imagine how a shining stream of light lemon color fills the center of the abdomen, spreads over the body, displacing dark blocks, especially in the throat.

Citrine has a beneficial effect on all organs in the area of ​​the umbilical chakra: stomach, intestines, spleen, liver. A light daily face massage with a diamond-cut crystal prolongs youth.

Who is suitable for the zodiac sign

The patron planet of citrine is Mercury , so it will bring maximum benefit to Gemini and Virgo , endowing them with an easy attitude to difficulties and concentrating internal energy resources to solve problems.

The Sunstone will reveal talents and will also lead to victory for representatives of the element of Fire – Lions , Aries , Sagittarius , and in combination with the leading planets of their personal horoscope, will attract high-ranking patrons. Taurus will become more disciplined and more generous to others.

Libra and Aquarius will soar to the heights of success using citrine, which will make them charming, generous and hardworking. The stone is categorically not suitable for Scorpios and Pisces , awakening in them cruelty and a desire to communicate with the criminal world, but Cancers , on the contrary, helps to reveal themselves to the public.

With a weak position of Mercury in the natal chart , especially in the sign of Pisces, defeat by a square with the Sun, Venus and Mars, citrine must be worn regularly, periodically cleaning it, laying it out for a short time in sunlight.

Uranus is the highest hypostasis of Mercury, with its position in Taurus and Virgo, as well as in the 4th, 7th and 8th houses, a golden stone will remove difficulties in communication, establish a warm atmosphere at home, and avert danger along the way. You should not wear it with a negative aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, this will push you to participate in scams and thieves' adventures.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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