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Sextile Chiron – Lilith: healing the subconscious

Can the union of an asteroid and a fictitious point, associated with the bottomless depths of the subconscious, old childhood traumas and even more distant birth programs, bring good luck? Chiron is named after a centaur healer who could raise the great heroes of Hellas and heal any wounds except his own. The place of his position is connected with the incurable vulnerability of the native in matters of this house and sign. It can only be compensated.

Lilith (Black Moon) denotes the dark karma of the clan, a temptation that is difficult to resist, because even the ancestors could not cope with it, but it also gives brightness in the manifestation of talents and abilities in this house. The native can only boldly go into fear and pain, making them points of growth or avoid these topics in every possible way, preventing talents from revealing themselves in imaginary safety.

Opportunities and problems of the sextile Chiron – Lilith

Although sextile is considered a favorable aspect of luck, almost a guarantor of happy occasions and fabulous coincidences, it can be useless if the person himself does not act.

The problem of the Chiron-Lilith sextile is in the deep vulnerability of the native, which does not let him into the growth zone, where he will inevitably have to remember the pain of the struggle for success. It’s like a desperate break through the thorn bushes to the raspberry bushes by the beautiful lake. If you are not afraid of bloody scratches, then the reward will be an abundance of fruits. That is why for many owners of the Chiron-Lilith sextile, the aspect goes unnoticed. They feel pain and retreat before the first failures, more confident rivals, give up simply out of fear of losing and losing what they already have, not seeing that the coveted prize awaits them ahead.

The state of the native at such moments is perfectly characterized by the advice of Seraphim of Sarov: “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved.” Healing his old injuries, remembering, analyzing, working through them, a person becomes a fierce fighter for the salvation of brothers in misfortune.

Sextile Chiron – Lilith can appear as early as 9 years old, when the native stands up for the weak, who is humiliated just as he himself was once beaten or ridiculed by his stepfather or emotionally cold mother. If they were offended in the kindergarten and no one helped, the native will protect the classmate from bullying, and later he will not allow the colleague to be ridiculed for no reason for mistakes and mistakes.

Having suffered from an illness in childhood and adolescence, the owner of the sextile Lilith – Chiron often decides to become a doctor or psychologist in order to return the desire to live and fight to other people. That is how, feeling needed, he gains strength and compensates for the traumas of the past. The memory of them remains, but the native knows how to deal with it and help those who are literally drowning in mental and physical pain. However, for this you need to have the courage to plunge into the depths of your subconscious, pull out the splinters and find the right medicine through knowledge and practices, including alternative medicine, psychotherapy and esotericism.

The positive influence of the sextile Chiron – Lilith

The native is gifted with hypersensitivity: intuition, empathy, telepathy. He knows how to sincerely empathize and feels someone else’s pain as his own, but at the same time he reads the dark emotions of anger, anger, envy. Not knowing the astrological meaning of this aspect, a person unconsciously connects to the black stream of other people’s emanations, behaves inappropriately, and then suffers why he did so. However, this also has a positive meaning, because later, by separating his subconscious from someone else’s, the native understands the psychology and motivation of the actions of toxic and embittered people and criminals, he has a resource to reach out to the bright core of their personality and awaken trust through understanding, and means to re-educate.

In addition, the owners of the Chiron-Lilith sextile are very talented humanitarians. This is also an aspect of the writer, journalist, marketer, but without the cunning and guile inherent in Chiron and Lilith initially. The native is characterized by kindness, decency, conscientiousness. His intuition also helps in business. Completely irrational, without prerequisites, he feels where it is better to invest money when changing the currency and the general market trends as a whole.

How to turn on the sextile Chiron – Lilith

The Black Moon also denotes that area of activity where everything is given to a person easily, without problems. It can captivate so much that the native forgets about everything else, but initially there are no obstacles. Knowing this, the owner of the Lilith sextile with Chiron, it remains to study the Chironian disciplines and try to be a source of light in these directions. These include pedagogy, including coaching, courses on the development of thinking, astrology, esotericism, feng shui, as well as all types of alternative and auxiliary medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, music, Tarot, dance and movement therapy, which improves coordination and increases self-esteem, yoga and qigong.

If the card contains the sextile Chiron – Lilith, you need to prepare in advance for the fact that life will bring people whose sufferings the native will have to alleviate. If he is not familiar with astrology, then most likely he will not escape some kind of psychological trauma, which will become the trigger button for his guru path.

Knowing the nuances of the aspect, one can study psychology, predictive astrology in advance, preventing painful events through changes in thinking. If Chiron is in the 5th or 7th house, then the native will help people solve problems in relationships with partners and children, and if the 2nd and 8th houses are affected, then by example he will show how to rise from poverty to abundance.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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