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Chiron sextile Saturn. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Chiron is a symbol of duality and paradox. In the place where he stands, at the same time there are both spiritual wounds accumulated according to the birth program, and a means for their healing. Any favorable aspect, to which the sextile belongs, with another planet adds options for working out the problem. But in the case of Saturn, who according to legend is the father of Chiron, there can be no easy solutions. They coincide with the “son” only in the pursuit of justice and following the law at all costs.

In any case, the native will have to go through important lessons in accepting the past of his kind and creating a new future, because Chiron serves as a bridge between Saturnian tradition and Uranian freedom of choice. From childhood, a person is considered a wise child, he consciously forces himself to think correctly and positively, studies for five and strives for high goals. If he has a strong Mercury, he is able to literally materialize his thoughts.

The influence of the Chiron-Saturn sextile on fate

It is difficult for a native to make decisions. First, he needs to calculate all the options for the development of events, the reactions of others, the benefits and losses for himself, and then choose the wisest and safest path.

On the one hand, this is good, on the other hand, Chiron is waiting for something else: an unusual decision that does not fit into the usual framework of family habits and public opinion. Saturn is secondary here, because the sextile shows how to heal “wounds”: vulnerability, insecurity and weakness. Based on past experience, you need to create a future that is not like what has already been. The owners of Uranus in the 1st, 5th, 7th and 11th houses will perfectly cope with this task, but if the planet of eccentricity is in the signs of its fall, doubts about the correctness of behavior are inevitable.

If Saturn is also weak or afflicted, then in order to achieve the goal, a person will bend under authorities and fawn over superiors in order to gain benefits for the future.

Aspect gives excellent support in matters related to law, construction, long-term projects, as well as in any bureaucratic matters. If the native needs to apply for a visa or child support, everything will magically work out, even if he did not take enough copies or was not aware of additional requirements. He will get out on his own or they will meet him halfway, making an exception. However, having conceived something illegal using false documents, one should not hope for the Saturn-Chiron sextile, on the contrary, it will let you down under the monastery.

Happy opportunities and talents of Saturn-Chiron sextile

The owner of the horoscope has a flexible spine and movable joints. This is very good data for playing sports where gutta-pere and physical endurance are required: rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, circus art.

On the subtle plane, the sextile Saturn – Chiron “turns on” the spinal cord in stressful situations. A person literally feels danger, can guess an attack from behind, dodge and survive. The owners of the aspect usually get along well with time, they know how to plan and build strategies, but if something bad threatens them, they suddenly miss the flight or miss the trolleybus, although they left the house in advance, as always.

If something does not go according to plan and higher powers send signs, it is dangerous to persist. The Saturn-Chiron sextile can work unexpectedly: a fracture or sprain will stop you from getting on a doomed flight or employment in a company that will soon go bankrupt. The native needs to learn to recognize the signs from above in order to stop in time.

Chiron sextile Saturn in relationship

The native will have to heal the wounds transmitted by the birth program in relations with his father or grandparents. How serious everything is, the history of the family will show. If everyone in the family had problems with their mother and father, up to a break or constant quarrels, the Chiron-Saturn sextile makes it possible to change this and not transfer destructive energy to descendants.

At a low level of spirituality, there is a familiar attitude towards the father, depreciation or ridicule of older family members, neglect of foundations and traditions. The native advocates the need for change through Chiron’s caustic humor and Saturn’s sarcasm. It’s a path to destruction with no future.

At an advanced level of awareness, men and women with such a sextile want to be like their father at his best, take care of and protect grandparents, understand the motives of their actions, forgive, if there is anything for it.

How to turn on the sextile Chiron – Saturn

Aspect work begins with the physical plane. The native needs to go in for sports and it is better to choose directions where it is necessary to maintain the flexibility of the joints. Pilates, gymnastics of any direction, yoga, oriental dances are suitable. Moreover, these classes will contribute to the further development of events: interesting acquaintances, creative proposals.

In many ways, the personality of the father or grandfather will help the native. Perhaps success will be associated with the same activity and profession that they have, or even a similar hobby will help to enter the fateful stream of desired changes. Confrontation with the father stimulates the owners of the Ascendant, the 10th house and the Sun in fiery signs, when it is necessary for development to be ignited with the desire to compete with a strong opponent.

If you have a Chiron-Saturn sextile, you should know the law well in order to win not only due to luck, but also clearly arguing your position.

The best talisman stones for the native would be lapis lazuli, kunzite, lepidolite and sodalite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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