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Chiron sextile – Sun. Mysterious glow

Despite the fact that the sextile is considered a favorable aspect, with a passive life position, there is no particular benefit from it. However, he talks about the possibilities and talents of a person that he receives from above. They will bring money, fame, success, subject to active action. Unlike the trine, the sextile is turned on periodically and mainly in response to an inner desire to benefit and enjoy the talents given by the aspect.

If a person is gifted, but is afraid and worried that he will not be understood, not recognized, the sextile of the Sun – Chiron may not work. It is here that lies the answer to the question of why many people go through life without feeling its influence. The fact is that the image of Chiron is a wounded centaur. It shows where there is a gap, a vulnerable spot that needs to be cured by all means. The second planet tells how to do it.

The general influence of the Sun-Chiron sextile on fate

The sun shows the core of a person’s personality, his willpower and individuality. Chiron helps to reveal these qualities in the most unusual and unconventional way, or under strange and mysterious circumstances. The native should welcome any complicated stories and not be afraid to express himself in situations that other people will find slippery and unsafe for reputation. However, in his case, it will benefit.

For example, Kate Middleton, being a student, was not afraid to wear a transparent dress to a fashion show, which attracted the attention of her future husband, Prince William. The sextile always gives a chance, and the reason for the opening of the Sun will most often come through Chiron. This cunning old man makes him completely change in accordance with the social environment, play a role and step over fears in order to know himself as a real person.

For a correct interpretation, it is also important to take into account the position of Chiron in the house and sign, because it tends to double their main meanings. If he is in the 7th house, then the native will live in two families, and his Sun will adjust to these circumstances, in the 2nd – two jobs, houses, a lot of property, and already through this his “I” will develop and an understanding of his place will come in society.

Sextile Chiron-Sun in a relationship

The main luminary of the horoscope also denotes the father, and in the horoscope of the woman also the husband. In relations with them there will be uncertainty, a feeling of something unsteady, incomprehensible. On the one hand, the father and husband will contribute to the development of individuality, on the other hand, it is possible that this will happen through the symbolic wounding of Chiron. There are two scenario options:

  • dad and spouse feel the talents of the native, direct them to the path of development, helping with both moral and material support, advice and useful connections;
  • the same persons devalue the giftedness of a person, tease, humiliate, claim that there is nothing to think about success, so I want to prove the opposite in spite of everything.

All these variations do not occur constantly, but periodically, under circumstances relating to the affairs of the houses where the Sun and Chiron stand. For example, if this is the 9th and 7th houses, then the aggravation of relations with the husband and father will go on the topics of partnership, the role of the native in the family, travel and higher education.

Happy Opportunities Sun-Chiron Sextile

The aspect includes the speed of reactions, understanding how to correctly navigate in chaos and prove oneself where others are confused. The native is able to disconnect from personal individuality and mentally reincarnate into another person, feel like him, realize why he thinks or acts in a certain way.

This helps to be on good terms with others, not with the closest, but with those who are connected with the social life of the owner of the horoscope. In addition, the Sun-Chiron sextile is a sign of the ability to get along with electronics, without even studying this topic, and also to drive a car well. This aspect is often found in the horoscopes of diplomats, programmers, lawyers, psychologists, actors.

How to turn on the Sun-Chiron sextile

The owners of favorable aspects cannot always take full advantage of them. Especially when it comes to the sextile, which activates several times in a lifetime, offering opportunities to work through the wounds of the past and improve the standard of living.

If a person succumbs to fears and rejects a situation where it is necessary to step over oneself or show courage, willpower, any effort, higher powers will again give him such a chance, but a little later. Persevering in refusal, he goes into a tough karmic program, where he is simply deprived of the opportunity to prove himself or his talents are shamelessly used by others.

Most often, the parents of the owners of the Sun-Chiron sextile try to raise them in good conditions, strong in spirit and body. However, the ways in which they try to achieve this, and their exactingness will be radically different with the Sun in Virgo or the Sun in Pisces, hence the slight vulnerability or deep wounds at the location of Chiron.

To enable Sun-Chiron sextile talents, you need:

  • listen to the advice of parents, but cut off everything superfluous that hinders success: their fears, doubts, sarcasm;
  • be able to defend their opinion and the right to self-realization;
  • study psychology, acting, computer technology, be in public more often;
  • boldly go towards fears, and in a difficult and confusing situation, take a leadership position;
  • use all the strange and difficult circumstances, informational occasions and tips as a springboard to success (for example, a casting or job announcement).

You can help the sextile earn through talisman stones. Red jasper , chrysolite , amber and a sun stone in gold are suitable for the native .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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