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Sextile Moon – Lilith: psychic in action

Aspects of Lilith with the Moon are always very interesting and endow a person with incredible sensitivity and understanding of the duality of the world. Lilith reflects the distant dark depths of the subconscious, and the Moon is the emotions of a person that float to the surface from there. Thanks to the positive energy of the sextile, the native is a sensual and deep nature.

Even if he is far from esotericism, he cannot but notice how intuition has repeatedly prompted him the right answer in a difficult situation, and the thoughts of other people are read by him as if from a film unfolded before his eyes.

For spiritual people, the aspect is a pass to the world of mediums, healers, psychologists and doctors, for less developed people it can be a problem, because they feel the states of others, mirror them and sometimes get confused where their own feelings are and where others are.

Strengths and weaknesses of Lilith sextile with the Moon

Foreign astrologers compare the owners of the aspect with Peter Pan, an eternally young wizard boy who fraudulently attracted other children into his fictional world. Most often, the imagination and hypersensitivity of the native are associated with some kind of childhood trauma: rejection or rejection of his individual characteristics, loneliness and misunderstanding of his subtle nature, so he seems to be stuck at an age where stress happened.

The main problem may be a difficult relationship with the mother, despite the fact that everything seems normal, but the native is either forced to rehearse scales on the piano for hours, or vice versa, to help around the house, while he wants to do what he loves.

From here arises the desire to escape into the world of illusions or transfer them to reality and escape from everyday life. Thus, in part, mother contributes to the development of talent, but this does not always happen easily and pleasantly.

The owners of the sextile Moon – Lilith, by virtue of their empathy, have a natural acting gift. They do not become the center of attention, do not seek to win applause, but simply skillfully turn into the image that is beneficial to them at the moment. Thanks to this, they gently charm both employers and clients and members of the opposite sex. Flirting and reincarnating, such people sometimes forget about their true essence, desires and needs.

Despite extrasensory abilities, interest in everything spiritual and mystical, the owners of the Moon-Lilith sextile are not at all angels in the flesh. This aspect is found in cunning dodgy politicians, cunning salespeople who can sell anything, journalists and bloggers who are ready to write any material at the request of the audience, just to become popular. This is easy, because the native intuitively reads the pains and desires of people, but the main thing is that he himself tries to become a controlling parent for other people and defeat the mother inside himself.

The positive influence of the sextile Moon – Lilith

Aspect endows the ward with a mass of talents, the most useful of which is his rare youthful charm, regardless of age. Actor Johnny Depp sextile Luna-Lilith does not seem to age at all and plays characters deep, sensual, with an infectious boyish smile. He is a sad sage or a crazy merry fellow, and it is not clear when this transition will occur in his emotions.

This is the whole essence of the sextile Moon – Lilith. He gives a taste of the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge, and then the person rushes about to share his discoveries with the world or tempts others to leave their paradise.

This aspect is also seen in the horoscopes of Muammar Gaddafi, Winston Churchill, Joe Biden, each of whom can be called an ardent adherent of his country on the Moon, but their policy was clearly built under the influence of Lilith.

The most notable talents of the native: extrasensory perception, telepathy, musicality, plasticity, healing and esoteric abilities, the gift of an actor, a teacher, the ability to take care of those he loves and patronize the weak.

At a high level of development, the native behaves like a Little Prince: he takes care of his planet, takes care of his beloved Rose, and is responsible for those he has tamed. It is no coincidence that this character was invented by another owner of the Moon-Lilith sextile – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

How to turn on the Moon sextile – Lilith

No one suspects how much sexual energy and different fantasies the outwardly calm native is fraught with. His main problem is that it is difficult to open up to other people and throw out emotions. The stage is attractive because you can play someone else there, and no one will laugh at the open expression of emotions. Suppressed desires become obsessive, and a person does not notice a lot of opportunities that the Moon-Lilith sextile opens up for him. Women will be the key figures in promoting talents, but you need to understand that they have their own benefit for Lilith, and be prepared for the fact that the debt is red in payment.

Therefore, in order to move towards success and not depend on someone, the native must accept his desires and be emotionally open. Psychological trainings, acting and public speaking courses, and painting and dancing for the soul will help here. Communication and games with children also lead to the resource state of a person.

The best talisman for sextile Moon – Lilith will be black pearls .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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