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Sextile Mars-Jupiter. Conqueror’s energy

Sextile is an aspect that bestows rewards on the winners of the inferior qualities of the planets united in tandem. Having transformed the Martian aggressiveness and greed through the generosity and wisdom of Jupiter , the native becomes a victorious conqueror of new horizons and a leader, happily followed by like-minded people.

This is facilitated by the optimism and enthusiasm of the owner of the Mars-Jupiter sextile, as well as excellent organizational skills, the ability to distribute roles in the team according to real abilities, so that everyone remains happy and bountiful. The native gets so used to universal love and constant luck that he often goes on about the excitement, puts everything at stake or risks his life for no reason.

Pros and cons of Mars-Jupiter sextile

It seems that the sextile carrier Mars-Jupiter has a perpetual motion machine. It is difficult for him to sit idle. In pursuit of great goals, he manages to redo hundreds of cases before noon, is inspired by new projects, relieves mental stress through sports and again strives for battle. Aspect gives a tendency to be overweight. Even with an active lifestyle, the Martian muscularity is superimposed on the Jupiterian weight, so a person can be seen from afar. Women have lush, noticeable breasts.

This is a born leader and leader, for whom the success of the business, good fame and reputation are more important than financial enrichment in a calm, quiet position. At the same time, material well-being accompanies the owner of the Mars-Jupiter sextile to old age as a result of constant growth and charitable activities. The native empathizes with the losers and the victims, striving to help them find success as well. He loves working with progressive-minded young people and comes up with various programs for their professional growth. Knowledge and activities along the lines of the houses in which Mars and Jupiter are located will bring prosperity. The manifestation of the positive qualities and talents of sextile will not be superfluous:

  • fairness, vigor, enterprise and originality of self-expression;
  • the ability to win a battle, observing the principles of nobility and honor, practicality, generosity, physical strength and endurance;
  • sincere conviction in the correctness of their convictions, persistent adherence to the ideals of good and willingness to fight for justice;
  • courage, honesty, the ability to transform negative conditions and attitudes of the past into positive;
  • love for space, scope, freedom and equal relationships at work and in love.

The owners of the Mars-Jupiter sextile are not prone to self-digging and deliberately do not listen to intuition. In their case, impulsive insights and a clear understanding of the algorithm of actions are much more productive. Career advancement will be helped by study or work in other countries, business contacts with foreigners and business trips.

Love relationships with sextile Mars-Jupiter

A smiling, generous adventurer with a fat wallet is incredibly attractive to women, but ladies with a Mars-Jupiter sextile with a weak Venus risk turning into a man in a skirt. Achieving tremendous success in work, they drag their family, husband and children on themselves, easily coping with business, but secretly dreaming of a strong knight who would take some of the worries on himself. Exalted Venus makes them freedom-loving Amazons and adherents of guest marriage.

Men with the Mars-Jupiter sextile, on the other hand, are family-oriented, but they will not become homebodies, preferring active recreation and sports with their wife and children. The principles of honor and loyalty will not allow the native to spin novels on the side, although there will be many temptations. For a happy union, you need a temperamental and sincerely loving partner, cheerful and educated, with a fiery or airy Venus and a strong Mars. To keep the native’s interest he will need to keep the passion boiling up by participating in shared adventures. The bearer of the aspect is quick-tempered, but easy-going and always tries to compensate for the rudeness shown in quarrels with Jupiterian generosity.

Sextile Mars-Jupiter in the child’s horoscope

The childhood of the owner of a sextile is a difficult time for his parents. This is a self-confident, sociable child with a complete lack of fear. He is ready to accept any challenge of an adversarial nature, which often leads to injury and quarrels. Despite the quick-witted kind character, the desire to establish their leadership at any cost provokes envy. Over time, enemies begin to respect him and move into the category of comrades, but in the intermediate period they can do a lot of bad things.

It is especially difficult in adolescence to assert self-affirmation. A child with a Mars-Jupiter sextile is easy to take “weakly”. Impulsiveness and weak intuition do not allow to recognize the planned intrigue in time and he may fall into a trap or become a victim of a joke. In addition, the bearer of the aspect does not know the measure of hobbies. If you are interested, then to exhaustion he plays on the computer or walks the night away, confident in his own invulnerability.

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