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Sextile Moon – Mars

Mars is a malevolent planet and the Moon is neutral. Since sextile is a harmonious aspect, such an interaction between the Moon and Mars is constructive and gives the holder of the natal chart many good opportunities in life.

The moon in the horoscope will describe the state of health and well-being. A harmoniously aspected luminary creates a sense of security and psychological comfort. Mars is responsible for the manifestation of energy and helps to fight back the aggression of others. The good aspect between the Moon and Mars allows you to repel the attacks of ill-wishers; he endows with the ability to protect personal space and create favorable conditions for existence.

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person, his behavior and psychological characteristics

Sextile Moon - MarsThe sextile of the Moon and Mars in the natal chart will tell you that its owner is distinguished by determination, energy, resourcefulness and courage. Such people are usually lucky and successful because they never stop trying to get what they want.

A person with this aspect never stops at what has been achieved. Deep down, he always longs for change. However, he acts only when truly favorable opportunities open up for him. The transition to a new stage of life is easy. He brings new victories and excellent results in activities and in personal life.

The native strives to own property and knows how to maintain order in household chores. The owner of the aspect is a practical and economic person. His house always has everything you need for life.

Sextile of the Moon and Mars in the man's radix

The harmonious interaction between the Moon and Mars will emphasize the importance of the topic of relationships in a person's life and indicate his ability to find the right approach to representatives of the opposite sex. The owner of this aspect is initiative in the field of partnership. Plus, he's sexy and attractive.

The moon in the male horoscope denotes a woman, and the lunar aspects will tell what type of women the native considers attractive to himself. The sextile of the Moon and Mars will indicate that a man prefers women who are confident, athletic, adventurous, business and practical. For such a person, harmony in sexual life will be important.

Sextile of the Moon and Mars in the woman's radix

Mars is the significator of marriage in a woman's birth chart. Its position and aspects will tell you whom the owner of the horoscope will choose as a partner. Sextile between Mars and the Moon will tell about a practical, caring, homely and thrifty man. Most of all, a woman will appreciate such qualities of his character as the ability to protect her family and provide her with everything she needs.

Sextile of the Moon and Mars in the child's radix

If in the child's natal there is a kind aspect between the Moon and Mars, then there will be a lot of constructiveness and positiveness in his relationship with his mother. The mother can show him ways to solve problems, instill a love for sports, teach him to take care of himself and his own safety.

Such a child will like physical exercise, participation in competitions and various competitions. At an older age, there may be interest in learning martial arts and self-defense techniques.

Interaction of the Moon and Mars in various elements

Sextile most often combines the influence of the elements of Water and Earth, Air and Fire. If the Moon and Mars are in the air and fiery sign of the zodiac, then such a person is used to leading in business and strives for a quick and effective solution of issues. Thanks to the ability to contact people and persuade them to their side, the native is successful in social, intellectual and trade and intermediary activities.

The Moon and Mars, located in the signs of Water and Earth, will tell you that the subject knows how to wait for favorable life opportunities. He easily solves material and household issues, is successful in the field of relationships and never acts to his own detriment.

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